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According and National
According to the National Statistical Service, the booming construction and service sectors remain the driving forces of the high growth rate of GDP.
According to the National Statistical Service, Armenia's booming construction sector generated about 20 percent of Armenia's GDP during the first eight months of 2007.
According to the National Statistical Service, during the January – August 2007 period, Armenia's industrial sector was the single largest contributor to the country's GDP, but remained largely stagnant with industrial output increasing only by 1. 7 percent per year.
According to the National Statistical Service, Armenia's trade deficit in 2006 was $ 1. 2 billion with growth in exports being largely flat.
According to the ROA National Statistical Service, the average monthly salary during January-June 2008 is 86, 850 drams ( about $ 287 at the time ).
According to estimates by the National Statistical Survey, the rate of labor emigration was twice as higher in 2001 and 2002.
According to the National Restaurant Association,
According to the National Cancer Institute, " Mistletoe extract has been shown to kill cancer cells in the laboratory and to affect the immune system.
According to National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence ( NICE ), benzodiazepines can be used in the immediate management of GAD, if necessary.
According to the National Agricultural Statistics Service USDA report, " All sheep and lamb inventory in the United States on July 1, 2005, totaled 7. 80 million head, 2 % above July 1, 2004.
According to the National Weather Service, Chicago's highest official temperature reading of was recorded on June 1, 1934, and July 11, 1936, both at Midway Airport.
According to the U. S. National Historic Landmark nomination for the arch, it is a " weighted catenary " instead.
According to the National Psoriasis Foundation and the FDA, coal tar is a valuable, safe and inexpensive treatment option for millions of people with psoriasis and other scalp or skin conditions.
According to the National Security Archive, Oliver North had been in contact with Manuel Noriega, the military leader of Panama later convicted on drug charges, whom he personally met.
According to the National Academy of Sciences, the Dietary Reference Intake for protein is 0. 8 grams per kilogram of body weight for adults.
According to the Oxford English Dictionary Online, the first known recorded usage of the word diaspora in the English language was in 1876 referring " extensive diaspora work ( as it is termed ) of evangelizing among the National Protestant Churches on the continent ".
According to the National Safety Council in the United States, 300, 000 injuries are caused by doors every year.
According to the National Institute of Statistics ( INE ), less than 5 % of M. Sc.
According to its website, the US National Security Agency ( NSA ) is " a high technology organization ... on the frontiers of communications and data processing ".
According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, 76 % of the money handed out for Arizona ’ s voucher program has gone to children already in private schools.
According to National Football League history, it legalized the forward pass from anywhere behind the line of scrimmage on February 25, 1933.
According to Judith Nagata, a professor of Asia Research Institute in the National University of Singapore, The Afghan mujahiddin, locked in combat with the Soviet enemy in the 1980s, could be praised as " freedom fighters " by their American backers at the time, while the present Taliban, viewed, among other things, as protectors of American enemy Osama bin Laden, are unequivocally " fundamentalist ".”"
According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation ( N. S. S. F.
According to the constitution, the President of the National Assembly was to assume the Presidency of the Republic in the event of a vacancy, and a new presidential election was to be held within 60 days.
According to Guyana's National Development Strategy, it is anticipated that by the year 2010 an inter-connected road system would have been established in Guyana.

According and Register
According to a poll conducted in September 2009 by The Des Moines Register, he maintained a 70 % favorability rating from Iowans compared to Governor Chet Culver's rating of 50 %.
According to the Grant County Register, in February 1888, the Supreme Court of Kansas declared Ulysses the temporary county seat of Grant County, Kansas.
According to the Columbia " Daily Register " the speech " was the sensation of the meeting.
According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the earliest known appearance of the term " red light district " in print is in an 1894 article from The Sandusky Register, a newspaper in Sandusky, Ohio.
According to his contract with Dodsley, Burke was paid £ 100 pounds per annum as editor of The Annual Register.
According to a travelogue by Joshua Galpin in 1809, these buildings included a “ large frame lodging house and several smaller ones for families – warm and cold baths and a billiard room .” In 1824, Bedford Springs was hailed as the “ Montpelier of America ” in a column in the July edition of the National Gazette & Library Register, which noted with praise the waters, accommodations, activities, food and wine.
According to Louis B. Wright, He had prepared a handsome Register of Donations, in vellum, in which the name of every benefactor should be written down in a large and fair hand so all might read.
According to the Scottish Barony Register and Burke's Peerage, the feudal baronial title of Baron of Jedbugh Forest is held by The Much Hon Richard Bruce Bernadotte Miller, a South African whose ancestors originated form Roxburghshire.
According to the National Register of Historic Parks and Gardens, the garden is Grade II listed.
According to the FAA in the Federal Register, " This final rule applies to air carrier ( part 121 ), commuter, and on-demand ( part 135 ) turbine powered multi-engine airplanes used in extended-range operations.
According to the World Register of Marine Species ( WoRMS ), the following species with accepted names are included within the genus Murex
According to the Register of Lords ' Interests, Lord Carlile of Berriew is inter alia a director of 5 Bell Yard Ltd and the Wynnstay Group of agricultural feed manufacturers, agricultural goods merchants and fuel oil distributors ; a Deputy High Court Judge ; a Chairman of the Competition Appeals Tribunal ; and a trustee of the White Ensign Association.
According to the National Register of Natural Landmarks: " It illustrates characteristics of a typical sphagnum-heath bog, localized in a specialized geologic setting.
According to the 1988 Temple Terrace Historic Resources Survey, both buildings are eligible for the National Register of Historic Places.
According to the 1988 Temple Terrace Historic Resources Survey, both buildings are eligible for the National Register of Historic Places.
According to Register, the target audience of the show is boys and girls from six to eleven years old.
According to the Listed Buildings Register, maintained by English Heritage, the windmill at High Salvington is supposed to have a fantail.
" According to the Des Moines Register, " The reaction of the crowd was immediate and nearly unanimous.
According to the General Register Office for Scotland, Wick Locality had a population of 7, 333 at the time of the 2001 census.
According to the Official Velie Register, world wide 230 Velies are known to exist as of 2010.
According to the National Historic Lookouts Register, the tower was constructed between 1938 and 1939 by the Civilian Conservation Corps.
According to the National Register of Historic Places, it contains 3 historic buildings.
According to the coding of geographical units based on the Wykaz symboli terytorialnych wojewodztw, gmin i miast ( Register of Territorial Codes for Voivodeships, Counties and Cities ) of the Warsaw Glowny Urzad Statystyczny ( Central Statistical Office ) of 1992, the code for Zaklikow is 83721 and it is considered a rural county.
According to Register of Copyrights Marybeth Peters, use of the section 115 license prior to the 1995 enactment of the Digital Performance Right in Sound Recordings Act was extremely rare, with the U. S. Copyright Office receiving fewer than 20 notices of such licenses per year.

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