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Additional and see
Additional signs are used to indicate embellishments and microtones ( pitch changes smaller than a semitone ), both essential in Byzantine chant ( see Romanian anastasimatarion picture, left ).
Additional photography took place in September 1955, filming a frame story which the studio insisted on ( see Original intended ending ).
Additional viewfinders included a waist-level viewer, a 6 power magnifying finder, and an " action finder " with a larger viewable area, and an ability to see the entire frame while wearing goggles and / or a helmet.
Additional geometrical considerations show, that length contraction can be regarded as a trigonometric phenomenon, with analogy to parallel slices through a cuboid before and after a rotation in E < sup > 3 </ sup > ( see left half figure at the right ).
* Additional narratives involving Húrin and the tragedy of his children ( see Narn i Chîn Húrin ).
Additional attractions were the chance to visit the SS Great Eastern and to see a lifesize copy of the Eddystone Lighthouse and the rowboat in which Grace Darling and her father rescued stranded occupants of a wrecked ship.
ACIP recommends that health-care administrators consider the level of vaccination coverage among health-care personnel ( HCP ) to be one measure of a patient safety quality program and implement policies to encourage HCP vaccination ( e. g., obtaining signed statements from HCP who decline influenza vaccination ) ( see Additional Information Regarding Vaccination of Specific Populations ).
Additional land was brought into the borough of Crawley from Lower Beeding in 1983 to see the extension of the neighbourhood to reach its capacity population of 9000.
Additional demand for bandwidth at 28 ° E, to carry HDTV signals, is likely to lead to S2 having its frequency plan re-arranged so as to allow Sky Digibox receivers to see its transponders.
Additional natural gas is used ( or wasted ) to " upgrade " bitumen ( see Tar Sands ) into crude, making Canadian oil mostly a high-carbon high-polluting synthetic.
Additional articles can be found on his web sites ( see " External Links " below ).
Additional straps and attachments are used to ensure comfort and safety ( see photo ).
Additional sensors are contained in the hand-held ' laser ' unit ( see below ).
Much of the Orff-Schulwerk scholarship prior to the 1990s did not give attention to Keetman's extensive contributions, but that is being remedied through many recent publications ( see Additional references ).
Additional capacity increases the ability to combine loads ( see below ) and offers better protection from derailments.

Additional and them
Additional precautions for infants include not feeding them honey.
A second pamphlet, Additional Observations on the Short Narrative, furthered the attack on crown officials by complaining that customs officials ( one of whom had left Boston to carry Hutchinson's gathered depositions to London ) were abandoning their posts under the pretense that it was too dangerous for them to do their duties.
Additional iron mines were opened, mostly in the Western end of the township, although historian Diana Muir dismisses them as " scarcely big enough to notice ," with the further disadvantage of not being near a river large enough to ship iron to market at a reasonable cost.
For countries which have signed the " Protocol Additional to the Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949, and relating to the Protection of Victims of International Armed Conflicts " ( Protocol I ), combatants who do not wear a distinguishing mark still qualify as prisoners of war if they carry arms openly during military engagements, and while visible to the enemy when they are deploying to conduct an attack against them.
Additional passes were made on fiberfill clouds with lights behind them to create a lightning storm underway in the background.
Additional details of the day's events are not entirely certain — Robey gave three different accounts later — but he began to contact both stamp dealers and journalists, to tell them of his find.
Additional vessels surround the respiratory trees, although they contact them only indirectly, via the coelomic fluid.
Additional training is provided at their School for Traveling Overseers, and ongoing pastoral care is provided to them by typically elderly former traveling overseers.
Additional courses have been established, among them agronomy, archival science, theater, museology, control and automation engineering, computational mathematics, and speech therapy / audiology.
Yvette Cooper and her husband, Labour minister Ed Balls, bought a four-bedroom house in Stoke Newington, north London, and registered this as their second home ( rather than their home in Castleford, West Yorkshire ) this qualified them for up to £ 44, 000 a year to subsidise a reported £ 438, 000 mortgage under the Commons Additional Costs Allowance, of which they claimed £ 24, 400.
Additional divisions were organized in 1862 ; the organizational orders of battle are listed throughout the U. S. Official Records and sources derived from them, including Dyer.
Additional references to the Elder Things appear in Lovecraft's short story " The Shadow Out of Time " ( 1936 ), and the novella " At the Mountains of Madness ," which is the main source of information about them.
Additional jammers were also installed in the B-52Gs, allowing them to return to the operation.
Additional support for this notion includes the reorientation of some graphs, by turning them 90 degrees as if to better fit on tall, narrow slats ; this style must have developed on bamboo or wood slat books and then carried over to the oracle bone script.
Additional thermal insulation in the form of styrofoam sheets was applied to them in the early 2000s.
Additional points are earned destroying enemy vehicles using weapons or by forcing them off the road.
Navy officers also have one or more 3-character Additional Qualification Designators ( AQD ) that reflect completion of requirements qualifying them in a specific warfare area or other specialization.
Additional ballots can be introduced under the names of those who didn't vote, ballots for " wrong " candidate can be invalidated by damaging them, ballots can be replaced.
Additional signs for the two arrester beds on the descent have also been added, to encourage out of control drivers to use them as a safer alternative.
Additional findings show, since 1998, six cases of cesspools collapsing and sucking in human residents that were standing over them have been reported, injuring a total of seven people, killing one in 2001, one in 2007, and one in 2010.
Additional Phelps and Gorham lands east of the Genesee River which had not previously been sold were acquired by Robert Morris in 1791, who re-sold them to The Pulteney Association, a syndicate of British investors.
Additional cooperative structural characteristics and guiding principles further distinguish them from other business models.
Additional stabilizer elements such as tuned mass dampers also require mechanical floors to contain or service them.
Additional value-added features are included as desired by vendors who provide them.

