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Additional and engines
Additional unbuilt projects include 3 different Schneider Trophy racers from 1924, 1928 and 1931 and a large multi-engine seaplane similar to the Do X with engines buried in the wings.
Additional engines provide thrust in order to propel the craft.
Additional engines, cars and accessories were added in the 1940 catalog.
Additional German-operated landing craft sent to Italy via rail for the invasion included twelve Siebel ferries ( catamaran rafts powered by automobile engines driving water screws and armed with a mix of 88mm and 20mm flak guns ), six Type 39 Pionierlandungsboote ( carrying 20 tons of cargo, 2 light vehicles or 45 infantrymen and unloaded via clamshell doors at the bow ), six Type 40 Pionierlandungsboote ( a larger version of the Type 39, carrying 40 tons of cargo, three or four light vehicles or 80-90 fully equipped infantrymen ), a company of eighty-one Sturmboote ( Type 39 Stormboats, small plywood boats carrying up to six infantrymen and powered by 30 hp outboard motors ) plus an assortment of large inflatable rafts ( carrying 25 infantrymen each ).
Additional Attractions: Other exhibits include a space capsule for children, air force uniforms, the nose of a World War II glider, World War II aircraft recognition models, a Link Trainer, aircraft engines, and the cockpits of a T-28, a T-37, and an F-100.
Additional infrastructure includes the roads and railways built by and for Saiccor's operations, together with a stretch of Spoornet-owned coastal track, on which Saiccor to this day maintains and operates calssic steam engines.

Additional and were
Additional catalogues were compiled for the 23, 882 double / multiple stars and 11, 597 variable stars also analyzed during the Hipparcos mission.
Additional meetings might still be called, especially as up until 355 BC there were still political trials that were conducted in the assembly rather than in court.
Additional improvements were made in Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2, and with the release of the latter the domain controller role was renamed Active Directory Domain Services.
Additional stations were opened recently and with the last one that opened on the 7th of September 2009, the subway reached total length of 18 kilometers with 14 stations.
Additional awards were presented to the British fleet: Nelson was awarded £ 2, 000 (£ as of ) a year for life by the Parliament of Great Britain and £ 1, 000 per annum by the Parliament of Ireland, although the latter was inadvertently discontinued after the Act of Union dissolved the Irish Parliament.
Additional milieu were provided by Chaosium with the release of Dreamlands, a boxed supplement containing additional rules needed for playing within the Lovecraft Dreamlands, a large map and a scenario booklet, and Cthulhu By Gaslight, another boxed set which moved the action from the 1920s to the 1890s.
Additional subscription options of EverQuest, free-to-play Bronze Level, and a reduced-cost Silver Level, were made available in March 2012.
A crypt and relics said to be John's and mentioned in 11th and 16th century manuscripts, were discovered in 1969 during restoration of the Church of St. Macarius at the Monastery of Saint Macarius the Great in Scetes, Egypt ; Additional relics are claimed to reside in Gandzasar Monastery's Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, in Nagorno Karabakh ;
Additional schools were built, particularly in rural and coastal areas where the schools of the Merina had not reached.
Occasionally video interface hardware was also integrated into the motherboard ; for example, on the Apple II and rarely on IBM-compatible computers such as the IBM PC Jr. Additional peripherals such as disk controllers and serial ports were provided as expansion cards.
Additional materials and tools used for manufacturing the bomb were left in the truck to be destroyed in the blast.
In addition, 51 Left Party MPs were elected through the party list element of Germany's Additional Member System of proportional representation.
Additional fossils of Pristinailurus bristoli were discovered at the Gray Fossil site in 2010 and in 2012.
Additional members of the Independent Constitutional Commission were also appointed to engage Somali constitutional lawyers, religious scholars and experts in Somali culture over the nation's upcoming new constitution, a key part of the government's Transitional Federal Tasks.
Additional members of the Independent Constitutional Commission were also appointed to engage Somali constitutional lawyers, religious scholars and experts in Somali culture over the nation's upcoming new constitution, a key part of the government's Transitional Federal Tasks.
Additional tests on the fiberglass were canceled in order not to risk damaging the test apparatus, and a panel from Discovery was tested to determine the effects of the foam on a similarly-aged RCC leading edge.
Additional performers were recruited from USAF active, retired, and their dependents.
Additional red seals were added in later years by owners of the painting, which also reveals that the painting was in the Imperial Chinese collection in the 18th century.
Additional Exakta models, all with waist-level finders, were produced up to and during World War II.
Additional high-profile hearings, such as Winnie Mandela's testimony, were also televised live.
Additional precautions were used in addition to universal precautions for patients who were known or suspected to have an infectious condition, and varied depending on the infection control needed of that patient.
Additional precautions were not needed for blood-borne infections, unless there were complicating factors.

