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After and brief
After this brief discussion of neo-, paleocortical, and cortico-hypothalamic relations, let us return once more to the problem of hypothalamic balance and its physiological and pathological significance.
After Captain Docherty sent Arleigh Griffith for Hoag he was able to complete his detailed inspection of the third floor and to receive a report from his man covering the floors above before Griffith returned, buoyed up by a brief stop for another glass of champagne.
After a brief but fierce storm sent up against the group at Juno's request, Aeneas and his fleet made landfall at Carthage after six years of wanderings.
After graduation and a brief sojourn at the Military School of Paris Napoleon applied for second-lieutenancy in the artillery regiment of La Fère at Valence and after a time was given the position.
After a brief return to his regiment Napoleon was promoted to First Lieutenant and came home again on leave in 1791.
After a brief exchange of shots the French retired and Cadogan's dragoons pressed forward.
After a brief pause, Marlborough ’ s equerry, Colonel Bringfield ( or Bingfield ), led up another of the Duke ’ s spare horses ; but while assisting him onto his mount, the unfortunate Bringfield was hit by an errant cannonball that sheared off his head.
After a brief period of peace, the cycle repeats.
After a brief Conservative interlude ( during which the Second Reform Act was passed by agreement between the parties ), Gladstone won a huge victory at the 1868 election and formed the first Liberal government.
After disagreements between Yugoslavian leader Josip Broz Tito and the Soviet Union regarding Greece and the People's Republic of Albania, a Tito-Stalin split occurred, followed by Yugoslavia being expelled from the Cominform in June 1948 and a brief failed Soviet putsch in Belgrade.
After a brief July slump, the Indians caught fire in August, and cut a 15. 5 game deficit in the Central Division down to 1. 5 games.
After the East-West Schism, conventionally dated to 1054, a brief reunification was agreed to between the Pope and a number of Eastern Orthodox bishops at the Council of Florence.
After a brief adventure in the " Vanishing Tower ", the other heroes depart and Corum and Jhary arrive at their version of Tanelorn.
After a brief period the influence of the Romans started to emerge, and they protected the Oracle from a dangerous barbarian invasion in 109 BC and 105 BC.
After a brief and unpopular animated series in 1973 by Nippon Television, Doraemon remained fairly exclusive in manga from until 1979 when a newly formed animation studio, Shin-Ei Animation ( Now owned by TV Asahi ) produced an anime series of Doraemon.
After reading Hegel's Science of Logic in 1914, Lenin made some brief notes outlining three " elements " of logic.
After a brief terror-raid into Ottoman held Bosnia, culminating in the sack of Sarajevo, Eugene returned to Vienna in November and a triumphal reception.
After a brief struggle within the Soga clan in which one of Prince Yamashiro's main supporters was killed, Prince Tamura was chosen and he acceded to the throne as Emperor Jomei in 629.
After that, he served for a brief period in Rome as Ignatius ' secretary.
After a brief siege, with no Carthaginian help in sight, Syracuse made peace with the Romans.
After a brief sojourn in Germany, Bopp travelled to London where he made the acquaintance of Sir Charles Wilkins and H. T. Colebrooke.
After this brief pause erection of the metalwork continued, and the critical operation of linking the four legs was successfully completed by March 1888.
After a very brief period of mourning, Fengi marries Geruth, and declares himself sole leader of Jutland.
After a brief but serious illness, the Johore government reassigned Gardner to an office in the Lands Office while he recovered, eventually being promoted to Principal Officer of Customs.

After and investigation
After extensive investigation over several years, no indictments were made against the Clintons related to the years in Arkansas.
After launching an unauthorized investigation of the Kennedy assassination, Christopher becomes a pariah to the agency and a hunted man.
After a month had passed with little progress in the case, police continued to focus their investigation upon Echols, interrogating him more frequently than any other person ; however, they claimed he was not regarded as a direct suspect but a source of information.
After the initial investigation, the police failed to control disclosure of information and speculation about the crime scene.
After a 60 Minutes / Washington Post investigation in November 2007 ( two years later ), the bureau agreed to identify, review, and release all of the pertinent cases, and notify prosecutors about cases in which faulty testimony was given.
After public outcry about this situation, management was replaced and all of the nine ( at the time ) TBS-clinics in the Netherlands were subjected to investigation.
After two years of investigation and trial, Finjnje was acquitted of all charges at which point he and his family moved to Holland.
After an investigation, the coroner ruled Boland's death as an accident.
After a lengthy investigation conducted by the National Football League's security department, the league alleged on March 2, 2012 that 22 to 27 defensive players on the New Orleans Saints maintained a " pay for performance " program that included " bounty " payments administered by then-defensive coordinator Gregg Williams during the 2009, 2010 and 2011 seasons.
After an April 21, 1995, court hearing on the gun charges, but before McVeigh's release, federal agents took him into custody as they continued their investigation into the bombing.
After several years, the investigation of Zimmermann was closed without filing criminal charges against him or anyone else.
After the Federal criminal investigation ended in 1996, Zimmermann and his team started a company to produce new versions of PGP encryption.
After a report from RSA Data Security, Inc., who were in a licensing dispute with regard to use of the RSA algorithm in PGP, the Customs Service started a criminal investigation of Zimmermann, for allegedly violating the Arms Export Control Act.
After investigation and a petition to the FCC, Part 12 was amended, in March 1956, to allow Amateur Radio Operators to use any shift that was less than 900 hertz.
After the September 11 attacks on the U. S. and the PENTTBOM investigation, the United States made the following demands of the Taliban,
After a three-year investigation, Whitewater independent counsel Kenneth Starr released a report in 1997 also concluding that the death was a suicide.
After the U. S. House of Representatives impeached Clinton on 19 December 1998 for perjury under oath, following an investigation by federal prosecutor Kenneth Starr, the Senate acquitted Clinton of the charges on 12 February 1999 and he finished his second term.
After an internal investigation by SCI, attorneys working for SCI denied the charges against the company in a letter to Virginia funeral regulators,
After further investigation and comparison with similar fossils found in other places, Buckland published that conclusion in 1829 and named them coprolites.
After the crisis, President John F. Kennedy ordered an investigation of national security communications, and the National Security Council ( NSC ) formed an interdepartmental committee to examine the communications networks and institute changes.
After investigation of the JFK Assassination in 1964, Operation Northwoods was one of many government documents sealed under the justification of National Security for 75 years ( until 2039 ).
After investigation, it was realized that the muon did not have the expected properties of a meson, but rather behaved like an electron, only with higher mass.
After a three-year investigation, the FCC in May 1940 issued a " Report on Chain Broadcasting.
After the investigation new members swear four oaths: the oath of purification, the oath of allegiance to the Constitution and the oath of loyal discharge of their office are demanded by Article 60 ; the oath of loyalty to King and Statute is demanded by Article 47 of the Statute of the Kingdom, the higher Constitution of the Realm.

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