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Charlie and breaks
Dismayed, Irene impulsively announces her engagement to the surprised Charlie Van Rumple ( Grady Sutton ), but she soon breaks down in tears and flees after being politely congratulated by Godfrey.
To make room for the longer commercial breaks during modern airings, ABC cut two scenes, which were later restored when aired in conjunction with You're Not Elected, Charlie Brown:
Though well-meaning, she is rather rude and ill-tempered, frequently getting on Brian and Charlie's nerves, especially when she loses the key to the cupboard where their stolen money is hidden despite the fact there is no need for it since Charlie breaks the handle off the cupboard.
Charlie ( who reveals his full name to be Charlie Chaplin, another anachronism because the movie is actually set 2 years prior to Chaplin's birth ) breaks them out, and they go to Queen Victoria's Jubilee Ball, where the Royal Family will be.
* Charlie Paddock ( USA ) breaks the world record by running a time of 10. 4 at Redlands, California.
The next day, Annabel realizes that Murray has left his magic wand behind and decides to return it to him, but Charlie breaks it.
To make room for their long commercial breaks during modern airings, ABC made cuts to two scenes ( in 2005, it was extended for the network television premiere of Finding Nemo ; but now, it was edited again in order to make room for He's a Bully, Charlie Brown and the Dancing with the Stars results show ):
One night when Charlie is beating Teryl, Mary comes in, strangles Charlie, and breaks his neck.
The movie contains a long scene between Charlie and Mrs. Barham, full of eloquent antiwar rhetoric, in which Charlie breaks down Mrs. Barham's denial and reduces her to tears while nevertheless insisting that he has performed an act of kindness.
Sheriff Dan Stevens ( Chuck Norris ) and his deputy Charlie ( Stephen Furst ) respond and eventually arrest Kirby, but Kirby breaks out of the handcuffs, hits other officers and grabs one of their guns, forcing the officers to open fire and shoot Kirby.
She and the film's other pre-adolescent " leading lady " American Denise Nickerson ( Violet Beauregarde ), both had crushes on Willy Wonkas Peter Ostrum, ( Charlie Bucket ) also an American and alternated days spending time with him during breaks in filming.
While they are out, Babbs breaks into Jack's room to steal all his champagne, but Jack and Charlie intercept him and persuade him to stay for lunch.
Charlie disguises himself under the blankets and manages to get his money back from the thief, but when the thief tries to stab him it wakes everyone up and a fight breaks among all of the men.
* Despite Linus already knowing about why Charlie Brown had to give up the uniforms long before the next game, he is shown wailing along with the rest of the team when Charlie Brown breaks the news to them.
Later, when his friends start to miss Snoopy, Charlie Brown tries to bring the dog back again, but because he brings the leash, Snoopy just breaks it and refuses to leave.

Charlie and up
When Fred Powell's brother-in-law, Charlie Keane, moved into the dead man's home, the anonymous letter writer took no chances on Charlie taking up where Fred had left off and wasted no time on a first notice:
When Charlie came up from the beach for his four-o'clock pill, the whole establishment ( gaudy enough when seen through mist and fog ) looked like a floodlit modern painting -- great blocks of dizzy color, punctuated at regular intervals by the glaring white of five community refrigerators.
Australia's ageing post-war team broke up after 1926, with Collins, Charlie Macartney and Warren Bardsley all departing, and Gregory breaking down at the start of the 1928 – 29 series.
During the second half of the day, John Young and Charlie Duke again entered the Lunar Module to power it up and check its systems, as well as perform housekeeping tasks in preparation for lunar landing.
When the team fell out of contention in mid -, Shapiro fired manager Charlie Manuel and traded pitching ace Bartolo Colón for prospects Brandon Phillips, Cliff Lee, and Grady Sizemore ; acquired Travis Hafner from the Rangers for Ryan Drese and Einar Diaz ; and picked up Coco Crisp from the St. Louis Cardinals for aging starter Chuck Finley.
