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After and exposure
After exposure during filming, the Loader then removes the film from the magazines and places it back into the light-tight cans for transport to the laboratory.
After electrophoresis the gel is illuminated with an ultraviolet lamp ( usually by placing it on a light box, while using protective gear to limit exposure to ultraviolet radiation ).
After Nick risks exposure yet again in one of these places, they move to the least known one, a town called Precipice.
After printing, the ink is cured by exposure to strong UV-light.
After outlining the various aspects of the contact, Staal posits the theory that the idea of formal rules in language, first proposed by de Saussure in 1894, and finally developed by Chomsky in 1957, based on which formal rules were also introduced in computational languages, may indeed lie in the European exposure to the formal rules of Paninian grammar.
After Wayne Gretzky was traded to the Los Angeles Kings in 1988, the network began showing occasional double-headers when Canadian teams visited Los Angeles, in order to give Gretzky more network exposure in Canada.
After six days under the tropical sun, two crewmen died of thirst and exposure.
After work on the second Zündel trial, Irving declared based on his exposure to Zündel's and Leuchter's theories that he was now conducting a " one-man intifada " against the idea that there had been a Holocaust.
After high levels of chemical contamination were found in City of Woburn ’ s Wells G and H in 1979, some members of the community suspected that the unusually high incidence of leukemia, cancer, and a wide variety of other health problems were linked to the possible exposure to volatile organic chemicals in the groundwater pumped from wells G and H.
After the war and the exposure of the Holocaust, Jewish people became noticeably absent from Tintin's adventures.
After her exposure to hardened criminals and sadistic prison guards, by the end of the film she leaves prison a hardened woman with debts to the criminals who helped get her released from jail.
After a period of suffering with pain and shortness of breath, Zevon was encouraged by his dentist to see a physician ; he was diagnosed with inoperable peritoneal mesothelioma ( a form of cancer associated with exposure to asbestos ).
After threatening the Minister with exposure, she was reinstated as an officer at Wentworth.
After 1985, the sport died and received little exposure, but in Europe, the sport started gaining popularity, and in 2003 it was revived in the United States, when the name became " Supermoto ".
After exposure, developing of the picture involves the yellow unreacted iron solution being rinsed off with running water.
After much radio exposure and a successful UK tour with Stone, Bowlly was inundated with demands for personal appearances and gigs — including undertaking a subsequent solo UK tour-but continued to make the bulk of his recordings with Noble.
Figure 3: After the required amount of exposure the second shutter curtain moves to the left to cover the frame aperture.
" After exposure to sun and air, this mass becomes melange.
" After Hofmann's exposure, the Church tried to correct the record, but the " public relations damage as well as the forgery losses meant the church was also a Hofmann victim.
After some years of exposure they could get infected from the poisonous phosphorus and get a disease called “ Phossy jaw ” and could lose their teeth.
After independently releasing a self-titled debut in 1996, the band garnered mainstream exposure with the support of alternative metal pioneers Jonathan Davis and Fred Durst who aided Deadsy on their long-awaited 2002 album Commencement.
After performing on Cantor's radio show he was an instant hit and gained nationwide exposure.
After its mainstream exposure in 2004, it spread to North American, European, Asian and African audiences.
After the brand's successful American relaunch in the 1950s – which later became well known to Canadians though exposure to the brand's international sponsorships and advertising – Philip Morris tried several legal manoeuvres in attempting to reacquire the Canadian rights, to no avail.

After and German
After serving in the German army in World War I, he returned to Hamburg and climbed the academic ladder.
After completing his term of apprenticeship, Dürer followed the common German custom of taking Wanderjahre — in effect gap year — in which the apprentice learned skills from artists in other areas ; Dürer was to spend about four years away.
After Heine's German birthplace of Düsseldorf had rejected, allegedly for anti-Semitic motives, a centennial monument to the radical German-Jewish poet ( 1797 – 1856 ), his incensed German-American admirers, including Carl Schurz, started a movement to place one instead in Midtown Manhattan, at Fifth Avenue and 59th Street.
After World War II, the city became divided into East Berlin — the capital of East Germany — and West Berlin, a West German exclave surrounded by the Berlin Wall ( 1961 – 1989 ).
After Germany's failure to destroy the Soviets before the winter of 1941, the strategic failure above the German tactical superiority became apparent.
After the war, Albert Speer pointed out that the German economy achieved greater armaments output, not because of diversions of capacity from civilian to military industry, but through streamlining of the economy.
After the sinking of the RMS Lusitania by a German submarine in May 1915, Lieutenant-Commander Godfrey Herbert, commanding officer of Baralong, was visited by two officers of the Admiralty's Secret Service branch at the naval base at Queenstown, Ireland.
After the collapse of Austria-Hungary, the Hungarian population declined, while the German speaking population was forced or compelled to leave after World War II and similar fate was suffered by the Italian population.
After finishing his studies he went on long educational voyages from 1710 to 1724 through Europe, visiting other German states, England, Holland, Italy, and France, meeting with many famous mathematicians, such as Gottfried Leibniz, Leonhard Euler, and Nicholas I Bernoulli.
After the Pope condemned in Exsurge Domine fifty-two sentences of Luther as heresy, German opinion considered a council the best method to reconcile existing differences.
After the death of Pope Silvester II in 1003, the papacy fell under the influence of the nobility in Latium, and then after 1046, under the influence of the German emperors.
After the Concordat, the German kings never had the same control over the Church as had existed in the time of the Ottonian Dynasty.
After the First World War, the victorious allies divided up the German colonial empire and much of the Ottoman Empire between themselves as League of Nations mandates.
All the presents being placed round the trees …" After her marriage to her German cousin Prince Albert, by 1841 the custom became even more widespread throughout Britain.
* 1943 – World War II – After eight days of brutal house-to-house fighting, the battle of Ortona concludes with the victory of the 1st Canadian Infantry Division over the German 1st Parachute Division and the capture of the Italian town of Ortona.
After the March Revolution of 1848, the German Confederation handed over its authority to the Frankfurt Parliament, and Eastern Prussia joined the Confederation.
After the last German offensive on the Western Front failed in 1918, the war effort was doomed.
" Stabbed at the Front: After 1918 the Myth Was Created That the German Army Only Lost the War Because It Had Been ' Stabbed in the Back ' by Defeatists and Revolutionaries on the Home Front.
After the formation of the German Empire in 1871, German chancellor Otto von Bismarck wanted to portray his nation as a peacemaker and preserver of the European status quo, as well as gain more power for the German Empire and unify Germany.
After the expulsion of most of the German population, the city was repopulated and became known under the Polish name Elbląg.
After liberation from the fascist occupation on 29 November 1944, several Albanian partisan divisions crossed the border into German-occupied Yugoslavia, where they fought alongside Tito's partisans and the Soviet Red Army in a joint campaign which succeeded in driving out the last pockets of German resistance.
After the conclusion of the Treaty of Frankfurt ( 1871 ), he was left in command of the German army of occupation, a position which he held till the fall of the Paris Commune.
After the dissolution of the so-called Stem duchy of Franconia, the Holy Roman Emperors created the Franconian Circle ( German Fränkischer Reichskreis ) in 1500 to embrace the principalities that grew out of the eastern half of the former duchy.

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