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According and Rose
According to Crowley, the story began on 16 March 1904, when he tried to " shew the Sylphs " by use of the Bornless Ritual to his wife, Rose Edith Kelly, while spending the night in the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza.
According to the Dowd Report itself, " no evidence was discovered that Rose bet against the Reds ", but in a December 2002 interview, investigator Dowd stated that he believed that Rose may have bet against the Reds while managing them.
According to baseball's rules, Rose could apply for reinstatement in one year.
According to Canadian historian Michael H. Kater, Orff claimed at the end of the war to his Allied interrogators that he was a founding member of the White Rose and was released.
According to Paul Lawrence Rose in his article “ The Politics of Antony and Cleopatra ," the views expressed in the play of “ national solidarity, social order and strong rule ” were familiar after the absolute monarchies of Henry VII and Henry VIII and the political disaster involving Mary Queen of Scots.
According to this reading, Egypt is viewed as destructive and vulgar ; the critic Paul Lawrence Rose writes: “ Shakespeare clearly envisages Egypt as a political hell for the subject, where natural rights count for nothing .” Through the lens of such a reading, the ascendancy of Rome over Egypt does not speak to the practice of empire-building as much as it suggests the inevitable advantage of reason over sensuality.
According to Kramer, he and Rose intentionally structured the film to debunk ethnic stereotypes ; the young doctor, a typical role for the young Sidney Poitier, was purposely created idealistically perfect, so that the only possible objection to his marrying Joanna would be his race, or the fact she had only known him for ten days: the character has thus graduated from a top school, begun innovative medical initiatives in Africa, refused to have premarital sex with his fiancée despite her willingness, and leaves money in an open container on his future father-in-law's desk in payment for a long distance phone call he has made.
According to the Mark Bowden book upon which the film is based, when the soldiers were preparing for the actual 1993 mission, Guns N ' Roses ' " Welcome to the Jungle " was playing on the loudspeakers ; however, Axl Rose refused to let the song be used in the film, so " Falling to Pieces " was used as a substitute.
According to critic Barbara Rose, writing in Artforum in 1969, she had become disillusioned with the commodification and insularity of gallery bound art.
According to boxing book The Ring: Boxing In The 20th Century, the forum's director, fearing a riot like the one that happened after Rose had beaten Chucho Castillo there might happen again, went to Olivares ' locker room to express his worries, and Olivares guaranteed he wouldn't let that happen again.
In 1871, President Grant's appointed Secretary of State Hamilton Fish, worked out an agreement with British representative Sir John Rose in Washington to create a commission consisting of six members from the British Empire and six members from the United States to resolve the Alabama claims, refinancing, and other international disputes between Canada and the United States by treaty. On March 8, 1871 the Treaty of Washington was signed at the State Department and the United States Senate ratified the treaty on May 24, 1871. According to the treaty, an international arbitration tribunal met in Geneva.
According to a letter from her daughter, Rose, to biographer William Anderson, the publisher had Laura change her age in the book because it seemed unrealistic for a three-year-old to have specific memories such as she wrote about.
According to Albert Rose in his study of Metro from 1953 – 1971, the cancellation of the project raised four issues that would affect Metro Council afterwards:
According to legend, Christian Rosenkreuz was a doctor who discovered and learned esoteric wisdom on a pilgrimage to the Middle East among Turkish, Arab, and Persian sages, possibly Sufi or Zoroastrian masters, supposedly in the early 15th century ( see section below on Symbolism ); returned and founded the " Fraternity of the Rose Cross " with himself ( Frater C. R. C.
According to the 2001 census, the population of Rose Bay was 9, 085.
According to the 2001 census, there are 2, 138 flats in Rose Bay, or 55 % of all dwellings.
According to an annotation of Song of Solomon 2: 1 by the translation committee of the New Revised Standard Version, " Rose of Sharon " is a mistranslation of a more general Hebrew word for " crocus ".
* According to the Rosicrucian Initiate Max Heindel, the foundation of the Order of the Rose Cross occurred in 1313, early 14th century.
According to Campbell Rose from The Age, this perception of the west as a rust belt bedevilled by social and economic malaise hasn't been helped by the inevitable comparisons to the east — the affluent, leafy suburbs with iconic schools and institutions, with the Maribyrnong River acting as some sort of physical, mental, social and economic divide.
