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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 475
from Brown Corpus
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looking and at
He stood looking down at her for a moment, wondering what could have reduced her to this condition.
He waited at the car side for a moment, looking down at her expectantly.
Pat paused there, looking across at the young fellow.
When she appeared at the store to help out for a few hours even my looking at her was surreptitious lest my Uncle notice it.
I've noticed the way you've been looking at me ever since we met ''.
`` There's a body you won't mind looking at '', Benson said and they stopped.
Now, she just sat there looking at him, without an expression except concern for him.
And so when the others stampeded out that afternoon Jack remained docilely in his seat near a window, looking out in what he hoped was a pitiable manner, while the other kids laughed and yelled in at him and made faces as they dispersed, going home.
At the moment he was excited about his son's having received the Prix De Rome in archaeology and was looking forward to being present this summer at the excavation of an Etruscan tomb.
In looking back over the volumes, it is possible to find errors of interpretation, some of which were not so evident at the time of writing.
Uh huh, we think, looking at them, so that's the Parthenon.
I asked, looking at her searchingly.
Even apart from the fact that now at the age of 31 my personal life is being totally disrupted for the second time for no very compelling reason -- I cannot help looking around at the black leather jacket brigades standing idly on the street corners and in the taverns of every American city and asking myself if our society has gone mad.
Scotty's father sat sprawled in his chair, angular, alert as a cricket, looking about at the huge stainless-steel appointments of the room with an expression of proprietorship.
Warren tried to shake off the jumble of his fears by looking at the sky.
Jefferson Lawrence was alone at the small, perfectly appointed table by the window looking out over the river.
Once covertly looking at Simms Purdew, the only man in the world whom he hated, he had seen the heavy, slack, bestubbled jaw open and close to emit the cruel, obscene banter, and had seen the pale-blue eyes go watery with whisky and merriment, and suddenly he was not seeing the face of that vile creature.
He moved over to the desk and stood looking at the papers on it but not touching anything.
from the early evening lights of them which had first startled Izaak to look at her in an uncousinly way, they had faded to a near-absence of color which had, possibly from her constant looking at the water, something of the light of the sea in them.
Mark stopped the car and switched off the lights and they sat looking at the water, which, there being no moon out, at first could be distinguished from the sky only by an absence of stars.

looking and Faulkner
Even two decades ago in Go Down, Moses Faulkner was looking to the more urban future with a glimmer of hope that through its youth and its new way of life the South might be reborn and the curse of slavery erased from its soil.
U. S. Treasury officials kept looking and eventually learned that a woman named Jane Faulkner had lived at the address in question in 1913.

looking and against
Parallax is caused by a change in the position of the observer looking at a relatively nearby object, as measured against more distant objects, and is therefore dependent upon the distance between the observer and the object.
Micah reproaches unjust leaders, defends the rights of the poor against the rich and powerful, and preaches social justice ; while looking forward to a world at peace centered on Zion under the leadership of a new Davidic monarch.
which, in a similar style as Christ Head shows a black man standing against a red sky " looking as frustrated as any individual can look ", according to Alston.
While the CIA and MI6 and the People's Liberation Army of China financed the operation along with the Pakistan government against the Soviet Union Eventually the Soviet Union began looking for a withdrawal route and in 1988 Geneva Accords were signed between Communist-Afghanistan and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan ; under the terms Soviet troops were to withdraw.
While in the FA Cup final against Manchester United, United were looking for their first trophy since the Munich air disaster of five years earlier which had claimed the lives of eight of the Busby Babes whom Banks had faced as an adolescent.
When standing at the statue's feet looking up, one sees the saint against the vastness of the sky.
Sophia was, at first, against the marriage of her son and Sophia Dorothea of Celle, looking down on Sophia Dorothea's mother ( who was not of Royal birth ) and concerned by Sophia Dorothea's legitimated status, but was eventually won over by the advantages inherent in the marriage.
Kennedy's attractive sisters, brothers, and wife Jacqueline combed the state looking for votes, leading Humphrey to complain that he " felt like an independent merchant competing against a chain store ".
When determining if the wave is clockwise or counter-clockwise circularly polarized, one again takes the point of view of the receiver and, while looking toward the source, against the direction of propagation, one observes the direction of the field ’ s temporal rotation.
Implied in this position is that it is as projected onto the celestial sphere ; any observer at any location looking in that direction would see the " geocentric Moon " in the same place against the stars.
It may be seen as a yellowish horizontal bar or bow-tie shape ( with " fuzzy " ends, hence the name " brush ") visible in the center of the visual field against the blue sky viewed while facing away from the sun, or on any bright background when looking through polarized sunglasses.
After a scaled down version of Deep Blue, Deep Blue Jr., played Grandmaster Joel Benjamin, Hsu and Campbell decided that Benjamin was the expert they were looking for to develop Deep Blue's opening book, and Benjamin was signed by IBM Research to assist with the preparations for Deep Blue's matches against Garry Kasparov.
Customers looking for particular types of products can focus on those certified against the PP that meets their requirements.
An anti keylogger is a piece of software specifically designed to detect keyloggers on a computer, typically comparing all files in the computer against a database of keyloggers looking for similarities which might signal the presence of a hidden keylogger.
The player reprises the role of John Blade, and the story picks up after the conclusion of the main game, pitting the player against Gianni Manero, a notorious crime boss looking to take over Freeport city.
However, there are studies being conducted that are looking at possible vaccine candidates for an effective human vaccine against echinococcosis.
Edward summarised the charges against Somerset in his Chronicle: " ambition, vainglory, entering into rash wars in mine youth, negligent looking on Newhaven, enriching himself of my treasure, following his own opinion, and doing all by his own authority, etc.
Inspired by Fukuoka natural farming philosophy, Mollison has described permaculture as " a philosophy of working with, rather than against nature ; of protracted and thoughtful observation rather than premature and thoughtless labor ; and of looking at plants and animals in all their functions, rather than treating any area as a single project system.
The trend is followed mostly by young women, and was created as a rebellion against the traditional Japanese image of feminine beauty, which includes fair skin, natural looking makeup, and conservative dress.
While Karen was always adamantly against marriage ( claiming that she valued her freedom above anything else ), she always found herself missing and needing Will when he was gone: " And yet even though Karen keeps Chad from overfilling the mold or Daisy from cutting herself with the scissors, she still cannot resist looking out the window every couple of minutes.
One day the boy spots a group of convicts working, and he leans up against a fence to watch them, looking for his father.
City Commissioner Mike Dodson was the only vote against the ban saying he was looking for a more thought out and complete ordinance over an immediate and outright ban.
Peter returns, after a physically and mentally exhausting battle against the Lizard, tries talking to Aunt May, looking for someone to help give him hope after seeing the death of Curt Connors ' humanity.
Governor General of Australia | Governor General Alexander Hore-Ruthven, 1st Earl of Gowrie | The Earl Gowrie signing the declaration of War against Japan with Curtin looking on

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