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Blanche and had
I had once been a witness when Blanche had smiled and said with only minimum ruefulness, `` Oh, my souffle has collapsed ''.
If Blanche had been honest, she would have yelled, slammed at least a couple of doors, and thrown a few little, valueless things.
On Blanche Jacobs, Kitti Gilborn's death had a quite different effect.
Blanche couldn't remember when she had first arrived at this conclusion.
After that day, Blanche still didn't know exactly what had happened.
While they were away Blanche came into the office every morning, running things as she had always run them for Stanley, going through the week in a dazed stupor, getting things done automatically, out of habit.
Two hours of watching his serenely happy face, listening to his soft humming as he bent over his penciled figures, and Blanche had to leave.
Those ten days were like no others that Blanche had known.
His second wife, Alice, died in 1911 and his oldest son Jean, who had married Alice's daughter Blanche, Monet's particular favourite, died in 1914.
By means of her mother, Catherine had a stronger legitimate claim to the English throne than King Henry VII himself through the first two wives of John of Gaunt, 1st Duke of Lancaster: Blanche of Lancaster and the Spanish Infanta Constance of Castile.
Biographer Blanche Weisen Cook suggests that this period served as " the political education of General Eisenhower ", as he had to prioritize wide-ranging educational, administrative, and financial demands for the university.
The rebel barons responded by inviting Prince Louis of France to lead them: Louis had a claim to the English throne by virtue of his marriage to Blanche of Castile, a granddaughter of Henry II.
Ancestors of Blanche Parry ( the closest person to Queen Elizabeth I for 56 years ) and of Lady Troy ( who raised Edward VI and Elizabeth I ) had Lollard connections.
** Louis ( 3 September 11878 November 1226 ), King of France ( 1223-1226 ); married Blanche of Castile and had issue.
The lady in charge of his upbringing was Blanche Herbert Lady Troy, whose ancestors had residual Lollard connections.
She had been brought up by Blanche Herbert Lady Troy.
" Leigh found the role gruelling and commented to the Los Angeles Times, " I had nine months in the theatre of Blanche DuBois.
Tennessee Williams commented that Leigh brought to the role " everything that I intended, and much that I had never dreamed of "; but, in later years, Leigh would say playing Blanche DuBois " tipped me over into madness.
However, Crawford later accused Davis of kicking her during the filming of one scene in which Jane attacks Blanche ; Crawford reportedly retaliated by wearing weights under her clothes during a scene in which Davis had to carry her.
Some people claim that Isabella formed a conspiracy against King Louis IX of France in 1241, after being publicly snubbed by his mother, Blanche of Castile for whom she had a deep-seated hatred.
In 1241, when Isabella and Hugh were summoned to the French court to swear fealty to King Louis IX of France's brother, Alphonse, who had been invested as Count of Poitou, their mother, the Queen Dowager Blanche openly snubbed her.
This so infuriated Isabella, who had a deep-seated hatred of Blanche due to the latter having fervently supported the French invasion of England during the First Barons ' War in May 1216, that she began to actively conspire against King Louis.

Blanche and been
It might have been easier for her if Kitti Walker hadn't been everything that Blanche was not.
The affection of his mother Blanche seems largely to have been bestowed upon his brother Louis ; and Louis tended to favour his other younger brothers, Robert of Artois and Alphonse of Toulouse.
Historian Marilyn Yalom proposes that the prominence of medieval queens such as Eleanor of Aquitaine and Blanche of Castile, the cult of the Virgin Mary, and the power ascribed to women in the troubadour tradition of courtly love, might have been partly responsible for influencing the piece towards its identity as a queen and its extraordinary power on the board, as might the medieval popularity of chess as a game particularly suitable for women to play on equal terms with men.
Or it may have been named after Blanche K. Bruce, a well-known Negro statesman and friend of Roscoe Conkling, U. S. Senator from New York at the time.
He had been named as the probable lover of Lady Henrietta Blanche Hozier and father of Clementine Ogilvy Hozier ( the wife of Winston Churchill ).
" Though she never considered portraying Drusilla with a Southern American accent, as James Marsters had considered for Spike, she notes that invited comparisons with Blanche DuBois would also have been interesting.
Born at Compton Place, Eastbourne, Sussex, Cavendish was the second son of William Cavendish, 7th Duke of Devonshire, by his wife Lady Blanche Howard, fourth daughter of George Howard, 6th Earl of Carlisle, and the brother of Spencer Cavendish, 8th Duke of Devonshire, who had also been Chief Secretary.
His heir was his sister, whose precise name is unclear but has been given variously as Mary, Elvira, Albiria or Albinia, Blanche ( died after 1216 ).
When Sebastian and Charles return to Oxford, in the Michaelmas term of 1923, they learn that Anthony Blanche has been sent down.
Anthony Kenny notes that the editions prepared by Clough's wife, Blanche, have " been criticized ... for omitting, in the interests of propriety, significant passages in Dipsychus and other poems.
Her youthful ambition had been to be the greatest English poetess, and her first publications were poems in the manner of Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Walter Scott ( Miscellaneous Verses, 1810, reviewed by Scott in the Quarterly ; Christina, the Maid of the South Seas, a metrical tale based on the first news of discovery of the last surviving mutineer of the H. M. S. Bounty and a generation of British-Tahitian children on Pitcairn Island in 1811 ; and Blanche part of a projected series of ' Narrative poems on the Female Character ,' 1813 ).
Both his grandfather Charles and his mother, who ruled over Navarre from 1425 to 1441, had bequeathed this kingdom to Charles, whose right had also been recognized by the Cortes ; but when Blanche died in 1441 her husband John seized the kingdom to the exclusion of his son.
Ilchester Nunnery was founded around 1217-1220 originally as White Hall Hospital ( Latin: Alba Aula, French: Blanche Halle / Blanche Salle ) and, by 1281, had been converted into an Augustinian nunnery.
He had some influence, mainly in the Breton movement and around, and on some new-comers as the best known, Gilles Servat, whose " La Blanche Hermine " has been a popular Breton anthem since the 1970s.
When Knopf's son, Alfred A. Knopf, Jr., left the company in 1959 to found Atheneum Publishers, Alfred and Blanche became concerned about the eventual fate of their publishing house, which had always been a family business.
I DESIRE that my successor shall, during the first seven years of his Imamat, be guided on questions of general Imamat Policy, by my said wife, Yvette called Yve Blanche Labrousse, the BEGUM AGA KHAN, who has been familiar for many years with the problems facing my followers, and in whose wise judgment, I place the greatest confidence.
Past series editors have been: Blanche Colton Williams ( 1919-32 ), Harry Hansen ( 1933-40 ), Herschel Brickell ( 1941-51 ), Paul Engle ( 1954-59 ), Mary Stegner ( 1960 ), Richard Poirier ( 1961-66, assisted by William Abrahams, 1964-66 ), William Abrahams ( 1967-96 ), and Larry Dark ( 1997-2002 ).

Blanche and able
Though indignant at first, she is persuaded to keep the men's secret when her daughter points out that if Hilarion is able to woo Princess Ida, Blanche will become head of the university ( Now, wouldn't you like to rule the roast?
The film also makes light of the ongoing saga of trying to get an interview with the leader, something which Broomfield eventually manages to do although he's only able to ask one question after Terre ' Blanche takes particular offence when Broomfield and his crew turn up 10 minutes late for the interview.

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