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Finally and some
Finally, there is the undeniable fact that some of the finest American fiction is being written by Jews, but it is not Jewish fiction ; ;
Finally, it gives sanctity, more than human legitimacy, and even, through super-empirical reference, transcendent and supernatural importance to some values ; ;
Finally, since the public requires some restraint on the part of the companies, larger wage increases call for less than proportionately larger price increases ( e.g., if a wage increase of 5% allows a price increase of 7%, a wage increase of 10% allows a price increase of something less than 14% ).
Finally, some archaeologists consider broch sites individually, doubting that there ever was a single common purpose for which every broch was constructed.
Finally, different SAT solvers will find different instances easy or hard, and some excel at proving unsatisfiability, and others at finding solutions.
* Finally, some consider the name a reference to the Virgin Mary, whose proverbial gentleness can be likened to the gentleness of this cooking technique.
Finally, and most noticeably, Banda Malay uses some distinct pronouns.
Finally, belief in the power of such a cabal is an implicit assertion of human dignity – an often unconscious but necessary affirmation that man is not totally helpless, but is responsible, at least in some measure, for his own destiny.
Finally, even after accepting the various alterations admitted by Homer, some lines remain impossible to scan, e. g. Iliad I. 108 “ not a good word spoken nor brought to pass ”:
Finally, even during climatic extremes, some parts of the continent always remain relatively exempt: for example, the tropical north stays fairly warm and wet in all climatic circumstances ; alpine valleys are less affected by drought, and so on.
Finally, it has been averred that ethical egoism is no better than bigotry in that, like racism, it divides people into two types — themselves and others — and discriminates against one type on the basis of some arbitrary disparity.
Finally, some define it to be everything that most people believe in.
Finally, some theorists place emotions within a more general category of " affective states " where affective states can also include emotion-related phenomena such as pleasure and pain, motivational states ( for example, hunger or curiosity ), moods, dispositions and traits.
Finally, past life leaves some markers that cannot be seen but can be detected in the form of biochemical signals ; these are known as chemofossils or biomarkers.
Finally Marlow was left with some personal letters and the photograph of the girl's portrait-Kurtz's fiancée, his intended.
Finally, some countries have laws enforcing balance in state-owned media.
Finally, some of the originators of quantum theory ( notably Einstein and Schrödinger ) were unhappy with what they thought were the philosophical implications of quantum mechanics.
Finally, the union of some combinations of eggs and sperm might be more compatible than others ; this is termed compatibility selection.
Finally, some so-called OBE critics oppose non-OBE reforms that were presented as a part of a wide-ranging reform " package ", rather than opposing OBE itself.
Finally, the relative frequency of straights versus three of a kind is also sensitive to the deck composition ( and to the number of cards dealt ), so some places may consider three of a kind to be superior to a straight, but the difference is small enough that this complication is not necessary for most games.
Finally, some American courts have held that local law will be applied if the injury occurred in an " uncivilized place that has no law or legal system.
Finally, at least some pterosaur groups had a membrane that stretched between the legs, possibly connecting to or incorporating the tail, called the uropatagium ; the extent of this membrane isn't certain, as studies on Sordes seem to suggest that it simply connected the legs but did not involve the tail ( rendering it a cruropatagium ).
Finally, in December 1894, the Qing government took some concrete steps to reform military institutions and to re-train selected units in westernized drills, tactics and weaponry.
Finally, because there are many factors that could lead to some of the effects previously listed, some patients are not aware that they suffer from sleep apnea and are either misdiagnosed, or just ignore the symptoms altogether.

Finally and 2
Finally, the image here is an anamorphic image used to create a 2. 39: 1 aspect ratio when projected through an anamorphic lens.
Finally, Justinian dispatched a force of approximately 35, 000 men ( 2, 000 men were detached and sent to invade southern Visigothic Spain ) under the command of Narses.
Finally, the mere fact that so many copies of Windows were shipping to users ( whom OS / 2 advocates viewed as uncritical and uninformed ), coupled with the fact that so many in the industry had so much riding on the success of OS / 2, created conditions ripe for so many trying to take matters into their own hands.
Finally, it's worth looking out these 2 last maps, although they include " other zones " as well.
Finally, 16 % was represented by the " Sisley " brand and 2 % by " Playlife ".
Finally, ribavirin is known to enhance host T-cell-mediated immunity against viral infection through helping to switch the host T-cell phenotype from type 2 to type 1.
Finally, we may " cancel out " the numbers 1, 2, ..., p − 1 from both sides of this equation, obtaining
Finally on 2 October the 49th was actively involved in heavy combat at the Battle of Alkmaar, where they acquitted themselves well only sustaining thirty-three fatalities.
Finally, in frustration, Dutch Henry said, " If you ’ ll go 2 miles up this creek, you ’ ll find plenty wood.
Finally, completing the game enables the player to create a System File game save, allowing them to unlock a bonus in Phantasy Star Generation: 2.
Finally, the stoichiometric oxidant regenerates the osmium tetroxide-ligand complex ( 2 ).
Finally AVUS hosted its only world championship Formula One with the 1959 German Grand Prix on 2 August, won by Tony Brooks.
Finally, on 1 January 1971, the rural municipalities of Fjære ( pop: 6, 189 ) and Landvik ( pop: 2, 781 ) were merged into the town of Grimstad ( pop: 2, 794 ) to form a significantly larger municipality with a total population of 11, 764 at the time of the merger.
Finally in 1888 Chile annexed Easter Island, located some 2, 000 miles west of Valparaíso, and by occupying Easter Island, Chile joined the imperial nations.
Finally, on 2 February 1860, he was elected to the Académie Française, filling the seat of Alexis de Tocqueville, whose eulogy he had delivered.
) Finally, if λ < κ, then it can't be the case that κ ≤ 2 < sup > λ </ sup >.
Finally, he put out a budget plan that claimed to save $ 2. 35 trillion over ten years through a repeal of the Bush tax cuts, sharing the cost of the Iraq War with other nations, and cutting government waste.
Finally Eisenhower called a meeting for 2 May with Montgomery, Cunningham and Tedder where Montgomery made new proposals to concentrate the Allied effort on the south east corner of Sicily, discarding the intended landings close to Palermo.
Finally, on June 30, 1870 the treaty was voted on by the Senate and defeated having failed to gain the required 2 / 3 majority for treaty passage.
Finally, there is the blatant disclaimer at the close of Henry IV, Part 2 that discriminates between the two figures: " for Oldcastle died martyr, and this is not the man " ( Epilogue, 29 – 32 ).
Finally, in March 1955, the park was reopened free of charge to the public and from June 2 of the same year, Maximilian ’ s residence was named the Historical Museum of Miramare Castle and entrusted to the Sopraintendenza per i Beni Architettonici ed il Paesaggio e per il Patrimonio Storico, Artistico ed Etnoantropologico of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region.
Finally, in 2002, the leading ' 0 ' was changed to a ' 2 ' ( for geographic numbers ):

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