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After and 1320
After Ayurbarwada's son Shidibala ascended the throne in 1320, Tugh Temür was banished to Hainan.
After extensive damage to both, the Palace and the Peterskirch were reconstructed in 1320.
After the overthrow of the Yadavas by the Delhi Sultanate ( 1320 ), Belgaum was for a short time under the rule of the latter ; but only a few years later the part south of the Ghataprabha River was subject to the Hindu rajas of Vijayanagara.

After and city
After looking about a bit, Wilson discovered beyond Black Bottom, across the river and far removed from the white city, a considerable tract of land, and it occurred to him that the church and the better Negro homes might gradually be moved to this plot.
After the Turks conquered the city in 1453 they converted it to a mosque, adding the stubby minarets.
After the arrest of Keizo in 1967, Tamara and her son Alexei Nakamura were expelled from Kamchatka Krai and sent to the island of Sakhalin, to live in the city of Tomari.
After bribing the Western troops who had guarded the city, Isaac and Alexios Komnenos entered the capital victoriously on April 1, 1081.
After Penthesilea's death she, in accord with the former's will, sailed off and eventually landed in Italy, founding the city of Clete.
After the capture of the city in June, 1098, and the subsequent siege led by Kerbogha, Adhemar organized a procession through the streets, and had the gates locked so that the Crusaders, many of whom had begun to panic, would be unable to desert the city.
After the fall of the Duchy of Athens and the principality of Achaia, the only Latin possessions left on the mainland of Greece were the papal city of Monemvasia, the fortress of Vonitsa, the Messenian stations Coron and Modon, Navarino, the castles of Argos and Nauplia, to which the island of Aegina was subordinate, Lepanto and Pteleon.
After the death of Alexander the city ( now known as Akroinοn ( Ακροϊνόν ) or Nikopolis ( Νικόπολις ) in Ancient Greek ), was ruled by the Seleucids and the kings of Pergamon, then Rome and Byzantium.
After Charlemagne's columns arrived at the gates of Zaragoza, Sulayman got cold feet and refused to let the Franks into the city.
After returning to Paris, he fell ill, probably due to an epidemic then sweeping the city.
After two previous failures, voters in the city passed a ballot measure in 2000 authorizing a bond measure for construction of a new library to replace the city's Carnegie library, damaged during the Loma Prieta earthquake.
After World War II, the city became divided into East Berlin — the capital of East Germany — and West Berlin, a West German exclave surrounded by the Berlin Wall ( 1961 – 1989 ).
After conquering Edirne ( Adrianople ) in 1365 the Ottomans turned it into a joint capital city for governing their European realms, but Bursa remained the most important Anatolian administrative and commercial center even after it lost its status as the sole Ottoman capital.
After World War II, Bulgaria followed the Soviet model of economic development more closely than any other East Bloc country with becoming one of the first members of Comecon ; the new regime shifted the economy from mainly agrarian type towards industrial economy and much of the labour force from the countryside to the city, providing workers for new large-scale industrial complexes.
After the defensive battles at Slivnitsa and Vidin, Bulgaria began an offensive which took the city of Pirot.
After siding with Pescennius Niger against the victorious Septimius Severus, the city was besieged by Roman forces and suffered extensive damage in 196 AD.
) After his death the city was called Constantinople ( Greek Κωνσταντινούπολις or Konstantinoupolis ) (' city of Constantine ').
After a protracted siege, during which the Mongol army under Jani Beg was suffering the disease, they catapulted the infected corpses over the city walls to infect the inhabitants.
After having consistently described Birka as an existing city, Scholia 138 of IV 29 describes Birka's sudden demise.
After Mesopotamia, this culture arose in Syria and Anatolia, as shown by the city of Çatalhöyük ( 7500-5700BC ).
After the upgrading of Seville's public bus fleet to CNG-powered and new vehicles, many of the decommissioned ones were donated to the city of Havana.
After World War I, the city was occupied ( 1918 – 23 ) by the Allies.
After the creation of the Republic of Turkey in 1923, the Turkish government began to formally object to the use of Constantinople in other languages and ask that others use the more common name for the city.

