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Additional and seating
Additional phases of stadium expansion will increase seating to 30, 000 by 2015.
In its earliest configuration, Soldier Field was capable of seating 74, 280 spectators and was in the shape of a U. Additional seating could be added along the interior field, upper promenades and on the large, open field and terrace beyond the north endzone, bringing the seating capacity to over 100, 000.
" Additional seating in the rear deck was known as a rumble seat or a dickey seat.
Additional capacity can be added by bringing in two temporary stands seating 1, 500 each.
Additional seating areas were also later constructed.
Additional seating was also added to the western side of stadium, boosting capacity to 27, 901.
Additional seating was arranged at Sam Boyd Stadium for the 2006 game ; the resulting attendance of 44, 615 was the largest crowd to watch a team sports event in the history of the state of Nevada.
Additional seating was added at the East and West Ends of the ground in November 2005.
Additional temporary seating of 1, 500 was added prior to the 2009 season.
Additional temporary seating was gradually increased on the north basketball sideline and attendance exceeded 11, 000 for several games during the 1982-83 season.
Additional seating in the West Stand was also added around this time.
* Additional folding, or ' third-row ', seating ( increasingly in open loadspaces )
Additional seating would be created by adding a single row at the bottom of the four stands, and building capacity in the corners.

Additional and eventually
Additional coastal states as well as other states farther inland eventually signed the bond, and British influence was accepted, strengthened, and expanded.
Additional paved runways were eventually added.
Additional children's homes were eventually added throughout Texas, Oklahoma, and Georgia.
Additional Chapters would eventually be added after Tau Phi Delta became Sigma Pi on February 11, 1907.

Additional and cut
Additional Native resentment resulted from Amherst's decision in February 1761 to cut back on the gifts given to the Native Americans.
Additional affiliates, including secondary affiliates for home games, may also request to cut off an early game for a nearby team's late start.

Additional and down
Additional competition drives down pricing power.
Additional findings include: a raised calcium ( when osteoclasts are breaking down bone, releasing calcium into the bloodstream ), raised serum creatinine due to reduced renal function, which is mainly due to casts of paraprotein deposition in the kidney, although the cast may also contain complete immunoglobulins, Tamm-Horsfall protein and albumin.
: This " raises serious issues pertaining to the principle of nullum crimen, nulla poena sine lege laid down in Article 7 of the ECHR and also to the right to the protection of property laid down in Article 1 of the Additional Protocol to the ECHR.
Additional buildings include a shrine dedicated to Takeda Shingen ( 1521 – 1573 ), and a red torii which is taken down and rebuilt every " Fuji Year " ( 60 years ).
Additional evidence of Giordano Bruno's youth is its spectacular ray system: because micrometeorites constantly rain down, they kick up enough dust to quickly ( in geological terms ) erode a ray system.
Additional friction of the two global tidal waves creates energy in a physical manner, infinitesimally slowing down Earth's angular velocity ω.
Additional information may narrow the possibilities down to one unique location.
Additional weapons included pulse bolt generators, retractable shoulder minigun, variable-configured double-barrel cannons on each gauntlet, gauntlet mounted flamethrower, plasma blade on the left gauntlet, missile box launcher, micro-rocket launcher, particle beam discharger, and an electromagnetic pulse generator in the unibeam projector that could shut down any electronic device in a 50-mile radius.
Additional sails were also often mounted on traditional Bermudian craft, when running down wind, which included a spinnaker, with a spinnaker boom, and additional jibs.
Additional forms of glacial deposits, which extend down to above sea level, include rock glaciers and limestone pavements.
Additional topics in Malfatti's research concerned quintic equations, and the property of the lemniscate of Bernoulli that a ball rolling down an arc of the lemniscate, under the influence of gravity, will take the same time to traverse it as a ball rolling down a straight line segment connecting the endpoints of the arc.
Additional flags can be attached to the side rings to slow down the dart and increase control.

Additional and distance
The website allows to freely view seamless georeferenced nautical raster chart layers issued from different international Hydrographic Offices ( NOAA US, Linz NZ, DNH Brazil, SHN Argentina, SOHMA Uruguay, BSH Germany, NLHO Netherlands, WPL Bahamas ) upon Google Maps imagery. Additional free features are available for the user ( voyage planning, waypoint and route monitoring with transfer to GPS, bearing and distance calculations ).
Additional facilities include network plug-in ports for laptop users, support for international distance education students, and DVD / video rentals with over 1, 500 titles.
Additional precovery observations of the asteroid from 1990 were quickly found that refined the orbit and it is now known the asteroid will pass the Earth on October 26, 2028, at a distance of, about 2. 4 times the Earth-Moon distance.
Additional channels are broadcast over satellite as part of the Maharishi Open University's distance learning program, which also has studio facilities at Maharishi Vedic City in Iowa.
Additional glyphs may also be selected which increase the distance of travel, allowing gates outside the current galaxy to be reached, a process that requires significantly more energy than interstellar dialing.
Additional systems will allow the relative positions, distance and rotational alignment of the four satellites to be continuously monitored.
Additional developments in weapons delivery included cruise missile systems, which allowed a plane to fire a long-distance, low-flying nuclear-tipped missile towards a target from a relatively comfortable distance.

Additional and still
Additional meetings might still be called, especially as up until 355 BC there were still political trials that were conducted in the assembly rather than in court.
Additional computational studies modeling still bigger handle structures are welcome, but the ability to precisely position SPM tips to the requisite atomic accuracy has been repeatedly demonstrated experimentally at low temperature, or even at room temperature constituting a basic existence proof for this capability.
For countries which have signed the " Protocol Additional to the Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949, and relating to the Protection of Victims of International Armed Conflicts " ( Protocol I ), combatants who do not wear a distinguishing mark still qualify as prisoners of war if they carry arms openly during military engagements, and while visible to the enemy when they are deploying to conduct an attack against them.
The Conservative Party, still recovering from their wipeout in 1997 across Scotland, failed to win a single constituency seat but did manage to win 18 seats through the Additional Member System.
Additional residential construction, such as the Santa Fe Gardens, a 600-unit village of townhouses, condominiums and single-family homes still under construction on formerly industrial land to the north.
Additional changes included a slightly redesigned climate control interface and the power locking system being again redesigned: the doors would still lock automatically when put into gear, but they would also unlock automatically when the ignition was switched off.
Additional patches are still () created and maintained by volunteers.
Additional buildings, all of which are still standing and used today, include a Riding Hall ( 1881 ), Cadets Barracks ( 1884 ), Engine House ( 1889 ), Gymnasium ( 1896 ).
Additional engineering work on the steering gear ( which still suffered from damage taken at Jutland ) and other equipment resulted in weekend leaves for the crew being curtailed, leading to very low morale.
Additional data is needed to confirm the possibility of a fourth planet, although an Earth-mass planet in the star's habitable zone ( which would still be too small to detect with current technology ) remains possible.
Additional older buildings that still stand can be found on the Hinckley road just east of the war memorial, along Hall Lane and School House Lane and along Woodway Lane close to the Craven Arms public house.
Additional new species are still being described and several are very rare and at risk of extinction.
Additional measures relating to the Burmese language were introduced so that in order to take the Matriculation exam to enter Rangoon University, prospective students were required to be fluent in written Burmese ( which many Anglo-Burmans had not been taught ), even though all books and most teaching were still carried out in English.

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