According to Australian rock music historian Ian McFarlane, Rose Tattoo are " one of the most revered bands of all time.
) According to the majority opinion, Walker agreed with Theodore Sherwood, a banker, to sell him a cow of distinguished ancestry known as " Rose 2d of Aberlone ".
According to creator Reginald Rose, " the law is the subject of our programs: not crime, not mystery, not the courtroom for its own sake.
According to some sources, the title of the book could have been the inspiration for the name of the anti-Nazi student organization White Rose, active in Munich during the Second World War, whose members were executed in 1943.

According and arrived
According to the story recounted by Hermippus, he arrived at the house of Solon and said, " I have traveled here from afar to make you my friend.
According to the ancient authors, the Boii arrived in northern Italy by crossing the Alps.
According to Ivinskaya, People who arrived in Peredelkino early in the morning on the day of the funeral told us that militiamen, commanded by very senior officers, were already stationed at the approaches to the village.
According to the work De Administrando Imperio written by the 10th-century Byzantine Emperor Constantine VII, the Croats had arrived in what is today Croatia in the early 7th century, however that claim is disputed and competing hypotheses date the event between the 6th and the 9th centuries.
According to Zacks, Kidd was unaware that Culliford had only about 20 crew with him, and felt ill manned and ill equipped to take the Mocha Frigate until his two prize ships and crews arrived, so he decided not to molest Culliford until these reinforcements came.
According to Fitzgerald ( 1977 ) " Reinforcements arrived, and within fifteen minutes these ' vicious brutes ', who for some two hours had terrorized well-armed prison staff, and effectively controlled the prison, had surrendered and been locked up again ".
According to the biblical history Ezra and Nehemiah arrived in Jerusalem in the middle of the 5th century BCE, the first empowered by the Persian king to enforce the Torah, the second with the status of governor and a royal mission to restore the walls of the city.
According to Polybius he arrived in Italy accompanied by 20, 000 foot soldiers and 4, 000 horsemen, and only a few elephants.
According to these sources Hengist and Horsa arrived in Britain as mercenaries serving Vortigern, King of the Britons.
According to Plutarch, as Caesar arrived at the Senate, Tillius Cimber presented him with a petition to recall his exiled brother.
According to aboriginal oral traditions, as well as archaeological evidence, maple tree sap was being processed into syrup long before Europeans arrived in the region.
According to the FBI, Moqed first arrived in the United States on May 2, 2001.
According to tradition, a missionary sent by Byzantine empress Theodora arrived in Nobatia and started preaching the gospel about 540 AD.
According to legend they are the descendants of the exiled Prince Vijaya who arrived from North-East India to Sri Lanka in 543 BCE.
According to the Mahavamsa, the Sinhalese are descended from the exiled Prince Vijaya and his party of seven hundred followers who arrived on the island in 543 BCE.
According to Dave Farber, he, Griswold and Polonsky " finally arrived at the name Symbolic EXpression Interpreter SEXI.
According to the artist, he arrived in New York in 1962 with nothing but 20 dollars and his portfolio of drawings.
According to a later version of the story, they arrived in ships on the coast of the Conmaicne Mara's territory ( modern Connemara ).
According to Herodotus, after the Persian navy began its maneuvers, Aristides arrived at the Allied camp from Aegina.
According to Hogan, this would result in behavior that members of his family would never exhibit in real life, as when his son, Nick tossed water balloons at neighbors from a window, or when his wife would wake up early to apply makeup and do her hair before camera crews arrived to film shots of the couple sleeping.
According to Thucydides, the Sicani people arrived from the Iberian Peninsula ( perhaps Catalonia ).
According to the record of the Silsilah Raja-raja Sulu, when Ong Sum Ping first arrived at Brunei with many Chinese, he said that he was ordered to collect jewelry in Sabah, and the mountain was named Gunung Kinabalu.
According to Miss Tonks, a teacher at Mrs. Vincent's school, Lucy actually arrived at the school in August 1854 and was secretive about her past.
According to Vicente Bicchi ( Papal Nuncio at the time ), Domenico Scarlatti arrived in Lisbon on 29 November 1719.

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