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Engages and .
152 pp. Engages the question of why politicians and social commentators have returned to Niebuhr now.
* Engages volunteers who help build stronger communities.

must and be
She must be cautious so as not to alert the scheming forest.
If she, Pamela, were being held responsible for his crimes, then hers must be the final act of expiation.
she must be poised and proud and unafraid in order to prove to the mountain that she was in earnest.
Finally Luis Hernandez said, `` What must be, must be.
Over the rapidly-diminishing outline of a jump seat piled high with luggage Herry's black brushcut was just discernible, near, or enviably near that spot where -- hidden -- more delicately-textured, most beautifully tinted hair must still be streaming back in cool, oh cool wind sweetly perfumed with sagebrush and yucca flowers and engine fumes.
Maybe Lou was only unconscious, but right then I thought he must be dead.
`` There must be some water under there ''.
`` At 200, 300, 400 feet under the water, when he must be paying very much attention, he will be thinking about what you are telling him.
He decided that the marines must be deploying around the meadow, with the one left to distract him.
His assumption seems to be that any such friends, being tolerable humans, must be more liberal than most Southerners and therefore at least partly in sympathy with his views.
The pieces must be placed in the context of the prepared messages by Wisman's staff.
Today the Negro must discover his role in an industrialized South, which indicates that the racial aspect of the Southern dilemma hasn't changed radically, but rather has gradually come to be reflected in this new context, this new coat of paint.
The work must be true to both the physical and the spiritual character of the experience.
If the Union conceded this to them, the same right must be conceded to each remaining state whenever it saw fit to secede: This would destroy the federal balance between it and the states, and in the end sacrifice to the sovereignty of the states all the liberty the citizens had gained by their Union.
It is there and it must be allowed in ''.
But Aristotle kept the principle of levels and even augmented it by describing in the Poetics what kinds of character and action must be imitated if the play is to be a vehicle of serious and important human truths.
A man must be able to say, `` Father, I have sinned '', or there is no hope for him.
It may, however, be noted that his gift for color and imagery must have been greatly stimulated by his stay in Paris.
He catches criminals not merely because he is paid to do so ( frequently he does not receive a fee at all ), but because he enjoys his work, because he firmly believes that murder must be punished.

must and loyal
Roger Ebert, who gave the film a mere one star in the Chicago Sun-Times, wrote :" The filmmakers must have known that the original Godzilla ( 1956 ) had many loyal fans all over the world who treasured the absurd dialogue, the bad lip-synching, the unbelievable special effects, the phony profundity.
It was during this action that Sarpedon delivered a noblesse oblige speech to Glaucus, stating that they had been the most honoured kings, therefore they must now fight the most to repay that honour and prove themselves and repay their loyal subjects.
To his party ( and, in the first incarnation, the Prime Minister ) he must act as a loyal and effective party member.
Gloucester assures Eleanor that as long as he has truth on his side, his enemies cannot destroy him: " I must offend before I be attainted ,/ And had I twenty times so many foes ,/ And each of them had twenty times their power ,/ All these could not procure me any scathe / So long as I am loyal, true, and crimeless " ( 2. 4. 60 – 64 ).
A good leader, by Han Fei's standards, must not only accept the advice of loyal ministers when shown to be in error, but must also extend courtesy to those beneath him or her and not be too avaricious.
Efforts are further made to indulge interest groups that support the incumbent government and the party's internal politics must be appeased, with Cabinet positions sometimes being a reward for loyal party members.
Craig proposed to the British cabinet a new " volunteer constabulary " which " must be raised from the loyal population " and organised, " on military lines " and " armed for duty within the six county area only ".
Fortune's Stroke covers the later events of the Malwa Invasion of Persia as Belisarius must campaign against Rana Sanga, a Rajput general of great skill who befriended Belisarius during second book of the series who is loyal to the Malwa through an overdeveloped adherence to honoring his given word.
A loyal subscriber since 1961, Reagan said it “ helped me stop being a liberal Democrat ,” calling it " must reading for conservatives who want to know what is really going on in Washington, D. C ." During the 1980 presidential campaign, Democrats released a document entitled " Ronald Reagan, Extremist Collaborator — An Exposé ," in which, according to biographer Lee Edwards, " mong the proofs of Reagan's extremism was that he read the conservative weekly Human Events.
Boxer is a loyal supporter of Napoleon ; he listens to everything the self-appointed ruler of the farm says and assumes, sometimes with doubt, that everything Napoleon tells the farm animals is true: " If Napoleon says it, it must be right.
Note that if the source general is correct, all loyal generals must agree upon that value.
A fiduciary ( abbreviation fid ) is expected to be extremely loyal to the person to whom he owes the duty ( the " principal "): he must not put his personal interests before the duty, and must not profit from his position as a fiduciary, unless the principal consents.
We must learn to be loyal, not to ‘ East ’ or ‘ West ’, but to each other, and we must disregard the prohibitions and limitations imposed by any national state.
The Chatti must have been overconfident to send such small numbers into Alsace, which was tenanted by both Celtic and Germanic tribes loyal to Rome and was protected by bases at Mainz and Worms.
If I love my country because it is mine, I must be loyal to it, even when I disagree with its policies, but I do not necessarily regard it as superior to everyone else ’ s country, and I may have no inclination to say that all other countries, to the extent that they are legitimate and worthy of respect, must approximate my own.
A Prospect is a person who is loyal to the gang but is not a " patched member " yet and must normally do errands or " missions " to show his loyalty to his gang.
We declare more it must be clearly understood that he does from us obedience and fidelity that we owe it to the king, our legitimate sovereign, and we look on the contrary, as our enemies all those who reported abuse and its benefits his tender solicitude for his people, seeking to weaken its authority guardianship, reduce its powers and destroy his throne by the insinuation of criminal republican ideas, the spread of which it is our duty, as good and loyal subjects, to oppose with all our strength.
Along with his loyal dog Hachiko, Ryusuke must deal with the likes of the corrupt Samurai Union, the Mafuza ( a cross between the Italian mafia and the Yakuza ); a Ninja Union of clumsy ninja ; a sinister Zen monk televangelist, and more-not to mention the temper-tantrum prone Lord Hoseki, who rules New Edo with bejeweled fingers and an iron fist.
In the play, Anzac Day is criticized by the central character, Hughie, as a day of drunken debauchery by returned soldiers and as a day when questions of what it means to be loyal to a Nation or Empire must be raised.

