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After and recordings
After those recordings the group started to move towards a softer sound.
After " Get Up Offa That Thing ", thirteen of Brown's late 1970s recordings for Polydor, failed to reach the Top 10 of the R & B chart, with only " Body Heat " in 1976 and the disco-oriented " It's Too Funky in Here " in 1979 reaching the R & B Top 15 and the ballad " Kiss in ' 77 " reaching the Top 20.
After a man discovered a copy of one of his recordings, " Avalon Blues ", which gave the location of his hometown, there became increased interest in his whereabouts.
After a period of great productivity as a composer, he suffered a heart attack in 1973 and that same year he moved to Italy where he began a series of recordings which would span a period of five years.
After just 2 weeks in the studio with producer Jim Wirt, the band was unhappy with the recordings and opted to continue recording without a producer.
After sessions with Ted Lewis ( 1930 ), Jack Teagarden ( 1931 ), and Billy Banks's Rhythmakers ( 1932 ), he began in May 1934 the voluminous series of recordings with a small band known as Fats Waller and his Rhythm.
After the Beatles broke up, Clapton became one of the few musicians to appear on solo recordings by each of the four.
After the start of the new century, Decca became actively involved in pioneering a new generation of high-resolution and multi-channel recordings, including " Super Audio CD " ( SACD ) and " DVD-Audio " ( DVD-A ) formats.
After Creedence, Fantasy Records released several greatest-hits packages and curiosities such as 1975's Pre-Creedence, a compilation album of The Golliwogs ' early recordings.
After the war he appeared on hundreds of recordings including sessions with Duke Ellington, jazz pianists Oscar Peterson, Michel Petrucciani and Claude Bolling, jazz violinist Jean-Luc Ponty, jazz violinist Stuff Smith, Indian classical violinist L. Subramaniam, vibraphonist Gary Burton, pop singer Paul Simon, mandolin player David Grisman, classical violinist Yehudi Menuhin, orchestral conductor André Previn, guitar player Bucky Pizzarelli, guitar player Joe Pass, cello player Yo Yo Ma, harmonica and jazz guitar player Toots Thielemans, jazz guitarist Henri Crolla, bassist Jon Burr and fiddler Mark O ' Connor.
After leaving his home country Silvestri made Paris his domicile in 1959, also travelling to Australia that year, and appearing with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and Philadelphia Orchestra in 1960-61, and making a number of recordings in Paris, London and Vienna for EMI.
After an agreement was reached with the Orchestra's musicians, arrangements were made for new recordings to be released digitally at online outlets and on compact disc.
After his retirement, the NBC Symphony was reorganized as the Symphony of the Air, making regular performances and recordings, until it was disbanded in 1963.
After he resigned from the Bavarian State Opera, his appearances became less frequent, and he made only a few recordings.
After singing with various dance bands and touring in vaudeville with the likes of Ted Mack, Leon Belasco, and comic bandleader Larry Rich, they first came to national attention with their recordings and radio broadcasts in 1937, most notably via their major Decca record hit, Bei Mir Bist Du Schön ( translation: " To Me, You Are Beautiful "), originally a Yiddish tune, the lyrics of which Sammy Cahn had translated to English and which the girls harmonized to perfection.
After making a series of recordings, or after crude editing, recorded timecodes may consist of discontinuous segments.
After King agreed, he later found out that the original master recordings of the chosen songs in question (" Evil " " Curse of the Pharaohs " and " Into the Coven ") were lost.
After their Buddah contract expired, Epic Records agreed to distribute their next recordings.
After playing concerts in its earliest form at Carnegie Music Hall, the orchestra moved to the Syria Mosque, where some of their recordings were done.
After several demos, recordings, and singing backup for artists such as Puff Daddy, Cantrell was discovered by Red Zone Entertainment heads Tricky, Tab and Laney Stewart in early 2001.
