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Page "lore" ¶ 526
from Brown Corpus
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Even and experienced
Even with a release aid mechanism some of this effect will usually be experienced, since the string always accelerates faster than the retaining part of the mechanism.
Even though the concept of mice causes marked distress and impairment within the individual, because the individual does not encounter mice in the environment no actual distress or impairment is ever experienced.
Even though the Bills had more experienced players than the Cowboys, Dallas was favored to win Super Bowl XXVII based on the recent dominance of NFC teams in the Super Bowl.
Even experienced storm observers may not be able to tell the difference between a low-hanging cloud and a wedge tornado from a distance.
( Even in these cases, it is not always successful, Dancing with the Stars was picked up for a ten-season run on GSN in 2012, has run in marathon format, but has nonetheless experienced very poor ratings.
Even highly experienced therapists have few patients that achieve a unified identity.
Even people who are experienced with sweats, and attending a ceremony led by a properly trained and authorized Native American ceremonial leader, could suddenly experience problems due to underlying health issues.
Even though the town has experienced an economic upturn in the past few years, it still lacks the main thing that ensures economic prosperity and attracts new residents: well-paying jobs.
Even in the UK, he experienced problems: his first British film, The Sleeping Tiger, a 1954 film noir crime thriller, bore the pseudonym Victor Hanbury, rather than his own name, in the credits as director, as the stars of the film, Alexis Smith and Alexander Knox, feared being blacklisted in Hollywood due to working on a film he directed.
Even so, the Christian music industry has experienced the same issues as the general market in recent years.
Even the most experienced officers shared Hitler's contempt for the Soviet state and army.
Even as General Motors experienced revenue declines, Pontiac remained highly profitable under DeLorean, and despite his growing reputation as a corporate maverick, on February 15, 1969 he was again promoted.
Even Yallop felt himself unsuited to the position, and his team was unable to compete with an experienced, professional England side.
Even the best and most experienced readers will not be able to consistently push the margin of accuracy far enough to justify premium pay.
Even 11 months after the event occurred nearly all the younger adults experienced flashbulb memories, but less than half of the older adults met all the criterion of a flashbulb memory.
Even experienced hikers can face altitude sickness, due to the high elevation.
Even the powerful Carr, hardly experienced for the responsibilities thrust upon him and often dependent on his intimate friend Sir Thomas Overbury for assistance with government papers, fell into the Howard camp, after beginning an affair with the married Frances Howard, Countess of Essex, daughter of the Earl of Suffolk, whom James assisted in securing an annulment of her marriage to free her to marry Carr.
Even the powerful Carr, hardly experienced for the responsibilities thrust upon him and often dependent on his intimate friend Overbury for assistance with government papers, fell into the Howard camp.
Even if you have never had an incident, the damp rag can be a lifesaver although experienced, professional fire breathers rarely use a damp rag as they are, or should be, skilled enough to prevent such midhaps.
Even many African paintings or cloth works were meant to be experienced three-dimensionally.
Even then, the cosmonaut experienced 8 to 9g.
Even so, the next year Area B still experienced 44, 699 takeoffs and landings, or 24 % of the air activity at WPAFB.
Even highly experienced professionals may commit CFIT due to fatigue, loss of situational awareness, or disorientation.
Even farmers experienced great difficulties.

Even and Arctic
Even explorer A. Greely, who came ( after initial acceptance ) to doubt Peary's reaching 90 °, correctly notes that no Arctic expert questions that ( unlike Cook ) Peary courageously risked his life travelling hundreds of miles from land and that he reached regions adjacent to the pole.
Even the Eastern settlement, which was below the Arctic Circle became too cold for inhabitation.

Even and sailing
Even in the 1880s, sailing ships were still the main carriers of cargoes to and from Australia and New Zealand.
Even as a young woman Gráinne Ní Mháille was involved in the business of sailing ships and international trade.
Even in present days ' skûtsjes ' from these shipyards take part in the major Frisian sailing event, the ' skûtsjesilen '.
Even today, the round-the-world sailing competitors employ surface currents to their benefit.
Even though most of the Norwegian ships were sailing for the Allies, the British in April 1941 wanted more.
Even the knot in the string suggests to Holmes that they are looking for someone with sailing experience.
" Davis then answers the questions with basic facts delivered in short easy-to-read essays which have a straightforward approach, but sometimes grab the reader's attention by beginning with light humor and anachronistic comparisons, for example: " Even the astronauts who flew to the moon had a pretty good idea of what to expect ; Columbus was sailing, as Star Trek puts it, ' where no man has gone before '.
Even though sailing under a neutral flag the Viking Tanker Company vessels were able to trade as they followed British regulations.
Even though the peak was an early landmark for ships sailing the west coast, the first recorded use of Frenchmans Cap was in 1822 in connection with Macquarie Harbour Penal Station, from where the peak was visible.

