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Affidavit and is
* Affidavit of No Records ( if no documents exist responsive to a subpoena for documents, this is an adequate response )
The Fishman Affidavit is a set of court documents submitted by ex-Scientologist Steven Fishman in 1993 in the federal case, Church of Scientology International v. Fishman and Geertz ( Case No. CV 91-6426 ( HLH ( Tx ) U. S. District Court for the Central District of California ).
Affidavit evidence consisting of out-of-court statements, is not subject to cross-examination.
Affidavit evidence is thought to detract from the truth-finding mission of a trial.
The documents, contained in what is known as the Fishman Affidavit, included detailed accounts of the church's space opera narratives.
Generally, this is accomplished by the petitioner filing an Affidavit of Support ( Form I-134 ) showing he or she has an income or assets that are above that of the poverty line in the petitioner's state of residence.

Affidavit and Section
* NY Times THE PRESIDENT ' S TRIAL: THE DEPOSITION ; Hearing Lewinsky on the Affidavit, the Job, the Gifts ( but Not the Sex ) February 1, 1999, National Desk, Late Edition-Final, Section A, Page 20, Column 1

Affidavit and .
Indian Law – Affidavit – Smt.
* Affidavit of Dean H. Kenyon
If he makes an Affidavit against Carpenter or Penandrea, there will be no safety for him in Redruth.
A taxpayer will need to fill out Form 14039, Identity Theft Affidavit.
* Affidavit of Beatrice K. Brown ; Surrogates Court, Kings County ( 1922 )
* Smoking Gun Arrest Warrant Affidavit of Detective D. E.
* United States District Court for the District of Columbia, Civil Action 88 – 2600 GHR, Archives and Research Center v. Central Intelligence Agency, Affidavit of George William Bush, September 21, 1988.
The Affidavit contained criticisms of the Church of Scientology and substantial portions of the Operating Thetan course materials.
The Fishman Affidavit contains much text from the old versions of the Operating Thetan levels.
The versions of OT I to OT VII in the Fishman Affidavit are considered authentic as the church's Religious Technology Center ( RTC ) brought copyright lawsuits over their release on the Internet.
* Andre Tabayoyon -- Affidavit referenced in the case, in United States District Court.
Affidavit of Mary Moorman, November 22, 1963.
Riconosciuto provided an Affidavit detailing threats to a House Select Committee investigating the Inslaw Affair.
White Was Target Of Investigation White Was Target Of Federal Probe FBI Affidavit Says Bribes Secured City Contracts by Mike Tobin.
This filing has since become known as the Fishman Affidavit.
Sheehan Affidavit.

is and treated
The National Lumber Manufacturers Association, Washington, D. C., is developing plans to utilize specially treated lumber for underground shelter construction.
The purpose of this paper is to analyze one possible force which has not been treated in the literature, but which we believe makes a significant contribution to explaining the wage-price behavior of a few very important industries.
For expository purposes, this is best treated as a model which spells out the conditions under which an important industry affected with the public interest would find it profitable to raise wages even in the absence of union pressures for higher wages.
If a litigant chooses to enforce a Federal right in a State court, he cannot be heard to object if he is treated exactly as are plaintiffs who press like claims arising under State law with regard to the form in which the claim must be stated -- the particularity, for instance, with which a cause of action must be described.
What they should recognize is that children who have been placed in one of these groups on a narrow academic basis still differ widely in attributes that influence success, and that they still must be treated as individuals.
In modern jazz, the saxophone is treated as a woodwind and played with conventional embouchure.
Partly because low-level heat treatment is needed to inactivate enzymes before radiosterilization, treated fresh meats have the appearance of boiled or canned meat.
It is far better to have such conditions treated in advance than to have them show up on the honeymoon where they can create a really serious situation.
What happened is that Negroes want to be treated like men.
The secretary's greatest achievement is perhaps the rekindling of NATO realization that East-West friction, wherever it take place around the globe, is in essence the general conflict between two entirely different societies, and must be treated as such without regard to geographical distance or lack of apparent connection.
The Hemerocallidoideae, or day lily, subfamily of the Xanthorrhoeaceae sensu lato is treated in some systems as a separate family, the Hemerocallidaceae.
The Xanthorrhoeoideae, or grasstree, subfamily of the Xanthorrhoeaceae sensu lato is treated in some systems as a separate family, the Xanthorrhoeaceae sensu stricto.
The Asphodeloideae, or asphodel, subfamily of the Xanthorrhoeaceae sensu lato is treated in some systems as a separate family, the Asphodelaceae.
The agapanthus subfamily of the Amaryllidaceae sensu lato is treated in some systems as a separate family, the Agapanthaceae.
The allium subfamily of the Amaryllidaceae sensu lato is treated in some systems as a separate family, the Alliaceae.
The amaryllis subfamily of the Amaryllidaceae sensu lato is treated in some systems as a separate family, the Amaryllidaceae sensu stricto.
Blanched almonds are shelled almonds that have been treated with hot water to soften the seedcoat, which is then removed to reveal the white embryo.
In more general sense, each column is treated as a polynomial over GF ( 2 < sup > 8 </ sup >) and is then multiplied modulo x < sup > 4 </ sup >+ 1 with a fixed polynomial c ( x ) = 0x03 · x < sup > 3 </ sup > + x < sup > 2 </ sup > + x + 0x02.
Employers can use medical entrance examinations for applicants, after making the job offer, only if all applicants ( regardless of disability ) must take it and it is treated as a confidential medical record.
Assault is typically treated as a misdemeanor and not as a felony ( unless it involves a law enforcement officer ).
The more serious crime of aggravated assault is treated as a felony.
In other jurisdictions, mutual consent is an incomplete defense, with the result that the misdemeanor is treated as a petty misdemeanor.

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