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:: and Federal
:: Example 1 ( parliamentary republic ): Article 59 ( 1 ) of the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany states:
:: Example 2 ( parliamentary republic ): According to Chapter V, Article 60 ( 2 ) of the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany:
:: Former Article 23 of the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany
:: Example: This Court has repeatedly held that " the pendency of an action in the state court is no bar to proceedings concerning the same matter in the Federal court having jurisdiction.
:: Example: The Federal Courts of Appeals have reached the same conclusion in applying the federal hearsay rule.
:: For more information, see Relationship of American Jews to the U. S. Federal Government ( pre-20th century ).
:: Federal Information Processing Standard ( FIPS ) two-letter
The Critics Are Unanimous :: Lasar's Letter on the Federal Communications Commission
* Law enforcement groups have been lobbying for years for FCC Internet wiretapping plan :: Lasar's Letter on the Federal Communications Commission
:: Title XIV consists of seven sections which contains the establishment of a program to deputize volunteer pilots of air carriers providing passenger air transportation or intrastate passenger air transportation as Federal law enforcement officers to defend the flight decks of aircraft of such air carriers against acts of criminal violence or air piracy.
Gilliam Park :: Jesse Clay, the first owner of the land, is thought to have emigrated from Bradford County, Virginia and first settled in Jasper County, Georgia, where he shows on the Federal Census of 1820 along with his wife, children, and six slaves.

:: and File
File :: Abensberg RegensburgerTor. jpg | Regensburg Gate
File :: St Mary Abchurch-Painted Interior of Dome. jpg | St.
File :: Starr 070515-7041 Osmoxylon lineare. jpg | Osmoxylon lineare.
File :: Illustration Hydrocotyle vulgaris0. jpg |( Hydrocotyle vulgaris )
File :: Edificio Europa Leon. jpg | The Europa Building.
File :: Alizaryna. svg | alizarin
File :: The_Spa_and_the_Grand_Hotel, _Scarborough_-_geograph. org. uk_-_807308. jpg | The Spa and the Grand Hotel
File :: Lake nero. jpg | Lake Nero
Dominus is the author of several Perl modules, including < tt > Text :: Template </ tt >, < tt > Memoize </ tt >, and < tt > Tie :: File </ tt >.
:: File: C-command 02. png
:: File: Einstein solids 1. svg
:: File: Einstein solids 2. svg
File :: Funchal-Zantedeschia aethiopica IMG 1904. JPG | Funchal
File :: Kendall County tx seal. png | Seal of Kendall County

:: and Nine
:: Lisa Chappell, McLeod's Daughters, Nine Network ( 1st nomination )
:: Aaron Jeffery, McLeod's Daughters, Nine Network
:: Myles Pollard, McLeod's Daughters, Nine Network
:: Lisa Chappell, McLeod's Daughters, Nine Network
:: Bridie Carter, McLeod's Daughters, Nine Network
:: Jamie Durie, Backyard Blitz and The Block, Nine Network
:: McLeod's Daughters, Nine Network
:: Daniel Frederiksen, Stingers, Nine Network
:: Luke van Dyck, DIY Rescue and Renovation Rescue, Nine Network
:: Simmone Jade Mackinnon, McLeod's Daughters, Nine Network
:: Katrina Milosevic, Stingers, Nine Network
:: The NRL Footy Show, Nine Network
:: The AFL Footy Show, Nine Network
:: Australia's Funniest Home Video Show, Nine Network
:: Merrick and Rosso: Unplanned, Nine Network
:: Who Wants to Be a Millionaire ?, Nine Network
:: McLeod's Daughters, Nine Network
:: The Block, Nine Network
:: RPA, Nine Network
:: Backyard Blitz, Nine Network
:: DIY Rescue, Nine Network
:: Getaway, Nine Network
:: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Nine Network
:: ER, Nine Network
:: Friends, Nine Network

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