must and serve
Yet he presents a realm of source material which may well serve other writers if not himself: the problems with which a New South must grapple in groping through a blind adolescence into the maturity of urbanization.
His neighbors celebrated his return, even if it was only temporary, and Morgan was especially gratified by the quaint expression of an elderly friend, Isaac Lane, who told him, `` A man that has so often left all that is dear to him, as thou hast, to serve thy country, must create a sympathetic feeling in every patriotic heart ''.
If the reserve components are to serve effectively in time of war, their basic organization and objectives must conform to the changing character and missions of the active forces.
These bunks also serve as a fence, so part of the additional cost must be attributed to the fence.
and these costs must somehow be apportioned among the various classes and then must somehow be reapportioned among the units of service in order to report unit costs that can serve as tentative measures of reasonable rates.
A few of the more prominent must serve as examples of what a complete listing and description would disclose.
All this will serve to show off the Ory style in fine fashion and is a must for those who want to collect elements of the old-time jazz before it is too late to lay hands on the gems.
Futhermore, the station which wants real prestige must lead or participate in community improvement projects, not simply serve on the air.
This is similar to tennis, except that a badminton serve must be hit below waist height and with the racquet shaft pointing downwards, the shuttlecock is not allowed to bounce and in badminton, the players stand inside their service courts unlike tennis.
Unlike in tennis, the servers racket must be pointing in a downward direction to deliver the serve so normally the shuttle must be hit upwards to pass over the net.
To be eligible to serve in state, national, or international positions of authority, a minister must hold the rank of Ordained Bishop.
Therefore, a company must analyze its business workflows and processes before choosing a technology platform ; some will likely need re-engineering to better serve the overall goal of winning and satisfying clients.
*§ 141 ( d ), a director can serve no longer than three years, and if the board is classified one class must stand for election each year
They must be confirmed by the United States Senate and serve a term of office of five years, with a maximum of ten years, if reappointed, unless they resign or are fired by the President before their term ends.
It argues that intellectual property tends to be governed by economic goals when it should be viewed primarily as a social product ; in order to serve human well-being, intellectual property systems must respect and conform to human rights laws.
The admiral then declares that captains must serve at least one year on the same ship.
For any information system to serve its purpose, the information must be available when it is needed.
To serve the purpose of a defense in law, the disorder must therefore amount to an absolute alienation of reason, ut continua mentis alienatione, omni intellectu careat-such a disease as deprives the patient of the knowledge of the true aspect and position of things about him-hinders him from distinguishing friend from foe-and gives him up to the impulse of his own distempered fancy.
Because journalism's first loyalty is to the citizenry, journalists are obliged to tell the truth and must serve as an independent monitor of powerful individuals and institutions within society.
This preface to the Scriptures may serve as a helmeted defensive introduction to all the books which we turn from Hebrew into Latin, so that we may be assured that what is outside of them must be placed aside among the Apocryphal writings.
Latin is an inflected language, and as such has nouns, pronouns, and adjectives that must be declined in order to serve a grammatical function.

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