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From and Bristol
From here, in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, coaches departed by various routes to Dover, Brighton, Bath, Bristol, Cambridge, Holyhead and York.
* From the Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society " The Battle of Deorham " by T. G. P. Hallett, 1883-84, Vol.
* From the Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society " The Battle of Dyrham AD 577 " by William St. Clair-Baddeley, 1929, Vol.
From its earliest days Bristol was a center of milling.
From 1837 to 1844 he was Assistant Curator in the Bristol Museum, a post he relinquished to join the staff of the British Geological Survey in London.
From 1841, Millerite evangelists appeared in Great Britain, also, though he never travelled there himself. In addition to the nearly $ 1000 that Miller and Himes spent supplying literature to enquirers and evangelists in Great Britain ; “ there is evidence that Liverpool, Bristol, and other ports local Millerite pioneers borrowed copies of Miller ’ s works and Adventist magazines from visiting American sea captains and merchants .” As well as utilizing imported American literature, two Millerite papers were published locally in Great Britain: the Second Advent Harbinger in Bristol, and the British Midnight Cry in Liverpool.
From 1768 there were a number of grand schemes proposed, all with the aim of linking the Bristol Channel to the English Channel by a waterway, thereby avoiding the need to navigate by sea around Cornwall and Devon.
From there, the fast light cruisers Glasgow and Bristol would patrol seeking Spee, summoning reinforcements if they found him.
From his third marriage, the 6th Marquess had three children: Frederick Hervey, 8th Marquess of Bristol, Lady Victoria Hervey and Lady Isabella Hervey.
From there he recognised the needs of the seafarers on the four hundred sailing vessels in the Bristol Channel and created the Bristol Channel Mission.
From Queen Square the A4 carries on to Queen Square Place and Charlotte Street, before heading along the Upper Bristol Road by Royal Victoria Park to Newbridge Road.
From there it turns back towards the Floating Harbour via Anchor Road past the @ Bristol Science Museum.
From September 2004 to September 2007, Gernon conducted a De Beers-funded Ph. D. on the volcanic eruption mechanisms of diamond-bearing rocks at the Department of Earth Sciences, University of Bristol.
From 1956, there was the option of Bristol Cars ' two-litre straight-six with 3 downdraught carburettors and slick four-speed gearbox.
From Bristol Polytechnic, he gained an MSc in Information Technology in 1990.
From 1970 he worked as a research immunologist at Beecham Research Laboratory until 1972 when he became a Research Fellow at the University of Bristol, he remained at Bristol until his election to Parliament, becoming a Fellow in 1976 and a lecturer in the Pathology Department in 1981.
From Bristol Polytechnic in 1981, she gained a Diploma in Special Education.
From 1876 to 1964 the town had a railway station, originally on a branch from a junction at Berkeley Road on the Bristol and Gloucester Railway.
" From early days the Constable of Bristol Castle, the king's officer in the area, was also the Chief Ranger of the Kingswood Forest and the first of these recorded is Ella who died in 920.
From the 11th century onwards Glastonbury Abbey became the centre of a large water-borne transport network as further canalisations and new channels were made in the region, including the diversion of the Brue to afford access to the important estate at Meare and an easier route to the Bristol Channel.
From the name of the Assegai, it can be assumed that the aircraft is of delta configuration, and it can be assumed that it is a re-labeling of Fairey FD-2 supersonic prototype powered by the Bristol Orpheus turbojet.

