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According and Greg
According to a Greg Johnson biographical note on Booker, the song title " Gonzo " comes from a character in a movie called The Pusher, which in turn may have been inspired by a 1956 Evan Hunter novel of the same title.
ABC also had some moderately successful comedies including The Drew Carey Show, Spin City, Dharma & Greg, According to Jim, My Wife and Kids, 8 Simple Rules and George Lopez.
According to its principal investigator, LAPD officer Greg Kading, Duane " Keefe D " Davis, a member of the " Crips " street gang, confessed to riding in the car involved in the Las Vegas drive-by shooting of Tupac Shakur.
According to Principia Discordia, it was around this time that he and Greg Hill — alias Malaclypse the Younger or Mal-2 — shared their first Eristic vision in a bowling alley in their hometown of Whittier, California.
According to music journalist Greg Kot, musical collective Soulquarians, consisting of such artists as D ' Angelo, The Roots, Erykah Badu, Bilal, Mos Def, Common, James Poyser, and Q-Tip, contributed significantly to the neo soul movement during the late 1990s to the early 2000s with its members ' " organic soul, natural R & B, boho-rap ".
According to Washington's friend and Crips co-founder Greg " Batman " Davis, " People in the prisons was losing their loved ones on the streets and because Raymond was the founder of the Crips, they blamed him for it.
According to journalist Greg Pratt, " Assück were an incredible band with probably metal's best drummer Proctor, although no one ever mentions his name.
According to Chuck Lorre's eleventh vanity card ( see below ), he and Dottie Dartland originally conceived Dharma & Greg as " a series revolving around a woman whose personality is not a neurotic product of societal and parental conditioning, but of her own free-flowing, compassionate mind ".
According to IMDb Greg Cipes is set to reprise his role as Michelangelo.
According to beach band historian Greg Haynes, artists such as Bonnie Bramlett and The Allman Brothers ( originally known as The Allman Joys ) began their careers on this circuit.
According to Presto founder and producer Greg Uhler, these goals included visual variety in the Ages, a satisfying ending, and a way for players to gauge their progress during the game.
According to Rushdoony and other Reconstructionists including Gary North and Greg Bahnsen, the idea of dominion drawn from Genesis 1: 28 implied a theonomy (" rule of the law of God "), which would require all citizens to observe the strict Reconstructionist form of Christianity, and which would punish moral sins ranging from blasphemy to homosexuality with death.
According to NZ player Greg Turner, GolfCross is a more strategic and tactical game than regular golf, especially in match play, and because players are shooting for goal it tends to be more dramatic and exciting to play and watch.
According to Greg Weisman: " In 1920, Demona would encounter a hunter, Fiona Canmore in Paris, France.
According to Greg Field on page 242 of the chapter " Father of the Softail " in the book The Harley Davidson Century, published by MBI Publishing ( 2002 ), Mr. Davis contacted Willie G. Davidson in 1976.
According to Dr Greg Simons from Swedish National Defence College, " not all of the content on Kavkazcenter can be classified as being extremist and dangerous.
According to writer Greg Rucka in an interview about his Final Crisis: Revelations miniseries, " The sort of unspoken rule in the DCU is that God sits above all others.
According to Greg Weisman, the Bialyan Queen Bee used in this show is the first Bialyan Queen Bee.
According to Greg Weisman, it was stated that Captain Cold and the other ice-based villains had helped to power one of the ice fortresses.
According to miniseries director Greg Yaitanes, Tyler claimed that he " searched through Herbert's books and deciphered enough of the fictional Fremen language to write this powerful song.
According to series creator Greg Weisman, the numbers are based on the order in which they joined the Light.
According to Greg Rucka, Rick Flag's subsequent re-appearance had nothing to do with Infinite Crisis, and John Ostrander has stated that he knew how Rick Flag could survive the explosion at Jotunheim when he first wrote it.
According to the National Hurricane Center, satellite imagery on the 15th revealed a much better organized system than twenty-four hours previous, and the depression is estimated to have intensified into a tropical storm at 1200 UTC, receiving the name Greg.
According to this theory's developer, Dr. Greg " Bear " Egan, the Scub Coral itself had already reached the Limit of Life, but avoided total collapse by going into a dormant state.