By 1970 the distinctive stylistic elements of power pop were clearly evident in recordings by the British group Badfinger, with singles such as " No Matter What ", " Baby Blue " and " Day After Day " serving as templates for the power pop sound that would follow.
After several months of recordings in Göteborg, Sweden and Nashville, TN, the new studio album was finally finished on February 19.
After listening to a few old recordings, Lucy Diakovska approached her former bandmates in mid-2006 to arrange a first meeting with all original band members for years.
After recordings and moderate success in Australia ( including hundreds of live shows ) they headed for London in 1980, changing their name to The Birthday Party and launching into a period of innovative and aggressive music-making.
After 1948 Hawkins divided his time between New York and Europe, making numerous freelance recordings.

After and Apocalypse
After filming Apocalypse Now, Coppola famously stated: " We were in the jungle, there were too many of us, we had access to too much money, too much equipment, and little by little, we went insane.
After the " Age of Apocalypse " story arc, it was revealed and retconned that the mutate process formula was given to the Genegineer by Sugar Man, a refugee of the Age of Apocalypse timeline.
* After its initial release, Paramount bought the worldwide distribution rights to Francis Ford Coppola's 1979 Vietnam War epic Apocalypse Now ( on behalf of Coppola's company American Zoetrope ).
After director Francis Ford Coppola's film The Godfather was a success, he hired Ford to expand his office and gave him small roles in his next two films, The Conversation ( 1974 ) and Apocalypse Now ( 1979 ); in the latter film he played a smarmy officer named " G.
After the Apocalypse, Stacia and former FBI Agent Ball become lovers, while Stacia still has sexual liaisons with Grace in the Immateria.
After the X-Men defeated Apocalypse, Sunfire left with Gambit to help him clear Apocalypse's brainwashing and live as entirely new beings, only to then be approached by Mister Sinister.
After Apocalypse used the Celestial Technology to transform Gambit into the Horseman Death, Gambit demonstrates the ability to convert inert materials into toxic substances ( such as transforming breathable air into poisonous gases ) and has the potential to ingest diseases and plagues.
After fighting him as Archangel, the player follows Apocalypse to Egypt for the game's climax.
After the Age of Apocalypse event, Havok accidentally destroyed a dam and was forced back into his old containment suit.
After committing suicide, Sinister returns to life, completes his mission and transforms into Apocalypse.
After the Ultimatum Wave, he reformed his body, and got a job at Roxxon as part of their " brain trust ", but once again appears talking to Apocalypse.
After M-Day, she became a follower of Apocalypse and is friends with Scalphunter.
After the fall of Apocalypse, a trail of escaped mutants from the Breeding Pens lead the X-Men underground, they encountered a group of scared, orphaned children called the Morlocks.
After the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse fail to end the world, the Source vanquishes them, though as in " Wicca Envy ," he is not actually shown on screen.
In Ultimate X-Men, Cable is a future version of Wolverine who goes back to the past to capture Professor Xavier, returning with him to the future in order to train him for the coming battle with Apocalypse After Apocalypse's death, Cable fades out of existence.
Gallop wrote in 2001: " After completing this game I know how Francis Coppola felt after filming Apocalypse Now.
After three years of hard work and five different producers X-Com: Apocalypse finally hit the streets.
After briefly returning in 4 episodes of NYPD Blue Delaney starred in the 2004 NBC miniseries, 10. 5, and its 2006 sequel, 10. 5: Apocalypse.
After the Apocalypse review ( see Concept reviews below ), the Ed Comment particularly came to be used as a device for humorous or ironic censorship.
After being depowered by the events of House of M, Jono's body was rebuilt by Clan Akkaba in the image of Apocalypse and he later employed technology to mimic sonic powers as Decibel.
* Documentary " After the Apocalypse " about a mother from the test-site trying to have a child and opposed by local doctors
After years of mutating himself, Mikhail did not fear even Apocalypse himself.
* After the Apocalypse, Maureen F. McHugh ( Small Beer )

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