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According and Maimonides
According to Maimonides, an afterlife continues for the soul of every human being, a soul now separated from the body in which it was " housed " during its earthly existence.
According to Maimonides ( III 22 – 23 ), each of Job's friends represents famous, distinct schools of thought concerning God and divine providence.
According to Maimonides, the correct view of providence lies with Elihu, who teaches Job that one must examine his religion ().
According to Maimonides, any Jew who rejects even one of these principles would be considered an apostate and a heretic.
According to Maimonides ( whose life began almost a hundred years after the end of the Gaonic era ), all Jewish communities during the Gaonic era formally accepted the Babylonian Talmud as binding upon themselves, and modern Jewish practice follows the Babylonian Talmud's conclusions on all areas in which the two Talmuds conflict.
According to Maimonides, Jesus of Nazareth is not the Messiah, as is claimed by Christians and Muslims.
According to Maimonides in the Mishneh Torah, the highest level of tzedakah is giving charity that will allow the poor to break out of the poverty cycle and become independent and productive members of society.
According to several authorities, a decision may not be rendered in opposition to a view of Maimonides, even where he apparently militated against the sense of a Talmudic passage, for in such cases the presumption was that the words of the Talmud were incorrectly interpreted.
According to Maimonides, the Geonim were considered " unintelligible in our days, and there are but few who are able to comprehend them.
According to several authorities (" Yad Mal ' akhi " rule 26, pg 186 ), a decision may not be rendered in opposition to a view of Maimonides, even though the latter apparently militated against the sense of a Talmudic passage, for in such cases the presumption was that the words of the Talmud were incorrectly interpreted.
According to Maimonides himself, deducing law from the sources had already become a precarious proposition ( for a number of reasons )-even his own times.
According to Maimonides ( Isurei Biah 13: 15 ), in the days of Kings David and Solomon, Batei Dinim ( Jewish courts ) did not accept converts.
According to Kellner ( 1991 ) on Maimonides, a ger toshav ( or Noahide ) could be a transitional stage on the way to becoming a ger tzedek () or " righteous alien ", a convert to Judaism.
According to Maimonides ( based on Tractate Yevamot of the Babylonian Talmud 49b-50a ): " One whose merit surpasses his iniquity is a tzadik ".
According to Maimonides, about one hundred of the permanent 613 commandments based on the Torah, by rabbinical enumeration, directly concern sacrifices, ( excluding those commandments that concern the actual Temple and the priests themselves of which there are about another fifty )
According to Maimonides, he wrote the Guide " to promote the true understanding of the real spirit of the Law, to guide those religious persons who, adhering to the Torah, have studied philosophy and are embarrassed by the contradictions between the teachings of philosophy and the literal sense of the Torah ,"
According to Fox, Maimonides carefully assembled the Guide " so as to protect people without a sound scientific and philosophical education from doctrines that they cannot understand and that would only harm them, while making the truths available to students with the proper personal and intellectual preparation.
According to Moses Maimonides, it is only permitted to emigrate and resettle abroad in cases of severe hunger.
According to Maimonides, shaving the sidelocks was a heathen practice.
According to Maimonides, scalp and beard nega ' im are characterized by hair loss without any change to the skin of the bald spot The Tosefta, however, maintains that the skin of the bald spot does indeed become altered in a negah.
According to Maimonides, this law is a requirement for all kosher Torah scrolls.
According to Maimonides ' Guide for the Perplexed the prophets used metaphors and analogies and, except for Moses, their words are not to be taken literally.

According and argue
According to non-Orthodox Jews and critical historians, Jewish law too has been affected by surrounding cultures ( for example, some scholars argue that the establishment of absolute monotheism in Judaism was a reaction against the dualism of Zoroastrianism that Jews encountered when living under Persian rule ; Jews rejected polygamy during the Middle Ages, influenced by their Christian neighbors ).
According to Hare, prescriptivists cannot argue that amoralists are logically wrong or contradictive.
According to law professor Douglas O. Linder, McVeigh wanted Jones to present a " necessity defense "— which would argue that he was in " imminent danger " from the government ( that his bombing was intended to prevent future crimes by the government, such as the Waco and Ruby Ridge incidents ).
