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also and appeared
and it is to be noted also that confidence should grow from remembering that great men often appeared in the past to turn local catastrophe into future good for all mankind.
A shortened version of the highly regarded Remington 742 autoloader also appeared in 1961.
Somewhat to his surprise he found that one girl, whom he would never have considered for the job since she had appeared somewhat mousy and also had been in the office a relatively short time, did the most outstanding job of playing the role of receptionist, showing wit, sparkle, and aplomb.
Nevertheless, in spite of Rutherford's estimation that gold had a central charge of about 100 ( but was element Z = 79 on the periodic table ), a month after Rutherford's paper appeared, Antonius van den Broek first formally suggested that the central charge and number of electrons in an atom was exactly equal to its place in the periodic table ( also known as element number, atomic number, and symbolized Z ).
Christie also used material from her fictional creation, spinster Caroline Sheppard, who appeared in The Murder of Roger Ackroyd.
Rutherford also appeared briefly as Miss Marple in the spoof Hercule Poirot adventure The Alphabet Murders ( 1965 ).
Pausanias also relates that a gigantic skeleton, its kneecap in diameter, appeared on the beach near Sigeion, on the Trojan coast ; these bones were identified as those of Ajax.
He also appeared independently in the legends of the Britons, beginning with the 9th-century Historia Brittonum.
Footage of the waves of the Andaman Islands also appeared in the film " Thicker than Water ", shot by cinematographer Jack Johnson, who later achieved worldwide fame as a popular musician.
This second post he seems also to have left after a short interval, for he appeared again in Constantinople, and narrowly escaped death at the hands of the brothers of Eudoxia.
A fragment of his treatise On burning-glasses was published as (" Concerning wondrous machines ") by L. Dupuy in 1777, and also appeared in 1786 in the forty-second volume of the Histoire de l ' Academie des Instrumentistes.
It is also possible to ignore the 68k CPU and run Linux on the PPC ( project Linux APUS ), but a PowerPC native AmigaOS promised by Amiga Technologies GmbH was not available when the PowerUP boards first appeared.
Carolla has also appeared on the network reality television programs Dancing with the Stars and The Celebrity Apprentice.
He also appeared as himself on The Ed Sullivan Show, Sid Caesar's Your Show of Shows, The Red Skelton Show, The Merv Griffin Show, The Mike Douglas Show, and guested on Ralph Edwards ' This Is Your Life on February 12, 1961 with honoree Peter Palmer.
A notable example was Phil Katz's PKARC ( and later PKZIP, using the same ". zip " algorithm that WinZip and other popular archivers now use ); also other concepts of software distribution like freeware, postcardware like JPEGview and donationware like Red Ryder for the Macintosh first appeared on BBS sites.
He also mentioned her by name in " I Shall Be Free ", which appeared on his second album, The Freewheelin ' Bob Dylan.
The Washington Nationals also have only appeared as the Montreal Expos.
She also appeared in several motion pictures, including Cat People with Malcolm McDowell.
He has also appeared in an inset on the cover twice.
She has also appeared in several comic book series, including the Sláine, which featured two runs, titled " Demon Killer " and " Queen of Witches " giving a free interpretation of Boudica's story.
He also has occasionally appeared with the " Original Comets " at the Bubba Mac Shack in Somers Point, New Jersey from 2004-2011, and at the Twin Bar re-dedication ceremony in Gloucester City, New Jersey, in 2007.
He also mentored directors such as Sydney Pollack and John Frankenheimer and appeared in several television films.
Apart from acting in a total of seventeen films produced by Harold Hecht, Lancaster also appeared in eight films produced by Hal B. Wallis.
The main Breakfast presenters have also appeared on the channel since it was first launched as a simulcast programme in 2000, with the current presenters being Bill Turnbull, Susanna Reid ( Mondays to Wednesdays ), Louise Minchin and Charlie Stayt ( Thursdays, Ftidays and weekends ).
The special " O " s that had appeared sometimes in the last year were also kept.

also and number
This apparatus will also be used to measure transition probabilities of a large number of other elements.
Since then, there has been a notable increase in the number of stations and also the accumulation of additional data and the development of new techniques for using it, leading to a better understanding of propagation phenomena.
`` We also do a number of things to build up the prestige of the engineer as a ' professional ' and also to give public recognition to individual technical competence.
A number of religions also satisfy for many the need of being linked with the ultimate and eternal.
The number of dictionary forms skipped since the last one matched is also saved.
Thomas also presents a simple equation for deriving an index of persistence, which weights not only the number of stems ( ' roots ' ) per meaning, but their relative frequency.
While the method of interviewing a small number of companies was appealing because of the opportunity it might have furnished to probe fully the reasons and circumstances of a company's practices and opinions, it also involved the risk of paying undue attention to the unique and peculiar problems of just a few individual companies.
Although a large number of coatings systems, particularly at low thicknesses fail cohesively by the cutting mechanism, frequently a second type of cohesive failure may also take place.
We also see how the results may be presented, although if n, the number of state variables, is large any tabulation will become cumbersome.
He also reminded himself that he had an unusual number of possibilities.
The job also covers a number of other items.
Mrs. Marr also has a number of parolees to `` mother '', watching to see that they do not break their parole and that they also learn to readjust to society.
If one takes the middle number, 5, and multiplies it by 3 ( the base number of the magic square of three ), the result is 15, which is also the constant sum of all the rows, columns, and two main diagonals.
All this emphasis on Centrality and on the number 5 as a symbolic expression of the Center, which seems to have begun as far back as 400 B.C., also may conceivably have led to the development of the Five-Elements School and the subsequent efforts to fit everything into numerical categories of five.
They applauded every number, not only at its conclusion but also at the first statement of the theme -- sometimes at the first chord.
Research also suggests that the number of bystanders witnessing distress or suffering affects the likelihood of helping ( the Bystander effect ).
Toward the turn of the twentieth century, a number of anthropologists became dissatisfied with this categorization of cultural elements ; historical reconstructions also came to seem increasingly speculative to them.
Structuralism also influenced a number of developments in 1960s and 1970s, including cognitive anthropology and componential analysis.
In chemistry and physics, the atomic number ( also known as the proton number ) is the number of protons found in the nucleus of an atom and therefore identical to the charge number of the nucleus.

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