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According and Regulations
According to a website for Pendarvis ' movement, their objectives were to " remove oppressive Regulations ... and stop enforcement of Laws prohibiting Victimless Acts among Consenting Adults, such as Dueling, Gambling, Incest, Price-Gouging, Cannibalism, and Drug Handling.
According to the Fire Precautions ( Workplace ) Regulations 1997, all workplaces must have an emergency plan consisting of staff actions, evacuation plans and arrangements for contacting the fire brigade.
According to ITU Radio Regulations section 5. 1: Member States assign licenses to stations ; article 5 of the ITU regulations allocates frequencies to services ( such as broadcasting and mobile ).
According to Donald Saunders, the Ontario District Air Regulations supervisor at the time, it was the first plane crash within Toronto since the island airport opened in 1938.
According to the Code of Federal Regulations, " the terms ' port ' and ' port of entry ' incorporate the geographical area under the jurisdiction of a port director.
According to US Code of Federal Regulations Title 32, Chapter XVI, Sec.
According to the United States Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21, Chapter 1, Part 131, Sub part B, Section 130 " Evaporated milk ", ( April 2006 )
According to Navy Regulations Section 0204-2, the term " Navy Department " refers only to the executive offices at the seat of government.
According to U. S. Navy Uniform Regulations, the Merchant Marine Reserve Insignia is an approved breast qualification insignia for wear on prescribed U. S. Navy uniforms.
According to the Federal Aviation Regulations, Part 91 Sec.
According to a website for Mr. Pendarvis ' movement, their objectives were to " remove oppressive Regulations ... and stop enforcement of Laws prohibiting Victimless Acts among Consenting Adults, such as Dueling, Gambling, Incest, Price-Gouging, Cannibalism, and Drug Handling.
According to the U. S. Code of Federal Regulations, the two names are synonymous.
" According to the US Code of Federal Regulations, crows may be taken without a permit in certain circumstances.
According to the Queen's Regulations and Orders:
According to the AFP Regulations, there are 10 categories of deceased persons who entitled to be interred at Heroes ' Cemetery:
According to the Queen's Regulations for the Royal Navy, the Naval Service consists of:
According to Code of Federal Regulations ( CFR ) Title 21 Section 201. 305, use of isoprenaline has been regulated by mandating the inclusion of the following warning label: " Occasional patients have been reported to develop severe paradoxical airway resistance with repeated, excessive use of isoprenaline inhalation preparations.

According and relating
According to the Constitution, the President has ultimate authority over foreign policy, while Congress is tasked with reviewing and considering all diplomatic nominations and international treaties, as well as legislation relating to Brazilian foreign policy.
According to party rules, the Central Committee was to convene at least twice a year to discuss political matters ( but not matters relating to military policy ).
According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association, personality traits are " enduring patterns of perceiving, relating to, and thinking about the environment and oneself that are exhibited in a wide range of social and personal contexts.
According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the first figurative use of the term appeared in the 1902 edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica relating to an entry on the chemical analysis of glucose.
* September – According to the film JFK, previously classified documents relating to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy will be released to the public.
According to court documents relating to an intellectual property dispute between Bandler and Grinder, Bandler made more than $ 800, 000 in 1980 from workshop and book sales.
According to Article 77. 2 of the Additional Protocol I to the Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949, and relating to the Protection of Victims of International Armed Conflicts, adopted in 1977:
According to Norman Marlow ( A. N. Marlow, Senior Lecturer in Latin, Department of Classics at the university in the 1960s ), the motto " Arduus ad solem "-taken from Aeneid VI-was a play on words, relating to Manchester's geographical situation.
According to Usher, Eudocia needed to convey human experience relating to the Bible.
According to Leland Chee, the keeper of The Holocron, an internal Star Wars continuity database at Lucasfilm ( which contains at least 28 individual entries relating to elements of the holiday special ), most elements from the holiday special are definitely considered canon ; however, there are specific rules as to what is what.
According to the United States Constitution ( Article I, Section 7, clause 1 ), all bills relating to revenue, generally tax bills, must originate in the House of Representatives, consistent with the Westminster system requiring all money bills to originate in the lower house which is why the appropriations bills that are enacted begin with " H. R.
According to the NED's online Democracy Projects Database it has given funding the following groups for programs relating to East Turkestan and the Uyghur people
According to the NED's online Democracy Projects Database it has given funding the following groups for programs relating to Iran ( 1990 – 2006 ):
According to his autobiography, Smith was found guilty of an offence relating to public lotteries.
According to the Senate Rules Committee, all proposed legislation, messages, petitions, memorials, and other matters relating to the following subjects are referred to the Armed Services Committee:
According to Ulrich von Schroeder Tibet has different traditions relating to the mahasiddhas.
According to a more reliable source, given in a letter written by Léon Guersillon the Mayor of Annemasse in 1956, contained in the folder holding the 1956 Statutes of the Priory of Sion in the subprefecture of Saint-Julien-en-Genevois, Plantard was given a six-month sentence in December 1953 for abus de confiance ( breach of trust ), relating to other crimes.
According to the laws of Maine relating to normal school graduates, Mr. Ingraham then began teaching in the public schools, and at the same time pursued a classical course of study through the Waterville Classical Institute, which he followed for three years until his eyes failed and he had to end his studies.
According to the Jesus Seminar Jesus probably cured some sick people, but described Jesus ' healings in modern terms, relating them to " psychosomatic maladies.
Mason argued that “ Nazi Germany was always bent at some time upon a major war of expansion ” However, Mason that the timing of a such a war was determined by domestic political pressures, especially as relating to a failing economy According to Mason, by 1939, the “ overheating ” of the German economy caused by rearmament, the failure of various rearmament plans caused by the shortages of skilled workers, industrial unrest caused by the breakdown of German social policies, and the a sharp drop in living standards for the German working class forced Hitler into going to war at a time and place not of his choosing in 1939 Mason contented that when faced with the deep socio-economic crisis the Nazi leadership had decided to embark upon a ruthless “ smash and grab ” foreign policy of seizing territory in Eastern Europe which could be pitilessly plundered to support living standards in Germany Mason described German foreign policy as driven by an opportunistic “ next victim ” syndrome after the Anschluss, in which the “ promiscuity of aggressive intentions ” was nurtured by every successful foreign policy move.
According to UN, the key is to tackle the problems relating to access to assets, work and assured income ( related to economic security ).
According to video surveillance of Rahman ’ s cell Stewart, Yousry and Rahman had been tricking the guards into believing that Stewart and Rahman were having a routine conversation relating to his case, when Rahman was dictating statements to Yousry with Stewart joking that she should get an award for acting.
According to their website the organization hopes to pressure U. S. political leaders to enforce UN Security Council Resolutions 194, 242 and 338, relating to the establishment of an independent Palestinian State in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.
According to one etymology, ' Cottingham ' is thought to derive from both British and Saxon root words: " Cot " from Ket, relating to the deity Ceridwen ; ing a water meadow ; and ham meaning home ; the name corresponding to " habitation in the water meadows of ket "..

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