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Bainbridge and was
Between 1892 and 1914 destroyers became markedly larger: initially 420 tons with a length of for the US Navy's first Bainbridge class of torpedo boat destroyers, up to the First World War with long destroyers displacing 1000 tons was not unusual.
The records of the English Hospital in Rome indicate that he stayed there in June 1514, while documents in the Vatican Archives suggest that he was an agent for Archbishop of York, Cardinal Christopher Bainbridge, and handled English ecclesiastical issues before the Roman Rota.
Pope Leo X sent a letter to James threatening him with ecclesiatical censure for breaking peace treaties on 28 June 1513, and subsequently James was excommunicated by Cardinal Christopher Bainbridge.
In March 1944, planning for the test was assigned to Kenneth Bainbridge, a professor of physics at Harvard University, working under explosives expert George Kistiakowsky.
This model of nuclear reactor was installed on the Bainbridge, Truxtun, California, and Virginia classes of guided missile cruisers.
Founded by Lt. Col. Henry Bainbridge and named for Lt. John Terrett, who was killed in the Battle of Monterrey in 1846.
Iona is the name of a progressive Celtic rock band from the United Kingdom, which was formed in the late 1980s by lead vocalist Joanne Hogg and multi-instrumentalists David Fitzgerald and Dave Bainbridge.
This town was named after the prominent war hero of the time, William Bainbridge.
Bainbridge was good friends with Stephen Decatur ( another prominent captain ), who is honored to have Decatur, Indiana, also named after him.
In the fall of 1837, Dr. Morgan Enos moved from Bainbridge Township and settled at a point that became known as " Shanghai Corners ", because, according to local history, Dr. Enos was the first to bring Shanghai chickens into the township.
In 1817, Bainbridge Township was established.
Initially located in a small storefront, the Bainbridge Library was expanded considerably upon moving to a new building.
These ferries operated from 1772 until the Bainbridge Street Bridge was built in 1907.
John Bainbridge ( 1582 – 3 November 1643 ) was an English astronomer.
Sir Henry Savile ( 1549 – 1622 ) then appointed him in 1610 to the Savilian chair of astronomy just founded by him at Oxford ; Bainbridge was incorporated of Merton College and became, in 1631 and 1635 respectively, junior and senior reader of Linacre's lectures.
Smith was born in Jericho, now Bainbridge, New York on January 6, 1799.
Hopkins was born in Savannah, Georgia, and raised in Bainbridge, near the Alabama border.
Atkinson was founder-member ( with colleagues John Bowstead, Roger Jeffs and Bernard Jennings ) of the group Fine-Artz ( 1963 ), and ( with David Bainbridge, Michael Baldwin and Harold Hurrell ) of the group Art & Language ( 1968 – 74 ), two of the most influential collectives in contemporary Western art.
The Art & Language group was founded in 1967 / 8 in the United Kingdom by artists Terry Atkinson ( b. 1939 ), David Bainbridge ( b. 1941 ), Michael Baldwin ( b. 1945 ) and Harold Hurrell ( b. 1940 ), four artists who began collaborating around 1966 while teaching art in Coventry.
Pope Leo X, already a signatory to the anti-French treaty of Mechlin, sent a letter to James threatening him with ecclesiastical censure for breaking his peace treaties with England on 28 June 1513, and subsequently James was excommunicated by Cardinal Christopher Bainbridge.
Brian Tuke mentioned in his letter to Cardinal Bainbridge that the coat was lacerated and chequered with blood.
These contemporary sources include ; the Articles of the Bataill bitwix the Kinge of Scottes and therle of Surrey in Brankstone Field said to be a field despatch ; Brian Tuke's news-letter to Cardinal Bainbridge ; an Italian poem, La Rotta de Scosesi in part based on Tuke's letters ; a news-sheet printed in London, The Trewe Encountre ; another lost news-sheet printed by Richard Pynson which was the source used in Edward Hall's Chronicle.
Lakeside School was founded in 1914 by Frank Moran as the Moran School on Bainbridge Island.