In episode 73, season 4, entitled Working for Caligula of Two and a Half Men, the character of Berta said " I'm working for Caligula ," while picking up after Charlie who has resumed his hedonistic lifestyle after his brother Alan moved out.
Joey and his girlfriend Charlie ( Aisha Tyler ) break up, and she begins a relationship with Ross.
Charlie ( Harvey Keitel ) is a young Italian-American man who is trying to move up in the local New York Mafia but is hampered by his feeling of responsibility towards his reckless friend, Johnny Boy ( Robert De Niro ), a small-time gambler who owes money to many loan sharks.
" " Franco Harris confronted Henderson for taunting Bradshaw after the whistle, and on the next play, Bradshaw handed the ball off to Harris, who raced untouched, with help from the umpire impeding Cowboys ' safety Charlie Waters ' attempt to tackle him, up the middle for a 22-yard touchdown run.
He can no longer drive a car, and has to give up his job working for his brother, Charlie ( Paul Langton ) who encourages him to make some money off of his story by selling it to the national press.
When frontman Charlie Alcock was told by his parents that he had to give up the band to concentrate on his O levels, Cook took over as lead vocalist.
Having grown up in Hollywood, the son of a studio production manager and grandson of a silent film director, Edwards had watched the films of the great silent clowns, including Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd, and Laurel and Hardy.
In addition, both Charlie Sheen and Michael Douglas still have people come up to them and say that they became stockbrokers because of their respective characters in the film.
During the coroner ’ s inquest on Morgan's murder, Pete Spence's wife Marietta Duarte testified that her husband, Frank Stilwell, Frederick Bode, Florentino " Indian Charlie " Cruz, and an unnamed half-breed Indian had turned up at her home an hour after the shooting, and that Spence threatened violence if she told what she knew.
Brown and Charlie Ward got tangled up after a Heat player shot a free-throw.
Charlie Ward inbounded to Allan Houston, who immediately dribbled through a massive gap and put up a floater.
He contrives for young Charlie to stay on board the departing train, planning to kill her by pushing her out once the train gets up to speed.
He reflected the impact of this part of his life in the lyrics of " Some Song ": " Charlie beat you up week after week, and when you grow up you're going to be a freak.
The first battalion would be made up of Able, Baker, Charlie, and Dog Companies, while the second would have Easy, Fox, George, and How Companies.
The Jordans ' participation in Look Who's Laughing was set up in the Fibber McGee & Molly episode " Amusement Park " ( 6 / 17 / 41 ), in which Gale Gordon played an RKO pictures representative who followed the McGees around the amusement park and chose the McGees as a representative American couple to star in a movie with Edger Bergen and Charlie McCarthy.
When the police show up, they take Jeanie in for prank calling and while at the police station, she talks to a drug addict ( Charlie Sheen ), who tells her that she needs to stop worrying so much about Ferris and more about herself.
* Charlie George, the legendary Arsenal footballer, grew up in this area and attended Holloway School.

Charlie and with
In San Francisco he has worked with Brew Moore, Charlie Mingus, and other `` swinging '' musicians of secure reputation, thus placing himself within established jazz traditions, in addition to being a part of the San Francisco `` School ''.
Charlie Marble was back and forth on several occasions, first to confer with Andy on the advisability of cancelling the Las Vegas engagement -- they decided it was wise -- and later to announce that a prominent comedian, also an agency client, had agreed to fill the casino's open date.
`` Behind that Charlie Chaplin moustache and that truant lock of hair that always covered his forehead, behind the tirades and the sulky silences, the passionate orations and the occasional dull evasive stare, behind the prejudices, the cynicism, the total amorality of behavior, behind even the tendency to great strategic mistakes, there lay a statesman of no mean qualities: Shrewd, calculating, in many ways realistic, endowed -- like Stalin -- with considerable powers of dissimulation, capable of playing his cards very close to his chest when he so desired, yet bold and resolute in his decisions, and possessing one gift Stalin did not possess: The ability to rouse men to fever pitch of personal devotion and enthusiasm by the power of the spoken word ''.
but Charlie knew what was wrong with him and knew, too, that there was no pill to cure it.