From and Bath
On the very day that the parliamentary session began, another `` Infamous Libel '' appeared, entitled A Letter From The Facetious Dr. Andrew Tripe, At Bath, To The Venerable Nestor Ironside.
From the back garden of his house in New King Street, Bath, and using a, ( f / 13 ) Newtonian telescope " with a most capital speculum " of his own manufacture, in October 1779, Herschel began a systematic search for such stars among " every star in the Heavens ", with new discoveries listed through 1792.
From Bath to Netham Lock where it divides into the New Cut and the Floating Harbour is.
From September 1863 Stalbridge was served by Stalbridge railway station on the Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway, with trains to Bath and Bournemouth.
From 1999 to 2002, under the captaincy of Martin Johnson and the management of Dean Richards, who became Director of Rugby for the club in February 1998, they won four consecutive Premiership titles and the first Zürich Championship play-offs, bringing their total of league championships to six — tied with Bath for most wins.
From 1860 the town was an important stop on the Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway, which ran from Bath to Bournemouth until the line closed in 1966.
From the M4, the A46 heads to Bath, ending at its junction with the A4 to the east of the city.
From AD 950 to 1650, Frome was larger than Bath and originally grew due to the wool and cloth industry.
#: From the album Live at Moles Club, Bath
From 1884 a number of the single line sections were made double track, to improve handling of the heavy train service, and by 1905 about two-thirds of the main line mileage was double track, and trains could now run throughout from Bath to Bournemouth with reasonable convenience, excepting only the awkward arrangement at Templecombe.
From 1999, she trained at the University of Bath and, following her retirement from competition, she continued as a regional co-ordinator for the British Judo Association.
From 1997, Wansdyke covered the part of Bath and North East Somerset not in the Bath constituency.
From 2002 until 2011 she was involved in charitable fund-raising in Bath, as Chairman of The Egg Appeal ( to built a dedicated theatre for young people ), as President of the Royal United Hospital appeal to built a new NICU ( Neonatal Intensive Care ) unit, and as Chair of the 2010 appeal to refurbish the Theatre Royal Bath.
From the Trowbridge Public records office ( 10 / 3 / 00 ) The original story from the Bath Chronicle weekly gazette ( 23 July 1761 ).
From here, there are clear views north to Bristol, east to Bath and the Cotswold Hills, and south over Stanton Drew stone circles to Chew Valley Lake and the Mendip Hills.
From 12 December 2005, Bath presented Seven News Sydney until the end of 2005.
From May, Bath swapped roles with Ann Sanders to present the weekend evening news in Sydney as well as Fridays.

From and waterway
From Hook of Holland it stretches for approximately where the waterway continues as the Nieuwe Maas.
From the Thames Lock, the canal and the River Brent are one and the same, and the waterway is semi-tidal until the double Gauging Lock ( lock 100 ) at Brentford is reached.
From just before Newbridge, where the modern A614 road crosses the waterway, this branch of the navigation runs parallel to the Dutch River, an artificial channel built in 1635 to alleviate flooding caused by Cornelius Vermuyden's original diversion of the River Don northwards to the River Aire in 1628.
From an aircraft flying out of Baltra Island ( on the right ) and the Santa Cruz Island ( Galápagos ) | Santa Cruz ( on the left ), the Itabaca Channel is the waterway in the middle where water taxis take people in between and to waiting boats off shore waiting for multi day cruises.
From the mountainous area, Đồng Nai River, an inland waterway, flows southeast through Biên Hòa City, Ho Chi Minh City, and villages along its way.
From the earliest times until the opening of the Erie Canal in 1825, the lake was part of the most important waterway connecting the Atlantic seaboard of North America to the continental interior.
From 1740 onwards, the Oder waterway to the Baltic Sea and the new Pomeranian port of Swinemünde ( Świnoujście ) were constructed.
From 1889, when the Unstrut Railway ( Unstrutbahn ), was built alongside the river, the significance of the waterway as a transport route was much reduced.
From colonial America up to the late 19th century, the Salmon River was an important waterway to not only Native Americans but to the settlers.
From this point until its eastern terminus, the highway travels alongside a parcel of the North Channel Inshore Provincial Park, a waterway park scattered along the North Channel shoreline.
From Bourne, the tidal waterway known to archaeologists as the Bourne-Morton Canal and to the Middle Ages as the Old Ea, seems to have given Bourne access by boat to the sea, which lay only at the far end of Bourne North Fen.

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