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Both and before
Both Willy Brandt's Social Democrats, who gained 22 seats in the new parliament, and the Free Democrats, who picked up 23, will insist on that before they enter the government.
Both index words and electronic switches may have been made unavailable before the start of assignment in one of the following ways.
`` Both because of our culture's stress on beauty and our improved economic conditions, some parents demand that the dentist try to correct a problem before it is wise to do so.
Both of these processes were in most cases brief and formulaic, but they opened up in the possibility, if some citizen wanted to take some matter up, of a contest before a jury court.
Both place and buy bets are bets that the number bet on will be rolled before a 7 is rolled.
Both before and after the founding of the PRC, the CPC's history is defined by various power struggles and ideological battles, including destructive socio-political movements such as the Cultural Revolution.
Both the 4 / S and the 4 / X included a “ prefetcher ” to increase performance by fetching up to two instructions from memory before they were needed.
Both filmmakers, Clair and Buñuel, experimented with editing techniques long before what is referred to as " MTV style " editing.
Both in Ancient and in Modern Greek, before other velars ( κ, χ, ξ k, kh, ks ), gamma represents a velar nasal.
Both parents incubated for about six weeks before their young hatched.
Both Warbeck and the Earl of Warwick were too dangerous to keep around even in captivity, and Henry had to execute them in 1499 before Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain would allow their daughter Catherine to come to England and marry his son Arthur.
Both before and after his time in the Pierce administration, he served as a Democratic U. S. Senator representing the State of Mississippi.
Both sides paused for desultory negotiations before the war recommenced ; John's position was now stronger, thanks to confirmation that Count Baldwin of Flanders and Renaud of Boulogne had renewed the anti-French alliances they had previously agreed to with Richard.
Both before and after World War II, numerous satirical cartoons and comedy skits were written, mostly in Australia, based on events of the bodyline tour.
Both Clinton and Lewinsky were called before a grand jury ; Clinton testified via closed-circuit television, Lewinsky in person.
Both sexes possess a cloaca, which is connected to a urogenital sac used to store waste before expulsion.
Both cases about Ağca were merged and tried before the Kadıköy 1st High Criminal Court.
Both have a very similar superscalar in-order dual instruction pipeline configuration, and an instruction decoder which breaks down complex instructions into simpler ones before execution.
Both Davis and Evans were personally acquainted with the ideas of pianist George Russell regarding modal jazz, Davis from discussions with Russell and others before the Birth of the Cool sessions, and Evans from study with Russell in 1956.
Both movies contained the Bill Haley & His Comets hit " Rock Around the Clock ", which first entered the British charts in early 1955 – four months before it reached the US pop charts – topped the British charts later that year and again in 1956, and helped identify rock and roll with teenage delinquency.
Both heating and cooling caused by electron capture onto minor constituent elements ( such as aluminum and sodium ) prior to collapse may have a significant impact on total energy generation within the star shortly before collapse.
Both before and after this period, some new Germanic dishes were also brought in by immigrants, such as people related to the Hanseatic League, settling in Stockholm, Visby, and Kalmar.
Both the Lions and Browns won NFL championships before the Super Bowl era.
Both programs are or were distributed by the Corus Radio Network and, coincidentally, both hosts had hosted different morning call-in programs in the same time slot on Winnipeg, Manitoba's CJOB 680 before they became nationally syndicated ( Adler's show still originates from CJOB and retained its original title, while Warren was based in Victoria, British Columbia.
Both these claims are however often rigorously disputed because the first Sony Portapak, the Videorover did not become commercially available until 1967, first in the US ( Fred Forest does not contradict this, saying it was provided to him by the manufacturers ) and that Andy Warhol is credited with showing underground video art mere weeks before Paik's papal procession screening, but here probably made on a pre-portable mains deck.

Both and World
Both Johnson and Schilling had suffered injuries during the season and Schilling was traded in the off season to the Boston Red Sox where he contributed to that team's 2004 World Series victory.
Both World War I and World War II had a devastating effect on the sport of Australian football and on Australian sport in general.
Both Catalina and Sunderland aircraft were flown during the course of World War II in search of Japanese and German submarines and surface raiders.
Both Belloc and Chesterton opposed British imperialism in general, as well as specifically opposing the Second Boer War, but supported British involvement in World War I.
Both World Wars were largely focused upon Europe, greatly contributing to a decline in Western European dominance in world affairs by the mid-20th century as the United States and Soviet Union took prominence.
Both of those systems, not coincidentally, use game mechanics inspired by D & D, giving Gamma World characters six ability scores, and measuring character development through increases in character class level.
Both the Leadership Executive MBA Program and the part-time MBA Program are recognized among the Top 25 in their categories by " U. S. News & World Report's 2010 America's Best Graduate Schools.
Both albums revisit the tango, Tin Pan Alley, and spoken-word influences of Swordfishtrombones, while the lyrics are both profoundly cynical and melancholic, exemplified by " Misery is the River of the World " and " Everything Goes to Hell.
Both records were set during 1995 World Championships in Gothenburg.
Both major parties courted General Dwight D. Eisenhower, the most popular general of World War II and a favorite of Democrats.
Both concern and assistance from Britain was in very short supply, not least because of the two World Wars which were fought during this period.
Both Garrison and Baudette, Minnesota, claim to be the " Walleye Capital of the World ," each with a large statue of the fish.
Both of these merged in 1966, and the resultant organisation is now known as the Council for World Mission.
Both nations determined never to be without a watch industry again and placed embargoes on watch imports after World War II.
Both the Gretna and the Holton Heath cordite factories closed at the end of World War I ; and the Gretna factory was demolished.
Both the Hogwarts and World Cup pitches have been shown turfed with grass.
Both the spectre of the Russian Revolution and the tragedies of World War I played large roles in these political decisions.
Both before and after World War I he worked on a range of topics in physiology in cooperation with colleagues in Cambridge, Germany and elsewhere.
Both the Woman's Christian Temperance Union and the Rechabites achieved a major success when during World War I they were successful in bringing in mandatory closure of hotel bars and public houses at 6 pm, from the previous norm of 11 or 11. 30 pm.
Both native and European Algerians took part in World War I, fighting for France.
Both books established Fanon in the eyes of much of the Third World as the leading anti-colonial thinker of the 20th century.
Both men received life sentences for the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, conspiracy to use explosives against New York landmarks, and plotting to assassinate U. S. politicians.
Both Dear World and Mack & Mabel have developed a cult following among Broadway aficionados.

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