His many plays included Nobody's Widow ( 1910 ), starring Blanche Bates ; Fair and Warmer ( 1915 ), starring Madge Kennedy ( filmed in 1919 ); The Gold Diggers ( 1919 ), starring Ina Claire ( filmed in 1923 as The Gold Diggers, in 1928 as Gold Diggers of Broadway and also as Gold Diggers of 1933 ); Ladies ' Night, 1920, starring Charlie Ruggles ( filmed in 1928 ); the famous mystery play The Bat ( with Mary Roberts Rinehart ), 1920 ( filmed in 1926, 1930 and 1959 ); Getting Gertie's Garter ( with Wilson Collison ), 1921, starring Hazel Dawn ( filmed in 1927 and 1945 ); The Demi-Virgin, 1921, also starring Hazel Dawn ; The Alarm Clock, 1923 ; The Best People ( with David Gray ), 1924 ( filmed in 1925 and as Fast and Loose in 1930 ), the song-farce Naughty Cinderella, 1925, starring Irene Bordoni and The Garden of Eden in 1927 ( filmed in as 1928 ).
The main Breakfast presenters have also appeared on the channel since it was first launched as a simulcast programme in 2000, with the current presenters being Bill Turnbull, Susanna Reid ( Mondays to Wednesdays ), Louise Minchin and Charlie Stayt ( Thursdays, Ftidays and weekends ).
In an interview with Charlie Rose, he stated that " on the books " the US is a net borrower of funds, using those funds to pay for goods and services.
The photographer considered the impromptu self-introduction a prank and angrily answered his caller with the riposte, " If you're Charlie Chaplin, I'm Franklin Roosevelt!
Until he began making spoken dialogue films with The Great Dictator ( 1940 ), he never shot from a completed script, but instead usually started with only a vague premise — for example " Charlie enters a health spa " or " Charlie works in a pawn shop.
* He was a featured panelist ( with Lars Ulrich ) on the May 12, 2000 episode of the Charlie Rose show.
The Mariners, who won a MLB record-tying 116 games that season, had a strong bullpen, and Indians manager Charlie Manuel had already pulled many of his starters with the game seemingly out of reach.
In 2007, several groundbreaking storylines took place on Coronation Street, such as Tracy Barlow murdering Charlie Stubbs and claiming it was self-defence, as well as the show featuring its second two hander with Tracy Barlow confessing to her mother Deirdre Barlow she had planned to kill Charlie all along.
Terry Plumeri furthered the development of arco ( bowed ) solos, achieving horn-like technical freedom and a clear, vocal bowed tone, while Charlie Haden, best known for his work with Ornette Coleman, defined the role of the bass in Free Jazz.
In the experimental post 1960s eras, which saw the development of free jazz and jazz-rock fusion, some of the influential bassists included Charles Mingus ( 1922 – 1979 ), who was also a composer and bandleader whose music fused hard bop with black gospel music, free jazz and classical music ; free jazz and post-bop bassist Charlie Haden ( born 1937 ) is best known for his long association with saxophonist Ornette Coleman and for his role in the 1970s-era Liberation Music Orchestra, an experimental group ; Eddie Gomez and George Mraz, who played with Bill Evans and Oscar Peterson, respectively, and are both acknowledged to have furthered expectations of pizzicato fluency and melodic phrasing, fusion virtuoso Stanley Clarke ( born 1951 ) is notable for his dexterity on both the upright bass and the electric bass, and Terry Plumeri, noted for his horn-like arco fluency and vocal tone.
She made her professional feature film debut in Three For The Road with Charlie Sheen.
It became known as the " Charlie Christian " pickup ( named for the great jazz guitarist who was among the first to perform with the ES-150 guitar ).

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