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DC and particular
The Dublin Core Abstract Model provides a reference model against which particular DC encoding guidelines can be compared, independent of any particular encoding syntax.
All-Star Squadron in particular, was set during World War II on Earth-Two, so it was in the past of an alternative universe, thus all its events had repercussions on the contemporary continuity of the DC multiverse.
A semiconductor diode is thus commonly used as a noise source by passing a particular DC current through it.
The ratio V / I for some point along the nonlinear curve is sometimes called the static, or chordal, or DC, resistance, but as seen in the figure the value of total V over total I varies depending on the particular point along the nonlinear curve which is chosen.
The impact of his designs stretched as far as Washington, DC, where Pearce's building, and in particular his octagonal House of Commons chamber, was studied as plans were made for the new United States Capitol building.
The electricity can be at any required voltage ; in particular it can operate AC equipment designed for mains operation, or rectified to produce DC at any desired voltage.
DC government's employment and deficits grew even as city services suffered ; in particular, there were frequent press reports of deaths occurring because police lacked cars to get to crime scenes, and EMS services responded slowly or went to the wrong address.
DC ++ itself has several specialized spin-off open-source versions as well, such as BCDC ++ and StrongDC ++, which are refined with features particular to user groups, such as filters, language packs, and search capabilities.
The concept of a shared universe was originally pioneered by DC Comics ( originally known as National Periodical Publications ) and in particular by writer Gardner Fox.
AMSAT is a name for amateur radio satellite organizations worldwide, but in particular the Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation ( AMSAT-NA ) with headquarters at Silver Spring, Maryland, near Washington DC.
During the period from the late 1990s through the end of the 2000s, Who's Who was replaced with Secret Files and Origins, a series of one-shots devoted to particular characters or events in the DC Universe and which feature Who's Who-like profiles.
Veteran writers Mike Friedrich, Steven Grant, and Roger Slifer all cited Giordano in particular for his hard-line stance on behalf of DC.
* January 25 – In Washington, DC, the National Association of Broadcasters reacts to the payola scandal by threatening fines for any disc jockeys who accepted money for playing particular records.
Geoff Johns ( born 1973 ) is an American comic book writer, best known for his work for DC Comics, where he has been Chief Creative Officer since February 2010, in particular for characters such as Green Lantern, The Flash and Superman.
One particular example of a mutant in the DC Universe is Captain Comet.
Alternative reality Earths had been used in DC stories before, but were usually not referred to after that particular story.
In particular, the revised characters of the post-Crisis universe had been rolled out gradually, with DC continuing to feature the old versions until the new versions were launched, some of them a year or several after the first wave of revised characters were published ( i. e., The Man of Steel, Wonder Woman vol.
The Gotham City Police Department ( GCPD ) is a fictional police department servicing Gotham City, as depicted in comic books published by DC Comics, in particular those tied into the Batman books.
Gypsy ( Cynthia " Cindy " Reynolds ) is a fictional comic book superhero who appears in books published by DC Comics, in particular those featuring the Justice League.
In the 1970s, he worked in American comic books, in particular writing horror comics for both Marvel Comics and DC Comics.
He did some work at Marvel Comics and DC Comics during the late 1980s and early 1990s, in particular his run on She-Hulk, but also carried on at Marvel UK.
Both the boys ' appearances attempt to represent youth of the noughties, which was not often in many of DC Thomson's publications as they often favoured past characters whose appearance did not necessarily age but didn't exactly represent a particular time zone either.

DC and periodically
According to the editor of Ballot Access News, which periodically compiles and analyzes voter registration statistics as reported by state voter agencies ( only 29 states and DC tally voter registration by party ), it ranks third nationally among all U. S. political parties in registered voters, with 438, 222 registered voters as of October 2008.
A rectifier is an electrical device that converts alternating current ( AC ), which periodically reverses direction, to direct current ( DC ), which flows in only one direction.
Throughout the late 1990s, a movie adaptation of the comic was periodically planned by Warner Bros., parent company of DC Comics.
The Lieutenants appeared periodically in the adventures of Captain Marvel and the Marvel Family through the early 1950s, and also when the characters were revived by DC Comics in the 1970s under the title Shazam !, although rarely.

DC and idea
In economics the DC preferred competition to cooperation, supported the model of social market economy and rejected the Marxist's idea of class struggle.
The meeting was made possible by the introduction of the idea of two parallel worlds: Earth-One, the contemporary DC Universe which had been depicted since the advent of the Silver Age ; and Earth-Two, the parallel world where the Golden Age events took place, and where the heroes who were active during that period had aged more or less realistically since that time.
This idea was eventually expanded into the concept of a multiverse, including such worlds as Earth-Three, which was an " opposite " world where heroes were villains and historical events happened in reverse of how they occurred in real life ( e. g., President John Wilkes Booth being assassinated by an actor named Abraham Lincoln ), and Earth Prime, which was ostensibly the " real world " and used to explain how real-life DC staffers ( such as Julius Schwartz ) could occasionally appear in comics stories, and so forth.
Wolfman came up with an idea that would reach across the entirety of the DC Universe and its half-century of history.
Roy Thomas briefly toyed with the idea of giving the character super-powers based on Sandy's time as a sand-monster but this was dropped because Thomas and others felt he could have ended up as the DC equivalent to Marvel's Sandman.
" In July, 2009 Berry, Jackson and Fred Kirschenmann, of The Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture, gathered in Washington DC to promote this idea.
With great fanfare, the green and extremely untrained soldiers set out from Washington DC with the idea that they would capture Richmond in six weeks and put a quick end to the conflict.
Third, it is difficult to unite progressives from the PD with conservative UDC, and history does not always repeat itself: many political scientists think that the return of Christian Democracy is all but likely as political unity of Catholics ( the core idea on which DC was based ) is not repeatable because it will be anti-historical trying to unite again free-market liberals and economic interventionists, social conservatives and social liberals within a single party.
Kozelek expanded on this idea in 2001, releasing a full-length album comprised solely of AC / DC covers titled What's Next to the Moon.
Since 2011 Jones has starred in Scott & Bailey as DC Rachel Bailey, with the television series being an original idea conceived by Jones herself and fellow actress Sally Lindsay.
The Reign in Hell story had many continuity errors that made its place in DC Comics canon questionable and the idea that the Creeper was a demonic entity was not repeated afterward.
Underoos were developed as a product idea in 1977 by an independent entrepreneur, Larry Weiss, who obtained licenses for the four major comic character groups ( DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Hanna-Barbera, Archie Comics ) which included Superman, Batman, Shazam, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Captain America.
However, Solaris is still technically at large within the DC universe, though we have no idea where nor for that how long it will take before it is even able to return to Earth's solar system.
" Moore used this idea when asked to submit a pitch for a treatment of DC Comics ' then-newly-acquired Charlton Comics properties.
In 1952 he presented his work at a conference in Washington, DC, some six years before Jack Kilby of Texas Instruments was awarded a patent for essentially the same idea.
DC didn't like the idea, and the villain Rumor ( voiced by Ron Perlman ) was created in his place.
While Smith had finally become comfortable with the idea of unflopped manga now that bookstores were willing to buy it, it had become clear that the industry was becoming big business, with publishers such as Del Rey and DC getting involved in manga, and Japanese companies such as Shogakkukan beginning to treat their American operations as serious businesses instead of sidelines.

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