According and M
According to Igor M. Diakonoff ( 1988: 33n ), Proto-Afroasiatic was spoken c. 10, 000 BC.
According to M. Forrest, the French knights were so encumbered by their armour that they were exhausted even before the start of the battle.
According to the National Institute of Statistics ( INE ), less than 5 % of M. Sc.
According to M. S. Fischer, reconsideration of the Biogenetic Law is possible as a result of two fundamental innovations in biology since Haeckel's time: cladistics and developmental genetics.
According to Biblia Sacra iuxta vulgatum versionem, there are Latin Vulgate manuscripts containing this epistle dating between the 6th and 12th century, including Latin manuscripts F ( Codex Fuldensis ), M, Q, B, D ( Ardmachanus ), C, and Lambda.
According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the term ' frequentist ' was first used by M. G. Kendall in 1949, to contrast with Bayesians, whom he called " non-frequentists " ( he cites Harold Jeffreys ).
According to the research of Russian anthropologist S. M. Shirokogoroff, in the Manchu tribe of the Amur river mothers used to put their male babies ' penises into mouths as a caress, since it was not considered a sexual act.
Since about the 3rd century CE, the Jewish calendar has used the Anno Mundi epoch ( Latin for “ in the year of the world ,” abbreviated AM or A. M .; Hebrew ), sometimes referred to as the “ Hebrew era .” According to Rabbinic reckoning, the beginning of " year 1 " is not Creation, but about one year before Creation, with the new moon of its first month ( Tishrei ) to be called molad tohu ( the mean new moon of chaos or nothing ).
According to the Canadian Encyclopedia " its grand plaza and lower office buildings, designed by internationally famous US architect I. M.
According to Laurence Silberman, appointed Deputy Attorney General in early 1974, FBI Director Clarence M. Kelley thought such files either did not exist or had been destroyed.
According to economists Donald Deere ( Texas A & M ), Kevin Murphy ( University of Chicago ), and Finis Welch ( Texas A & M ), Card and Krueger's conclusions are contradicted by " common sense and past research ".
According to Newton's second law of motion, if a body of fixed mass M is subjected to a force F, its acceleration α is given by < sup > F </ sup >/< sub > M </ sub >.
According to this source, the grand ducal house of Schwerin used a flag of 3. 75 to 5. 625 M with the middle arms on a white quadrant ( 1. 75 M ) in the middle.
Some, including Sheldon Glashow, speculate that Witten chose the letter because it resembles an inverted W. According to Witten, " M can stand variously for ' magic ', ' mystery ', or ' matrix ', according to one's taste.
According to Jay M. Feinman of the Rutgers University School of Law, " The core idea of negligence is that people should exercise reasonable care when they act by taking account of the potential harm that they might foreseeably cause harm to other people.
According to informal tradition, O stars are called " blue ", B " blue-white ", A stars " white ", F stars " yellow-white ", G stars " yellow ", K stars " orange ", and M stars " red ", even though the actual star colors perceived by an observer may deviate from these colors depending on visual conditions and individual stars observed.
According to Merriam-Webster's Dictionary, the term was first used in 1989, though the use is not attributed to anyone. The term ' trip hop ' was first used in print by Andy Pemberton, a music journalist writing for Mixmag, in June 1994 to describe Mo Wax Records Artist ( U. K ) R. P. M and ( American ) DJ Shadow's " In / Flux " single.
According to former President Richard M. Nixon's article, published in Foreign Affairs in 1967, Thailand had entered a period of rapid growth in 1958 with an averaged growth rate of 7 percent a year since then.
According to M. I. Sanduk this hypothesis is related to a hypothetical bevel gear model.
According to Robert M. Gray of Stanford University, the first ideas leading to LPC started in 1966 when S. Saito and F. Itakura of NTT described an approach to automatic phoneme discrimination that involved the first maximum likelihood approach to speech coding.
According to museum professionals Hugh H. Genoways and Lynne M. Ireland, “ Administration of the organization requires skill in conflict management, interpersonal relations, budget management and monitoring, and staff supervision and evaluation.

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