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from Brown Corpus
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Banks and Butcher
Mr. Banks was always called Banks the Butcher until he left town and the shop passed over to Meltzer the Scholar who then became automatically Meltzer the Butcher.
Banks the Butcher was a hard master and a hard father, a man who didn't seem to know the difference between the living flesh of his family and the hanging carcasses of his stock in trade.
Putaruru's main shopping street is Princes street and has a collection of Chemists, Hairdressers, Banks, retail stores, Bakery's, Butcher Shop, Pub, Video store, Mr Wong's Fish and chips and a Café.

Banks and took
" All will be released into the wild near Mount Kenya. In 2004 Woburn Safari Parks ' Dr. Jake Veasey ; the Head of the Department of Animal Management and Conservation at Woburn Safari Park and a member of the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums Population Management Advisory Group, with the assistance of Lindsay Banks took over responsibility for the management and coordination of the European Endangered species Programme ( EEP ) for the eastern bongo.
Most Acadian fishing activities were overshadowed by the comparatively enormous seasonal European fishing fleets based out of Newfoundland which took advantage of proximity to the Grand Banks.
Lothar Emmerich slammed the ball into the wall, the ball ricocheted across goal and Banks struggled to follow it across his six yard box, such was the speed and unpredictability of its movement as it took deflections and swipes.
Ellison took inspiration from the 1970 paper written by Edgar F. Codd on relational database management systems ( RDBMS ) named " A Relational Model of Data for Large Shared Data Banks.
Also in 1779 Banks took a lease on an estate called Spring Grove, the former residence of Elisha Biscoe ( 1705 – 1776 ), which he eventually bought outright from Biscoe's son also Elisha in 1808.
The opportunities for super-stardom were waning in the modeling world, and models like Heidi Klum and Tyra Banks took to television with reality shows like Project Runway and America's Next Top Model, respectively, to not only remain relevant but establish themselves as media moguls.
They then attacked Ngāi Tahu on Banks Peninsula and took the pā at Onawe.
O ' Brian also wrote detailed biographies of Sir Joseph Banks, an English naturalist who took part in Cook's first voyage ( and who appears briefly in O ' Brian's Aubrey-Maturin series ), and Pablo Picasso.
She won the general election in November against Republican Wendell Banks and took office on the first Monday in 2010 as the city's first African-American and second woman mayor.
Also in 2009, Horrocks took the lead in the BBC TV production Gracie !, a drama portraying the life of Gracie Fields during World War II and her relationship with the Italian-born director Monty Banks ( played by Tom Hollander ).
A subscription was, however, got up among his friends to provide an annuity ; Cracherode, Cleaver Banks, Burney and Samuel Parr took the lead, and enough was collected to produce about £ 100 a year.
Banks and took away a column Banks had been writing, prompting Banks to tell a friend at the Chicago Defender that Grizzard was a racist.
In 2009, Jane Horrocks took the lead in the BBC TV production Gracie !, a drama portraying the life of Fields just before and during World War II and her relationship with Monty Banks ( played by Tom Hollander ).
The DMK, led by Mr. Karunanidhi took a stance to support Mrs. Indira Gandhi in certain reforms like abolition of privy purse, nationalisation of Banks.
50 Cent took offense to this and said that Lloyd Banks has more money than Lil Wayne and Jim Jones, which makes record sales irrelevant.
They then attacked Ngāi Tahu on Banks Peninsula and took the pā at Onawe.
Speculation eventually focused on ACT, and several meetings took place between Banks and senior party members.
For his stage name, he took his great, great-grandfather's name Banks, which was passed on by his uncles who also shared it.
In the early morning hours of January 9, 2010, in a Kitchener, Ontario hotel, an alleged altercation took place between Banks and a concert promoter over performance fees.
On 19 November 2005, it was announced that 60 % of the Banks Peninsula District ratepayers voted to amalgamate with the neighbouring Christchurch City Council, which took place on 6 March 2006.
The institute was dissolved on 1 June 1998 with the creation of the ECB and the European System of Central Banks ( ESCB ) which took over its expanded responsibilities as the euro was launched.
After her brother William died in 1979, Dolly Banks took over as General Manager.

Banks and Meltzer
Meltzer was a boarder with the Banks family.
So Meltzer learned a new trade from Banks, who supplied the town and the hotels with meat.

Banks and apprentice
The tiny singer, Steve Banks, might not win any arm wrestling matches against apprentice jockeys, but since he has the looks of Edward Furlong that's likely to prove academic.