According to an article by Ginger Thompson in the New York Times, " if Mr. Duvalier had been able to slip into the country and then quietly leave without incident … he may have been able to argue that Haiti was no longer interested in prosecuting him — and that the money should be his.
According to Philodemus, who presented it as a little-known fact, Tyrtaeus was honoured above others because of his music, not just his verses, Pollux stated that he introduced Spartans to three choruses based on age ( boys, young and old men ) and some modern scholars in fact argue that he composed his elegies in units of five couplets each, alternating between exhortation and reflection, in a kind of responsion similar to Greek choral poetry.
According to some accounts, when Lee was asked to to assume the position as university president, he accepted on the condition that he would still be able to argue cases before the Supreme Court in his spare time ( and did so on nine occasions ).
According to Brown, there is no uniform agreement among critical scholars on some details of the historicity discussions, e. g. most of those scholars who reject the historicity of the birth at Bethlehem argue for a birth at Nazareth, a few suggest Capernaum while locations as far away as Chorazin have been hypothesized.
According to Samuel P. Huntington, white nationalists argue that the demographic shift in the United States towards non-whites brings a new culture that is intellectually and morally inferior.
According to the legend, manager Casey Stengel came out to argue the call, but was told by the umpire " Don't bother arguing Casey, he missed first base, too.
According to Frost, these critics argue from a post-partition point of view, and neglect the complexity of the contemporary situation: " Contemporary politicians were aware of the dangers of conceding sovereignty, which they accepted not because they were stupid, indifferent, or lacking in foresight, but because the alternatives seemed more damaging to the Commonwealth's interests ", he says.
According to the San Diego Evening Tribune in 1938, Rife stopped short of claiming that he could cure cancer, but did argue that he could " devitalize disease organisms " in living tissue, " with certain exceptions ".
According to some scholars who argue against what is known as the Afigbo and Omenka Thesis on Origin, Igbo kings of these places trace the historical roots of their investiture immediately to the Oba of Benin.
According to a Christian Broadcasting Network article by Paul Strand, Sears and Osten argue that After the Ball follows from " a 1988 summit of gay leaders in Warrenton, Virginia, who came together to agree on the agenda " and that The article goes on to claim that films such as Brokeback Mountain are part of this " well-planned propaganda campaign ".
According to Sterba, the liberty of the poor should be morally prioritized in light of the fundamental moral principle ‘ “ Ought ” implies “ Can ” ’ from which it follows that it would be unreasonable to ask the poor to relinquish their liberty not be interfered with, noting that “ in the extreme case it would involve asking or requiring the poor to sit back and starve to death ” and that “ by contrast it would not be unreasonable to ask and require the rich to sacrifice their liberty to meet some of their needs so that the poor can have the liberty to meet their basic needs .” Having argued that ‘ ” Ought ” implies “ Can ” ’ establishes the reasonability of asking the rich to sacrifice their luxuries for the basic needs of the poor, Sterba invokes a second fundamental principle, “ The Conflict Resolution Principle ” to argue that it is reasonable to make it a moral requirement.
According to the author, " unspeak " is related to framing: it is a rhetorical way of naming an issue so as to avoid having to argue one's position, and to render the opposing position inexpressible.
According to economist Fred Moseley, " neoclassical economic theory was developed, in part, to attack the very notion of surplus labour or surplus value and to argue that workers receive all of the value embodied in their creative efforts.
According to Ge ’ s own account, he wrote the " Inner Chapters " to argue for the reality and attainability of divine transcendence, while the " Outer Chapters " blends Confucian and Legalist rhetoric to propose solutions for the social and political problems of his era.
According to McLellan, Marx used the word " Judentum " in its colloquial sense of " commerce " to argue that Germans suffer, and must be emancipated from, capitalism.
" According to former Solicitor General Seth Waxman, " he Justices informally sent word to Roosevelt that Biggs should not be permitted to argue any case the United States hoped to win.
According to Alex Callinicos some people argue from the idea that the demonstrations have failed, to the notion that the anti-war movement should concentrate on direct action rather than mass demonstrations.
According to the Nyingma lineage, an amusing critique by Ju Mipham of Je Tsongkhapa's assertion was to argue that Je Tsongkhapa was also a Svatantrika because of the way he refutes true establishment instead of objects themselves.

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