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Page "adventure" ¶ 20
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

Are and we
Are we as safe as we should be from such a disaster??
Are we better off for having Shakespeare's idea of Shylock??
Are we not late, especially those of us who call ourselves Friends, in doing enough about this lack of understanding??
Are we to be the master of the atom, or will the atom be our master -- and destroy us!!
Libertines recalled the heroism of the past and demanded: `` Are we going to allow the Protestant Pope, Master Calvin, to curtail our liberty??
Are we prepared to say that in that case nothing bad occurred in the sense in which we said it did??
With three fine Russian films in recent months on World War 2, -- `` The House I Live In '', `` The Cranes Are Flying '' and `` Ballad Of A Soldier '' -- we had every right to expect a real Soviet block-buster in `` The Day The War Ended ''.
Are we judging Warhol ’ s concept?
" The words " Is, or Bee, or Are, and the like " add no meaning to an argument nor do derived words such as " Entity, Essence, Essentially, Essentiality ", which " are the names of nothing " but are mere " Signes " connecting " one name or attribute to another: as when we say, A man, is, a living body, wee mean not that the Man is one thing, the Living Body another, and the Is, or Being another: but that the Man, and the Living Body, is the same thing ;...." " Metaphysiques ," Hobbes says, is " far from the possibility of being understood " and is " repugnant to naturall Reason.
Thus, Blackwood will not tell you what you want to know: Are we at risk of losing the first two tricks?
when John the Baptist was in prison two of his disciples asked Jesus a question on his behalf: " Are you the one to come after me or shall we wait for another?
A parody of a track on the album was that by the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band's 1968 song " We Are Normal ", which featured a line from " The Red Telephone ", viz ' We are normal and we want our freedom / We are normal and we dig Bert Weedon '.
Are we already on the target floor?
Are we to turn back and all listen to her?
Are we experiencing his dying thoughts?
Are we to extend our concern to all the beings capable of pleasure and pain whose feelings are affected by our conduct?
His most famous quotation, " Are we having fun yet?
And he was going to give me credit for the " Are we having fun yet " saying, but he wanted to know exactly where Zippy had first said it.
I did some research ( I had no idea ), and I eventually found ... the strip " Back to Pinhead, the Punks and the Monks " from Yow # 2 in 1979 ... That's the first time he said, " Are we having fun yet?
* Still asking " Are we having fun yet?
He also criticised the view that the causes of the riots were economic: " Are we seriously saying that so long as there is poverty, unemployment and deprivation our cities will be torn to pieces, that the police in them will be the objects of attack and that we shall destroy our own environment?

Are and ?
`` Are you hit ''??
`` Are you trying to cut your throat ''??
`` Are you a thrower of flame, marine ''??
`` Are you sick ''??
Apologies are in order from anybody who said, `` Are you sure you're not making a mistake ''??
Are tractors available for him??
`` Are you going to comply with the demands of Bern ''??
Are private interests sufficiently involved to be consulted??

we and Wyoming
The Infrared Optical Telescope Array ( IOTA ) began with an agreement in 1988 among five Institutions, the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, Harvard University, the University of Massachusetts Amherst, the University of Wyoming, and MIT / Lincoln Laboratory, to build a two-telescope stellar interferometer for the purpose of making fundamental astrophysical observations, and also as a prototype instrument on which we could perfect techniques which could later lead to the development of a larger, more powerful array.
Leonard reported meeting with an African man living among the Crows in north-central Wyoming in 1834, writing: " In this village we found a negro man, who informed us that he first came to this country with Lewis & Clark — with whom he also returned to the State of Missouri, and in a few years returned again with a Mr. Mackinney, a trader on the Missouri river, and has remained here ever since-which is about ten or twelve years.

we and ?
He asked, `` Could we have a drink ''??
How did we get here ''??
`` Clay '', he said, `` where are we goin ''??
What do we care ''??
`` Shall we get out of here ''??
`` Just befoh he left foh his academeh we wuh hevin dack-rihs on the vuhranduh, Major Roebuck an Ah, an Huhmun says ' May Ah hev one too '??
I said, `` Do we know each other, Miss ''??
How will we work it out ''??
Shall we allow her not to have a bath??
`` We're all God's creatures, aren't we ''??
We're all God's creatures, aren't we, Penny??
Shall we teach him some ''??

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