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Every and access
# Every document can have secure access controls.
# Every document is automatically moved to physical storage appropriate to its frequency of access from any given location.
Every resident in Germany with a radio, TV or other relevant device ( such as a computer or mobile phone with internet access ) is obliged to pay this licence fee.
Every NWS office operates its own web page with access to current products and other information specific to the local area.
Every Ontario resident with his or her primary and permanent home in Ontario is entitled to access emergency and preventive medical care ( although Bariatric surgery in many cases is not covered ) under OHIP free of charge.
* The Every Player Counts scheme-to grow disability football provision across 44 Football League clubs in England and Wales and increase the opportunities for people with varying disabilities to access sports through their local Football Clubs
* Every young person with a disability deserves access to high quality arts learning experiences.
Every effort is made to ensure that the players have access to the best spring training facility in Major League Baseball.
Every debt was to be entered upon a chirograph, one part of which was to be kept by the Jewish creditor, and the other preserved in a chest to which only special officials should have access.
Every branch of the Central Statistical Administration and its successor the State Statistics Committee ( Goskomstat ) also had a First Department to control access, distribution, and publication of official economic, population, and social statistics.
Every human being has direct access to God through Christ ( Heb.
Every integer instruction could operate on either 1-byte or 2-byte integers and could access data stored in registers, stored as part of the instruction, stored in memory, or stored in memory and pointed to by addresses in registers.
* Every citizen shall be provided access to Free Health Care facilities.
The priority that Winston Churchill placed on the development and deployment of radar is described by Sir Bernard Lovell: < nowiki > Every day < nowiki > would phone or Dee, asking " any news, any problems " these would be dealt with by Renwick's immediate access to Churchill </ nowiki >.
( 2 ) Every citizen shall have the right to equal access to the public service of his country.
( 3 ) Every individual shall have the right of access to public property and services in strict equality of all persons before the law.
Every access to a line sets its MRU-bit to 1, indicating that the
Every year in the fall, the SFUSD hosts a Public School Enrollment Fair to provide families access to information about ALL the schools in the district.
Every wizard has access to the Wizard's Manual, a book written in the Speech that gives the reader as much information about the business of wizardry and spells as he or she requires or is capable of handling.
Every tier involves an exam at the end of the final year, called Esame di Maturità, required to gain a diploma and have access to further education.
In New York, Ted Forstmann explained his goal for the scholarships, saying, " Every child, regardless of their parents ' income, should have access to a quality education – an education that will not only prepare them for successful private lives, but help them to build cohesive communities and a strong democracy.
Every seat would have access to restaurants, bars and fast-food outlets.
Every effort is made to offer practical solutions to students facing specific problems, be it access to University facilities, or assistance on academic issues.
Every three to four years, researchers will collect data on the children and their families health, malnutrition, literacy, access to services and other indicators of poverty.

Every and translated
Every hyperbola is congruent to the origin-centered East-West opening hyperbola sharing its same eccentricity ε ( its shape, or degree of " spread "), and is also congruent to the origin-centered North-South opening hyperbola with identical eccentricity ε — that is, it can be rotated so that it opens in the desired direction and can be translated ( rigidly moved in the plane ) so that it is centered at the origin.
* Screenplays: Aguirre, The Wrath of God, Every Man For Himself and God Against All & Land of Silence and Darkness ( translated by Alan Greenberg & Martje Herzog ; Tanam, New York, ISBN 0-934378-03-7 )
" A man's home is his castle " is translated in Gor as, " Every man is an Ubar within the circle of his sword " ( The Ubar is a war-leader, a General who takes power at a time of crisis, and whose rule is tantamount to tyrant until the crisis is resolved.
* Le libraire ( 1960 ) ( translated as Not for Every Eye )
During this period he lived with the French poet Pierre Martory, whose books Every Question but One ( 1990 ), The Landscape Is behind the door ( 1994 ) and The Landscapist he has translated ( 2008 ), as he has Jean Perrault ( Camouflage ), Max Jacob ( The Dice Cup ), Pierre Reverdy and Raymond Roussel.
Every Java 2D operation is subject to a transform, so that shapes may be translated, rotated, sheared, and scaled as they are drawn.
Its open mottos are Vir Quisque Vir ( Latin ) Every Man a Man ; Per Crucem Crescens ( Latin ) translated variously as Crescent in the Cross or Growth through the Cross ; and Χαλεπα Τα Καλα ( Greek ) Naught Without Labor.
An example for a word play that can be translated into English, also characterizing the general message transmitted by Attwenger, can be found on dog: " A jeder mensch zöd, a jeder mensch zöd sei göd "-" Every man counts, every man counts his money ".
Every locale, landmark and character kept their name, with the only difference that the theme was translated into English.

Every and file
Every computer system provides at least one file-manager program for its native file system.
Every library module has at least two source files: a definitions file specifying the library's interface plus one or more program files specifying the implementation of the procedures in the interface.
Every line of a GEDCOM file begins with a level number where all top-level records ( HEAD, TRLR, SUBN, and each INDI, FAM, OBJE, NOTE, REPO, SOUR, and SUBM ) begin with a line with level 0, while other level numbers are positive integers.
Every month, a employer must file a complete IR348 Employer monthly schedule with the IRD, stating the income and deductions of each employee.
Every time the MFT cannot be extended due to some file being in the way, the MFT will gain a fragment.
Every definition existing in the CIM repository is initially defined in an MOF file.
Every taxpayer is obliged to file their tax returns on time.
Every file has a version number, which defaults to 1 if no other versions of the same filename are present ( otherwise one higher than the greatest version ).
Every time a file is saved, rather than overwriting the existing version, a new file with the same name but an incremented version number is created.
Every read of a message will require starting a separate program, a directory scan in a large directory and a file open before the data can even be accessed.
Every user has a file which contains a list of standard abbreviations for common commands, command strings, or commands with common variables.
Every non-empty file must have at least one fork, and depending on the file system, a file may have one or more other associated forks, which in turn may contain primary data integral to the file, or just metadata.
Every name space requires its own separate directory entry for each file.
Every key in this file is associated with a particular pointer to a record in the sorted data file.
Every key in this file is associated with a particular pointer to the block in the sorted data file.
Every window, tag, and column is represented in the virtual filesystem, and windows are controlled by manipulating their file objects ( in fact, the configuration file is just a script interfacing the virtual files ).
Every user's. class are processed by NanoVM's Converter which transforms it into one bytecode file.

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