Even and determined
Even before the " Flight to Varennes ", the Assembly members had determined to debar themselves from the legislature that would succeed them, the Legislative Assembly.
Even the best and relatively recent classical Greek and Latin dictionaries are still concerned with indicating only the length ( weight ) of syllables ; that is why most still do not indicate the length of vowels in syllables that are otherwise metrically determined.
Even for observational data, statistical theory provides a way of calculating a value that can be used to interpret a sample of data from a population, it can provide a means of indicating how well that value is determined by the sample, and thus a means of saying corresponding values derived for different populations are as different as they might seem ; however, the reliability of inferences from post-hoc observational data is often worse than for planned randomized generation of data.
Even the curved arc of the industrial glazing to the ground floor entrance was determined by the turning circle of a car.
Even in daily, physical action, the flourishing human ’ s “… Act is determined by the higher phase of the Soul .” ( Enneads III. 4. 6 ) Even in the most dramatic arguments Plotinus considers ( if the Proficient is subject to extreme physical torture, for example ), he concludes this only strengthens his claim of true happiness being metaphysical, as the truly happy human being would understand that which is being tortured is merely a body, not the conscious self, and happiness could persist.
Even during the period of wartime alliance, Molotov was known as a tough negotiator and a determined defender of Soviet interests.
Even so, the narrator pulls his chair directly in front of the raven, determined to learn more about it.
Even without the Reichstag fire, the Nazis were quite determined to destroy German democracy.
* Even if A is not finitely generated, the size of its torsion-free part is uniquely determined, as is explained in more detail in the article on rank of an abelian group.
Joachim Fest, writing of Tresckow, says: " Even officers who were absolutely determined to stage a coup were troubled by the fact that everything they were contemplating would inevitably be seen by their troops as dereliction of duty, as irresponsible arrogance, and, worst, as capable of triggering a civil war.
Even though their status is determined entirely by wealth, the Ferengi would consider it foolish to establish an " upmarket " clientele when there would be profit to be made in selling goods to less fortunate people.
Even though γ < sub >+</ sub > and γ < sub >–</ sub > cannot be determined separately, γ < sub >±</ sub > is a measureable quantity that can also be predicted for sufficiently dilute systems using Debye – Hückel theory.
Even this concession violated the principle of the indissoluble union of the duchies, but the German Federal Assembly, fully occupied at home, determined to refrain from further action till the Danish parliament should make another effort to pass a law or budget affecting the whole kingdom without consulting the estates of the duchies.
Even though they were warned by the doctors that the surgery to separate them would still be very risky, the sisters were very determined.
Even wind can be determined by cloud patterns, alignments and movement from successive photos.
Even when every base pair of a genome sequence has been determined, there are still likely to be errors present because DNA sequencing is not a completely accurate process.
Even though they still feared Dong Zhuo's military power and did not directly advance on Luoyang, Dong Zhuo was also fearful of their collective strength, and therefore determined to move the capital west to the old Western Han capital Chang ' an, closer to his power base in Liang Province ( 涼州 ; covering present-day Gansu ).
Even popular revolutions are no exception: the methods of governing are not significantly altered, the position of the governed remains the same, and the strong few determined to rule remain over top the rest of humanity.
Even Jean-Paul Sartre, still a determined communist, criticised the Soviets in his article Le Fantôme de Staline, in Situations VII.
Even in studies restricted to postsynaptic events, investigators have not determined the location of the protein synthesis that underlies L-LTP.
Even though Etienne is determined to make this year " the year of love ", the year when everything turns around for him, things do not go as well as anticipated.
Even with the then top-secret Norden bomb sight and intimidating B-17 combat " boxes " ( i. e. close formation flying to allow mutual protection for B-17s and more concentrated bombing patterns ) flak, bad weather and determined Luftwaffe attacks resulting in a low number of bombs hitting the target-something that is clearly represented in the simulation.
Even though it may be determined that the pain is non-cardiac in origin, this is often a diagnosis of exclusion made after ruling out more serious causes of the pain.

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