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According and vacuum
According to Birkhoff's theorem, it is the only vacuum solution that is spherically symmetric.
According to Maxwell's equations, the speed of light in a vacuum is a universal constant, dependent only on the electrical permittivity and magnetic permeability of free space.
According to Weinberg, domains where the vacuum energy are compatible with life would be comparatively rare.
According to the driver's manipulation of the control, some or all of the vacuum will be destroyed in the process.
According to Birkhoff's theorem, the Schwarzschild solution is the most general spherically symmetric, vacuum solution of the Einstein field equations.
According to the theory, most of these properties cancel out on average leaving the vacuum empty in the literal sense of the word.
According to quantum theory, light may be considered not only as an electro-magnetic wave but also as a " stream " of particles called photons which travel with c, the vacuum speed of light.
According to present-day understanding of what is called the vacuum state or the quantum vacuum, it is " by no means a simple empty space ", and again: " it is a mistake to think of any physical vacuum as some absolutely empty void.
" According to quantum mechanics, the vacuum state is not truly empty but instead contains fleeting electromagnetic waves and particles that pop into and out of existence.
According to Astrid Lambrecht ( 2002 ): " When one empties out a space of all matter and lowers the temperature to absolute zero, one produces in a Gedankenexperiment the quantum vacuum state.
According to Milonni ( 1994 ): "... all quantum fields have zero-point energies and vacuum fluctuations.
According to Milonni ( 1994 ), some of the effects attributed to the vacuum electromagnetic field can have several physical interpretations, some more conventional than others.
According to Einziger, “ End .> vacuum ” makes reference to his perception of the outer edge of human understanding,the finite place where rational scientific knowledge stops and pure speculation ensues … The event horizon between what we know and what we don ’ t know is what keeps me awake at night, but also gets me out of bed every day .”
The move of the newly created ( on November 16 ) Western Army that started at night of November 17, 1918 in the operational vacuum created by the withdrawing German army, in the geneal direction of Belarus, Ukraine and Poland ( parts of the latter within the Imperial Russia were referred to as " Privislinsky Krai " ), According to N. Davies, was code-named Target-Vistula.
According to the Wall Street Journal, the device " costs more than four times what other top-of-the-line vacuum cleaners do.
According to the article, Krementz decided in 1970 to "... fill the author picture vacuum ...".

According and energy
According to chemistry historian Henry Leicester, the influential 1923 textbook Thermodynamics and the Free Energy of Chemical Reactions by Gilbert N. Lewis and Merle Randall led to the replacement of the term " affinity " by the term " free energy " in much of the English-speaking world.
According to the United States Department of Energy, the wide range of its current and projected uses, together with the lack of any immediately suitable replacement, makes dysprosium the single most critical element for emerging clean energy technologies-even their most conservative projections predict a shortfall of dysprosium before 2015.
According to Noether's theorem, the conservation of energy is a consequence of the fact that the laws of physics do not change over time.
According to accounts, by the time he reached adulthood, his virtues exerted themselves, and his slowness was revealed to be a symptom of his energy, passion, prudence, and firmness.
According to Article II of the IAEA Statute, the objective of the IAEA is " to accelerate and enlarge the contribution of atomic energy to peace, health and prosperity throughout the world.
According to Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung, the libido is identified as psychic energy.
According to the Ministry of Economy, the state regulates the prices of goods and services provided by monopolies and the prices of electric or thermal energy, land, medical services, and services offered by local tax regions.
According to the dominant cosmological model, the Lambda-CDM model, less than 5 % of the universe's energy density is made up of the " matter " described by the Standard Model of Particle Physics, and the majority of the universe is composed of dark matter and dark energy-with no agreement amongst scientists about what these are made of.
According to Planck, each energy element E is proportional to its frequency ν:
According to former Prime Minister Patrick Manning, the nation is the financial capital of the Caribbean, and being so heavily reliant on the oil and energy sectors, fosters and facilitates an environment of constant demand for specialized jobs. In addition, the Natural Gas sector is for the first time facing competition from countries such as Qatar and the United States.
According to the optical Raychaudhuri's theorem, this requires a violation of the averaged null energy condition.
According to Benford, this lens would diffuse the light from the Sun and reduce the solar energy reaching the Earth by approximately 0. 5 % to 1 %.
According to Joule's Law, energy losses are directly proportional to the square of the current.
According to him, the typical gamma rays given off by the weapon have an energy of about 2 MeV ( million electron volts ).
According to special relativity, because photons are massless their energy ( E ) and momentum ( p ) are related by E = pc.
According to Booth, the film's true controller is the creative energy " that hundreds of people put into its production, agreeing and disagreeing, inserting and cutting ".
According to the Department of Energy's ( DOE ) Energy Information Administration ( EIA ), 9 percent of energy is lost in transmission.
According to this model, the two stars in a binary slowly spiral towards each other due to the release of energy via gravitational radiation until the neutron stars suddenly rip each other apart due to tidal forces and collapse into a single black hole.
According to the theory of the renormalization group, the value of the fine-structure constant ( the strength of the electromagnetic interaction ) grows logarithmically as the energy scale is increased.
According to the EIB, in these countries, the institution works to implement the financial pillar of the union's external cooperation and development policies: private sector development, infrastructure development, security of energy supply, environmental sustainability.
According to classical physics, it is absolutely necessary that the energy of the electron exceeds the energy difference of the potential barrier it is trying to pass.
According to these two principles, the energy required to release an electron is strictly greater than or equal to the potential difference between the current bound atomic or molecular orbital and the highest possible orbital.

