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Additional and letters
) Additional letters, such as C, D, etc., may be used for systems with more than two stars.
Additional letters or numbers added to this basic system are used to designate special features ( such as a built-in pickup or a cutaway ).
Additional letters were printed by the Cowden Clarkes in their Recollections of Writers ( 1878 ).
Additional personal factors are evaluated through essays, short-answer questions, letters of recommendation, and other application materials.
Additional numbers and letters in a full part number identify the package and other variations.
* Additional suffix letters and numbers may be attached to indicate the package type, quality grade, or other information, but this varies widely by manufacturer.
Additional denominations ( 30 and 60 lepta ) were introduced in 1876, to comply with the General Postal Union's international letter rates ( 30 lepta for basic, 60 for registered letters ).
For Underpaid-Tax, Additional Underpaid-Tax, Overpaid-Tax and Nil-Tax Assessments-which may be received by the debtor in the form of letters, warrants and administrative sanctions.

Additional and did
Additional resistance against incorporation came from Flint Township as the Township did not want to lose the taxes from the Chevrolet Parts Plant.
Additional contributions were made by ESI owners Dale Sinor, Tom Smith, and Henry Hernández, as well as Ken Broomfield who did quality assurance.
The Conservative Party, still recovering from their wipeout in 1997 across Scotland, failed to win a single constituency seat but did manage to win 18 seats through the Additional Member System.
Additional singles did little on the charts, and the group ultimately faded away.
Additional acts concerning local government in the early days of the colony did not have short titles.
Additional observation parties were provided by other batteries stationed in Hong Kong and many individuals did tours with other batteries.
In a case of so-called double-dipping, according to The Daily Telegraph, Mackay had used his Additional Costs Allowance to claim more than £ 1, 000 a month in mortgage interest payments on their joint Westminster house – even though he did not have a residence in his Bracknell constituency – while Kirkbride used her Additional Costs Allowance to claim over £ 900 a month to pay the mortgage for their family home in her constituency.
He was appointed Additional Solicitor General by the V. P. Singh government in 1989 and did the paperwork for the investigations into the Bofors scandal.
Lynch was third on the Green Party's list of candidates for the Top-Up ( Additional Member System ) seats at the 2008 London Assembly elections., but the Green Party did not receive enough votes to elect a third Assembly member.
Additional competition from the Lincoln-Zephyr, introduced in 1936, did not help things either.
Additional smaller vessels were provided in support, as well as an HU-16 Albatross amphibious aircraft, even though said aircraft did not enter the US inventory until 1949.
Additional users of the superblock concept are contemporary large national or multinational corporations who followed the “ campus ” model and introduced their own superblocks in cities, as Google did in Mountain view, CA, IBM in Somers, NY and Apple and HP in San Jose, CA.
Additional issues arose after the advent of BASICs that did not require line numbers as the magazine broke logical lines across physical lines due to space constraints and without the line numbers the distinction was not always apparent.
Additional British intervention required registration of all slaves beginning in 1815, but this requirement did little to aid in the cause.
Additional work by Christopher Tyler and Maureen Clarke led to encoding the same data into a single image which did not require a stereoscope for viewing.
This new Act gave the Royal Sovereign the power, inter alia, to establish new High Courts in British India from time to time as the occasion arose and to appoint temporary Additional Judge for a term not exceeding two years, Since, however, the Chief Court did not come within the category of the High Court, all additional appointments of temporary Judges to the Chief Court were made by the Governor-General under various Punjab Courts Acts enacted in 1884, 1914 and 1918 ( as amended from time to time ) read with the Acting Judges Act, XVI of 1867.
Additional criticism was levelled at the timing of the census, which was taken in the middle of the Foot and Mouth crisis of 2001, a fact organizers said did not impact the results.
Handwriting analysis expert and former Additional Director of the National Institute of Criminology and Forensic Science, Dr B. Lal deposed before the Justice Mukherjee Commission of Inquiry that probed into the disappearance of Netaji, that the handwritings of Bhagwanji and Bose did match.
NIOSH's final report reiterates their on-site evaluation stating " a health hazard did exist at the IMT building " and " Additional work has been done at the remaining north ( east ) building of the IMT since the NIOSH site visit.
Much of the Orff-Schulwerk scholarship prior to the 1990s did not give attention to Keetman's extensive contributions, but that is being remedied through many recent publications ( see Additional references ).

Additional and follow
Additional bombings follow on November 20.
Additional online beauty pageants are certain to follow in this trend of online competitions.
Additional change in velocity can be achieved by dragging the foot that would normally follow through fully with a fastball delivery.
Additional ' else ' clauses may follow the first.
Additional historical publications would follow, outlining the histor of AZO from 1960 to 1970, and then again from 1970 to 1980.

Additional and vacuum
Additional kinetic energy is required to move an electron out of the conduction band and into the vacuum level.
Additional contributions to the vacuum energy come from spontaneous symmetry breaking in quantum field theory.

Additional and tube
Additional considerations for the tube lifespan are the environment that the tube is being used in and the general level of illumination present in that environment, including bright moonlight and exposure to both artificial lighting and use during dusk / dawn periods, as exposure to brighter light reduces a tube's life significantly.
Additional effects on tube rigidity will cause shifts in the calibration factor over time due to degradation of the flow tubes.

Additional and mode
Additional problems for ONdigital were caused by the choice of 64QAM broadcast mode, coupled with far weaker than expected broadcast power, ( meaning that the signal was weak in many areas ), a complex pricing structure ( comprising many menu options ), a poor quality subscriber management system ( badly adapted from Canal +), a paper magazine TV guide whereas BSkyB had provided an electronic programme guide ( EPG ), insufficient technical customer services, and much signal piracy.
Additional information that can be displayed in this mode includes extras ( e. g. credits for luggage ), present time, speed, etc.
Additional waveforms ( Inner1-3 ) are available for OSC1 when in oscillator sync mode.
Additional instructions in support of 31-bit addressing included several call / return instructions which also effected an addressing mode change ( e. g. Branch and Set Mode, Branch and Store and Set Mode ).

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