Bainbridge and born
* John Bainbridge – Author and countryside access campaigner, born in West Bromwich, raised in Great Barr.
** John Bainbridge, English astronomer ( born 1582 )
* November 3-John Bainbridge, English astronomer ( born 1582 )
* Rod Allen ( born Rodney Bainbridge, 31 March 1944, Leicester ; died 10 January 2008, Eastern Green, Coventry ) — lead vocalist and bassist
* Guy Bainbridge Norrie ( born 3 May 1940 )
Griffin was born in Bainbridge, Georgia and graduated from The Citadel in 1929.
Pete Droge ( born March 11, 1969 in Seattle, Washington ) is an American alternative / folk rock musician from Vashon Island ( he grew up Bainbridge Island ) in Washington State's Puget Sound.
Cox was born and raised in Bainbridge, Georgia.
He was born at Locust Grove ( the Haldeman mansion ), now in Bainbridge, Pennsylvania.
The estate later came into the hands of Childers Welbank Childers of York, who sold it to London merchant George Bainbridge who was born in 1740.
Emerson Muschamp Bainbridge, the founder of the world's first department store, was born in the village.
Irving Ives was born in Bainbridge, New York, to George Albert and Lucie Hough ( née Keeler ) Ives.
Fothergill was born of at Carr End, near Bainbridge in Yorkshire, the son of John Fothergill ( 1676 – 1745 ), a Quaker preacher and farmer, and his first wife, Margaret Hough ( 1677 – 1719 ).
Reid was born in Bainbridge, Maryland.
Simon Bainbridge ( born 30 August 1952 in London ) is a British composer, and a professor and former head of composition at the Royal Academy of Music, London, and visiting professor at the University of Louisville, Kentucky in the United States.
Storey was born November 17 1857, in San Francisco, California, the son of William Bainbridge Storey, an express, stagecoach and newspaper agent, and Ellen Dean ( Benson ) Storey.

Bainbridge and at
William Brooke, a bookseller in Lincoln, may have helped him with Latin ; which he may also have learned at the school of Thomas Bainbridge.
Bainbridge is located at ( 39. 761640 ,-86. 811157 ).
* Admiral Frank B. Kelso II ( 1933-), who later became Chief of Naval Operations, served as Commanding Officer, U. S. Naval Nuclear Power School at the nearby U. S. Naval Training Center Bainbridge from 1969-1971.
* Millburg is an unincorporated community in the township at near the boundary with Bainbridge township in Berrien County.
In Spring 2005, students at Kenston High School compiled the Bainbridge Historical Society's historical photographs into a browsable website.
Bainbridge is located at ( 39. 227074 ,-83. 269564 ).
Bainbridge students attend high school at Paint Valley High School, which contains students from Bainbridge and Bourneville.
While at Stanford in the 1950s, he married Frances Fisher Korten, with whom he now lives on Bainbridge Island near Seattle, Washington.
In 1968 they, together with Harold Hurrell and David Bainbridge who also taught at Coventry, formed Art & Language, a group whose influence on other artists both in the UK and in the United States is widely acknowledged.
Bainbridge is located at ( 42. 294803 ,-75. 480089 ).
A complete list of businesses in Bainbridge can be found at the Bainbridge Business Directory.
New York State Route 206 intersects I-88 and New York State Route 7 at Bainbridge village.
* Bainbridge – The Village of Bainbridge is at the junction of NY-7 and NY-206 by the Susquehanna River.
* Sidney Municipal Airport ( N23 ) – An airport at the east town line, partly in the Town of Bainbridge and north of I-88.
The squadron under the command of Commodore William Bainbridge was ported in Boston while Commodore Stephen Decatur's squadron was at New York.
Farther south, it merges with the Flint River and other tributaries at Lake Seminole near Bainbridge, to form the Apalachicola River that flows into the Florida Panhandle.
Musial entered the United States Navy on January 23, 1945, and was initially assigned to noncombat duty at the Naval Training Station in Bainbridge, Maryland.

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