Additional and used
Additional codes can be used to challenge and counterchallenge the authentications.
Additional complications also arose when Constans came of age, and Constantine, who had grown used to dominating his younger brother, would not relinquish the guardianship.
Additional background history, usually not covered by specific rules, is often also used to further develop the character.
Additional materials and tools used for manufacturing the bomb were left in the truck to be destroyed in the blast.
Additional bandwidth management mechanisms may be used to further engineer performance, to include:
Additional filtering and pulse integration modifies the radar equation slightly for pulse-Doppler radar performance, which can be used to increase detection range and reduce transmit power.
Overall majorities are unusual in the Additional Member system that is used for elections to the Scottish Parliament, which was specially designed by the Labour UK government in 1999 to prevent any party gaining overall control of the parliament.
Additional symbols are used to represent sign locations at the face or body parts other than the hands.
All three devolved institutions are elected by proportional representation: the Additional Member System is used in Scotland and Wales, and Single Transferable Vote is used in Northern Ireland.
* The Additional Member System is used for elections to the Scottish Parliament, the National Assembly for Wales ( Welsh Assembly ) and London Assembly.
Additional precautions were used in addition to universal precautions for patients who were known or suspected to have an infectious condition, and varied depending on the infection control needed of that patient.
( Additional ear, scalp, and hand points are also commonly used by some practitioners.
Additional new saves are used within Ravenloft: Fear, Horror and Madness, as well as the standard Fortitude, Will and Reflex saves.
) Additional letters, such as C, D, etc., may be used for systems with more than two stars.
Additional temporary processing facilities are used to facilitate the decennial census, which employs more than a million people.
Additional care is needed if shrimp are used as food.
Additional actors included Seán G. Griffin as the Sultan ; Don Darryl Rivera as Iago ; and, playing Omar, Babkak, and Kassim – a trio of characters originally conceived by the film's creators but not used – Andrew Keenan-Bolger, Brian Gonzales, and Brandon O ' Neill.
Additional skill points are awarded after the character reaches certain levels, and these skill points can then be used to acquire a new skill.
Additional units were sold to Croatia, where they are used for InterCity services.
Additional sites of interest include the destroyer V 83, which was raised and used by Cox as a working boat during his salvage operations, particularly on the, then later abandoned ; the Churchill blockships, such as the Tabarka, the Gobernador Bories, and the Doyle in Burrah Sound ; the U-boat ; and the trawler James Barrie.
Additional shares could be issued, and the Company could borrow up to £ 20, 000, with the future tolls used as security.
Additional onomastic arguments have been used to connect Dingesmere ( a location associated with the battle in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle ) with Thingwall on Merseyside in order to strengthen the Brunanburh-Bromborough link.

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