After and appeared
After reading it, Gladstone requested its publication in England, where it appeared as " The Gospel of Wealth " in the Pall Mall Gazette.
After his death these appeared again in Gen. Albert Pike ’ s Poems ( 1900 ) and Lyrics and Love Songs ( 1916 ).
After that he appeared as supporting act for Madonnas show in the Netherlands.
After two successful comedy albums, Comedy Minus One ( 1973 ) and the Grammy Award-nominated A Star Is Bought ( 1975 ), Brooks left the stand-up circuit to try his hand as a filmmaker ; his first film, The Famous Comedians School, was a satiric short that appeared on PBS and was an early example of the mockumentary sub-genre.
After the eruption of the volcano Krakatoa in 1883, a remarkable series of red sunsets appeared worldwide.
After his death Housman's brother, Laurence, published further poems which appeared in More Poems ( 1936 ) and Collected Poems ( 1939 ).
After several unsuccessful battles with the Boii and other Celtic tribes, they appeared ca 113 BC in Noricum, where they invaded the lands of one of Rome's allies, the Taurisci.
After five straight championship wins in the AAFC and NFL, the Browns appeared poised to bring another trophy home in 1951.
After several years a number of complainants appeared in the literature that Eneolithic seemed to the untrained eye to be produced from e-neolithic, " outside the Neolithic ," clearly not a definitive characterization of the Copper Age.
After obtaining power, the vast majority of " idealistic " reformers gained huge possessions of state property using their positions in the government and became business oligarchs in a manner that appeared antithetical to an emerging democracy.
After parting company with Jameson, Brewster started the Edinburgh Journal of Science in 1824, 16 volumes of which appeared under his editorship during the years 1824 – 1832, with very many articles from his own pen.
After the documentary crew returned to New York, Berlinger and Sinofsky reported to have discovered what appeared to be blood on the knife.
After her child was born, she had breast implants and appeared in a June 1989 Playboy pictorial, but her career remained in the doldrums.
After the latter's success, Wallach appeared in several other " Spaghetti Westerns ", including Ace High with Terence Hill and Bud Spencer.
After pleading with the executives, Coppola was allowed to cast Brando only if he appeared in the film for much less salary than his previous films, perform a screen-test, and put up a bond saying that he would not cause a delay in the production ( as he had done on previous film sets ).
After the success of King Kong, Wray appeared in many major movie roles and on television, finishing her acting career in 1980.
After being debriefed extensively by the CIA, Lockheed, and the Air Force, on March 6, 1962, Powers appeared before a Senate Armed Services Select Committee hearing chaired by Senator Richard Russell and including Senators Prescott Bush and Barry Goldwater Sr.
After having appeared as an instrument and place for isolating counterrevolutionary and criminal elements, the Gulag, because of its principle of “ correction by forced labor ”, quickly became, in fact, an independent branch of the national economy secured on the cheap labor force presented by prisoners.
After bathing in the spring of Mount Ida ( where Troy was situated ), the goddesses appeared before Paris.
After his son Philip married Queen Mary of England, it appeared that France would be completely surrounded by Habsburg domains, but this hope proved unfounded when the marriage produced no children.
After the fall of the USSR and the end of the Cold War potential menaces to mainland France appeared considerably reduced.
After the Renaissance the caduceus also appeared in the heraldic crests of several, and currently is a symbol of commerce.
After the campaign appeared in the Metro newspaper London the business news website www. mad. co. uk remarked that the IKEA campaign had amazing similarities with the marketing activity of UK home refurbishment company Onis living who had launched their own Not For Sale advertising campaign two years prior and was awarded the Interbuild 2006 Construction Marketing Award for best campaign under £ 25, 000.
After the weapon sales were revealed in November 1986, Reagan appeared on national television and stated that the weapons transfers had indeed occurred, but that the United States did not trade arms for hostages.
After the initial discovery of introns in protein-coding genes of the eukaryotic nucleus, there was significant debate as to whether introns in modern-day organisms were inherited from a common ancient ancestor ( termed the introns-early hypothesis ), or whether they appeared in genes rather recently in the evolutionary process ( termed the introns-late hypothesis ).

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