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Even and designs
Even in balanced high performance designs, highly encoded and ( relatively ) high-level instructions could be complicated to decode and execute efficiently within a limited transistor budget.
Even though it was only featured in this one film ( although it was used for a couple of brief shots in Mothra vs. Godzilla ), this Godzilla suit was always one of the more popular designs among fans from both sides of the Pacific.
Even the simplest designs avoid the vicious circle of rocket launches from the surface, the difficulty that: the fuel needed to travel the last 10 % of the distance to orbit must be lifted all the way from the surface ; that requires extra fuel ; most of the extra fuel must be lifted most of the way before it is burned ; that requires more extra fuel ; and so on.
Even after focusing primarily on his manga career, Asamiya continued to do character designs and creative consultation on anime series based on his stories, occasionally under the Kikuchi name.
Even late in the design process, microcode could easily be changed, whereas hard wired CPU designs were very cumbersome to change, so this greatly facilitated CPU design.
Even before dominating the region they had continued the cylinder seal tradition with designs which are often exceptionally energetic and refined.
Even very small and worn pieces of material are suitable for use in patchwork, although crafters today more often use new 100 % cotton fabrics as the basis for their designs.
Even so, there were many expansion options, and despite the confusion of its users, the PC compatible design advanced much faster than other competing designs of the time, even if only because of its market dominance.
Even though Mackintosh became known as the ‘ pioneer ’ of the movement, his designs were far removed from the bleak utilitarianism of Modernism.
Even with such combinations, this framework is not complete: some countries define designs for usage contexts not expressible in this scheme such as air force ensigns ( distinct from war flags or war ensigns, flown as the national flag at air bases ; for example, see Royal Air Force Ensign ) and civil air ensigns.
* Even newer designs have the bottom bracket spindle, usually hollow and larger diameter than is possible for bottom brackets with bearings held inside the bottom bracket shell of a bike frame, for reduced weight and increased stiffness, permanently attached to the right crank ( Shimano and others ) or the left crank ( Race Face ).
Even then, MRAM designs currently do not come close to flash in terms of cell size, even using the same fab.
Even after WWII, the regenerative design was still present in early after-war German minimal designs along the lines of the " peoples receivers " and " small receivers ", dictated by lack of materials.
Even though the functionality of the cuckoo mechanism has remained basically unchanged, the appearance has changed as case designs and clock movements evolved in the region.
Even as the rounds were introduced, tanks were being designed and built with thicker armour rendering these rounds largely ineffective, though they remained in use against the older designs and armoured cars.
Even Gundam shows this tendency ; while the mecha designs are based in the real robot genre, the characters in the show typically have unique robots designed specifically for them, and the shows often feature characters with psychic powers or superhuman abilities ; the latter are both common in super robot anime, though the degree to which Gundam leans to either side of the spectrum varies considerably between installments.
Even more overwound pickups (" hot-wired " designs ) became popular, either for all three pickups ( a " hot " configuration ), or for the bridge position only ( so-called " Texas Hot " due to its popularity among Southern Rock guitarists ).
Even as the Leopard 1 was entering service in 1965, an up-gunned version with the new Rheinmetall L44 120 mm gun was being considered to keep pace with newer Soviet designs, but this was cancelled in favour of the MBT-70 " super-tank " project developed jointly with the United States.
Even formidable military designs such as that at Château Gaillard were built with political effect in mind.
Even Li Ka-shing's Cheung Kong Holdings held an event in the district, which some found unsettling given the real-estate industry's designs on the land it sits on.
Even familiar materials, such as wood and silver, were worked more deeply in intricate and intensely three-dimensional designs.
Even today, upgraded components, rebuilding kits, and complete tube amplifiers using the basic Stereo 70 design are still in production, and the ST 70 has inspired numerous other amplifier designs, such as Ars-Sonum's Filarmonia SE.
Even many of his centerboard designs had boards that were off-center or all the way to one side or the other ( for example, the Birdwatcher and the AS29 ).

Even and became
Even as he became widely known as a professional killer, nearly every cowboy and rancher in Wyoming seemed proud to call him a friend.
Even as she was telling me about it I became aware of a give-away flush that suffused her neck and moved upwards to her cheeks, and subconsciously I realized that when she entered the store she did not switch on the lights.
Even more extreme, the Pahlavi abjad eventually became logographic.
Even when new and clean, illumination from the safety lamps was very poor, and the problem was not fully resolved until electric lamps became widely available in the late 19th century.
Even greater injections of foreign assistance between 1985 and 1988 kept the economy afloat, but it soon became clear that the successive governments had been borrowing time as well as money.
Even after harpsichords became self-encased objects, they often were supported by separate stands, and some modern harpsichords have separate legs for improved portability.
* Even though Eve had Adam for a husband, she was still a virgin ... By disobeying, Eve became the cause of death for herself and for the whole human race.
Even the Geneva académie was eclipsed by universities in Leiden and Heidelberg, which became the new strongholds of Calvin's ideas, first identified as " Calvinism " by Joachim Westphal in 1552.
Even after electrification became the norm, jazz guitarists continued to fit strings of 0. 012 " gauge or heavier for reasons of tone, and also prefer flatwound strings.
Even though the Kanembu became the main power-base of the Sayfuwa, Kanem's rulers continued to travel frequently throughout the kingdom and especially towards Bornu, west of lake Chad.
Even after he became General Secretary of the Party, he continued to sign papers referring to the General Department ( when he could no longer physically sign documents, a facsimile was used instead ).
In a poem by the sultan under a nom de plume, he says " Even if the rivers became wine, they wouldn't fill my glass.
Even as Rajiv remained aloof from politics, his younger brother Sanjay became a close advisor to their mother.
Even though the format proved successful it took until 1992 before Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten became the first German daily soap opera.
Even after it became clear that Odo was sentient, the scientists kept calling him that, giving him the name ' Odo Ital ' ( like a typical Bajoran name ), which was eventually shortened to simply " Odo " ( Episode " Heart of Stone ").
Even as late as 1970, the British Protectorate did not envisage independence for Solomon Islands in the foreseeable future but shortly thereafter, the financial costs of supporting the Protectorate became more trying, as the world economy was hit by the first oil price shock of 1973.
Even after MOSFETs became widely available, the BJT remained the transistor of choice for many analog circuits such as amplifiers because of their greater linearity and ease of manufacture.
Even Erasmus became much more favourable towards the idea once he witnessed the accomplishments of More's daughters.
Even then, Shawn became frustrated because he had already learned all the material being taught to him by professors and tutors and eventually dropped out of Northeastern in 1999.
Even as animal domestication became relatively widespread and after the development of agriculture, hunting was usually a significant contributor to the human food supply.
Even as agriculture and animal husbandry became more prevalent, hunting often remained as a part of human culture where the environment and social conditions allowed.
Even the most senior, renowned and professionally-accomplished nuclear-trained officers that Rickover had personally selected, such as Edward L. Beach, Jr., had mixed feelings about " the kindly old gentleman ," or simply " KOG ", as Rickover became euphemistically known in inner circles.
Even after British control of the Territory became complete, population infiltration was slow.
Workers were supposed to “ grasp revolution and promote productions ”, while peasants were supposed to raise more pigs because “ more pigs means more manure, and more manure means more grain .” Even a casual remark by Mao, “ Sweet potato tastes good ; I like it ” became a slogan everywhere in the countryside.

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