According and explanation
:" According to one explanation, the pre-Columbian tribes in Mexico called themselves Meshicas, and the Spaniards, employing the letter x ( which at that time represented a " sh " and " ch " sound ), spelled it Mexicas.
According to the argument, the existence of the Universe requires an explanation, and the creation of the Universe by a First Cause, generally assumed to be God, is that explanation.
According to the usual and entirely probable explanation they became, however, for a time disciples of John the Baptist, and were called by Christ from the circle of John's followers, together with Peter and Andrew, to become His disciples ().
According to this explanation, East German political authorities were well aware of West German television's popularity and adopted SECAM rather than the PAL encoding used in West Germany.
According to the common explanation, when electric waves are set up in the neighborhood of this circuit, electromotive forces are generated in it which appear to make the filings move closer together, that is, to cohere, and thus their electrical resistance decreasesaccordingly, Sir Oliver Lodge termed this piece of apparatus a coherer.
According to his explanation, all entities have two aspects, " matter " and " form ".
According to a strictly immunological explanation of MS, the inflammatory process is caused by T cells, a kind of lymphocyte.
According to Vivekananda, the explanation of the Shalagrama-Shila as a phallic emblem was an imaginary invention.
According to a documentary aired on the Swedish television channel SVT in February 2006, associates of Pettersson claimed that he had confessed to them his role in Olof Palme's murder, but with the explanation that it was a case of mistaken identity.
According to Oregon Geographic Names, the origins of the county's name are uncertain, with the most likely explanation being that it is derived from the Nez Perce term for a structure of stakes ( a weir ) used in fishing.
According to Callan: " I mentioned, just in the course of conversation, that I was Jewish – at which Lady Mosley went ashen, snapped a crimson nail and left the room ... No explanation was given but she would later write to a friend: A nice, polite reporter came to interview Tom Mosley was known but he turned out to be Jewish and was sitting there at our table.
According to the explanation, excessive monetary liquidity ( easy credit, large disposable incomes ) potentially occurs while fractional reserve banks are implementing expansionary monetary policy ( i. e. lowering of interest rates and flushing the financial system with money supply ); this explanation may differ in certain details according to economic philosophy.
According to this unsupported explanation, the bubbles continue as long as the fools can find greater fools to pay up for the overvalued asset.
According to this explanation of hypersexuality, persons engage in whatever sexual behavior in order to reduce feelings of tension, instead of to express sexual desire.
According to Cowan, the slaughter temporarily weakened the new confidence in Pai-marire, but chief prophet Te Ua had a satisfying explanation: that those who fell were to blame because they did not repose absolute faith in the karakia, or incantation.
According to a British account, the French played on this sympathy in 1855 by pressuring Prince Rakoto into signing a request for French aid that would have enabled France to establish control over Madagascar had the true nature of the letter and its signing not been uncovered by Rakoto and his British contacts An alternate explanation was offered by Lambert, who maintained that the prince had knowingly supported the attempt to put an end to his mother's harsh policies, and was a willing collaborator in a failed 1857 plot to remove her from the throne.
According to the traditional explanation, the theory of the consciousnesses attempted to explain all the phenomena of cyclic existence, including how rebirth occurs and precisely how karma functions on an individual basis.
According to his explanation, the wax on the leaves causes water to form beads, which become, in effect, lenses.
According to Shuko, " The simplest explanation is that we're triplets that were all born with the same body ".
According to Robert Osborne, host of Turner Classic Movies, Helen Hayes noted that various scenes were dropped from the script without explanation.
According to one account, he distinguished himself by stopping the runaway horses of her carriage ; according to another, he only picked up her handkerchief ; a third explanation of his fortune has been given.
According to one explanation, the badge is referred to as " Jimmy " because the image of Mercury was based on the late mediaeval bronze statue by the Italian sculptor Giambologna, and shortening over time reduced the name Giambologna to " Jimmy ".

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