Additional and produced
Additional evidence against this hypothesis includes the fact that Mediaevalis is likely too young to have produced the Black Death due to its recent divergence from Orientalis.
Additional electrical conductivity enhancement might be needed from thermal ionization of suitable seed materials, and from non-equilibrium ionization by fission fragments and other ionizing radiation produced by the fissioning process.
Additional episodes were produced as recently as 2009 for direct-to-video release.
Additional 6. 5 × 50mmSR ammunition was, however, produced in China for use in their captured rifles.
Additional upgrades in 2003 produced a greatly improved male voice nicknamed " Tom ", which can change intonation based on the urgency of a product ; " Donna " was altered as well.
Additional rationales for smoking restrictions include reduced risk of fire in areas with explosive hazards ; cleanliness in places where food, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, or precision instruments and machinery are produced ; decreased legal liability ; potentially reduced energy use via decreased ventilation needs ; reduced quantities of litter ; healthier environments ; and giving smokers incentive to quit.
Additional safety arguments beyond those based on Hawking radiation were given in the paper, which showed that in hypothetical scenarios with stable black holes that could damage Earth, such black holes would have been produced by cosmic rays and would have already destroyed known astronomical objects such as the Earth, Sun, neutron stars, or white dwarfs.
Additional vents along a extending SE produced small spatter ramparts and a to the east.
" 888, 842, 452 Anthony dollars were produced for circulation ( Additional dollars were produced as numismatic items ).
Additional 5b stamps were produced by surcharging older stamps.
Additional color schemes ( blue and white, pink ) were produced for promotional purposes.
Additional forward thrust and steering forces are created by dipping the hypocaudal ( i. e. bottom ) lobe of their caudal fin into the water and vibrating it very quickly, in contrast to diving birds in which these forces are produced by the same locomotor module used for propulsion.
Additional hydrogen can be recovered by a lower-temperature gas-shift reaction with the carbon monoxide produced.
Additional cars became available and the locomotive or " power unit " underwent some refinements during production ; and a less expensive stamped lithographed steel version was also produced.
Additional leachate volume is produced during this decomposition of carbonaceous material producing a wide range of other materials including methane, carbon dioxide and a complex mixture of organic acids, aldehydes, alcohols and simple sugars.
Additional scenarios were produced, as well as an extensive range of 28 mm pewter miniatures for the game which covered the first eight Doctors, the Peter Cushing movie Doctor and all of the television companions ( except for Katarina ) in the original series and the 1996 television movie.
Additional material has been produced since the release of the series.
British Library, Additional Manuscript 11848 is an illuminated Carolingian Latin Gospel Book produced at Tours.
Additional documentaries are being produced for the season 2 and 3 releases.
Additional pain was produced by the fact that the body of the prisoner was stretched as in a rack, and the belt or girdle attached to the waist also contributed further to the suffering.
Additional books she created, art directed, marketed, edited and produced include Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister and Son of a Witch, also by Gregory Maguire ; Stupid White Men by Michael Moore ; Private Parts and Miss America by Howard Stern ; The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists by Neil Strauss ; and Story: Substance, Structure, Style, and the Principles of Screenwriting by Robert McKee, Shabby Chic by Rachel Ashweell, and The Paris Apartment by Claudia Strasser,

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