Banks and made
Three distinct classes of loans are made available to farmers' cooperatives by the Banks for Cooperatives: Commodity loans, operating capital loans, and facility loans.
England were not being well received by the locals after cutting comments made about Mexico prior to the tournament by Ramsey, but spontaneous applause rang around the Guadalajara, Jalisco stadium as Banks got back into position to defend the resulting corner.
Banks made a speech to an attendant crowd as to how thrilled he was to be given this honour.
Commemorating the landing of the First Fleet in Botany Bay, the Sydney Cove medallion was made by Josiah Wedgwood after he was given a sample of clay from Sydney Cove by Sir Joseph Banks, who had received the sample from Governor Arthur Phillip.
This voyage went to Brazil, where Banks made the first scientific description of a now common garden plant, bougainvillea ( named after Cook's French counterpart, Louis Antoine de Bougainville ), and to other parts of South America.
While they were in Australia Banks, the Swedish botanist Daniel Solander and the Finnish botanist Dr. Herman Spöring Jr. made the first major collection of Australian flora, describing many species new to science.
Banks was made a baronet in 1781, three years after being elected president of the Royal Society.
Subsequent singles including " Banks of the Ohio " ( No. 94 Pop, No. 34 AC ) and remakes of George Harrison's " What Is Life " ( No. 34 AC ) and John Denver's " Take Me Home, Country Roads " ( No. 119 Pop ) made minimal chart impact until the release of " Let Me Be There " in 1973.
However, this is not made explicit within the book, and unlike most other recent editions of Banks ' science fiction novels, does not carry the tag ' A Culture Novel ' on the cover.
On the day of the wedding, chaos reigns at the Banks home as final preparations are made for the reception.
NCR had made its first ATM in the late 1970s with widespread installations of the model 770 in National Westminster and Barclays Banks throughout the UK, but it was not until the Model 5070, developed at its Dundee plant in Scotland and introduced in 1983 that the company began to make more serious inroads into the ATM market.
Located on a plateau on the eastern bank of the Rock River, the city was named after the River Doon, made famous as the subject of Robert Burns ' poem, Ye Banks and Braes o ' Bonnie Doon.
She made her breakthrough when she was cast as Ashley Banks for the television sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air in 1990.
Jackson's campaign of maneuver and lightning strikes against superior forces in the Valley — under Banks and other Union generals — humiliated the North and made him one of the most famous generals in American history.
Although most of the assumptions and expectations made by the Central Banks or Reserve Banks by countries ( and economies ) that by technically lowering the interest rate would produce the effect of increasing investments and consumptions, however, low interest rate by macro-economic policy is also risky and would also lead to the creation of massive economic bubble, when great amount of investments are poured into the real estate market and stock market, as what Japan experienced in the late 1980s and early 1990s that resulted in the large numbers of accounts of unpaid debts to the Japanese Banks and bankruptcy of these banks and caused stagflation to the local Japanese Economy ( Japan being the second largest economy at the time ), with exports becoming the last pillar for the growth of Japanese economy throughout the rest of 1990s and early 2000.
Provisions of the 1933 Banking Act that were later repealed or replaced include ( 1 ) Sections 5 ( c ) and 19, which required an owner of more than 50 % of a Federal Reserve System member bank ’ s stock to receive a permit from ( and submit to inspection by ) the Federal Reserve Board to vote that stock ( replaced by the Bank Holding Company Act of 1956 ); ( 2 ) Section 8, which established the Federal Open Market Committee ( FOMC ) made up of representatives from each of the 12 Federal Reserve Banks ( replaced by the Federal Reserve Board-dominated FOMC established by the Banking Act of 1935 ); ( 3 ) Section 11 ( b ), which prohibited interest payments on demand deposits ( repealed by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010 ) and authorized the Federal Reserve Board to limit interest rates on time deposits ( phased out by the Depository Institutions Deregulation and Monetary Control Act of 1980 ), both of which interest limitations were incorporated into Regulation Q, and ( 4 ) Section 12, which prohibited Federal Reserve System member bank loans to their executive officers and required the repayment of outstanding loans ( replaced by the 1935 Banking Act ’ s regulation of such loans and modified by later legislation ).
Although the Sedley family made some changes to the priory, it was the next owner Sir John Banks that was responsible for the rebuilding of the Friary during the 1670s.
" Another relevant decision is Scott v. Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, in which the distinction is made between Federal Reserve Banks, which are federally-created instrumentalities, and the Board of Governors, which is a federal agency.
He costarred in the film Population 436, and made his directorial debut in 2007 with the film The Education of Charlie Banks.
Banks denied credit to it and to individual farmers, which in turn made it difficult for the latter to afford seed for the 1931 crop.
Banks was one of the main composers of Genesis's music, and also made major lyrical contributions to the band's songs.
On 28 September 2008, the Irish government made the decision to introduce a bank guarantee to cover Anglo Irish Bank, Allied Irish Banks and Bank of Ireland.

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