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conceded and also
This word is usually conceded to be derived from the Hebrew ( Aramaic ), meaning " Thou art our father " ( אב לן את ), and also occurs in connection with Abrasax ; the following inscription is found upon a metal plate in the Carlsruhe Museum:
After widespread criticism of the situation, the government also conceded that maids having advanced renewal of contract would not be required to leave Hong Kong through the discretion exercised by the Director of Immigration, and employers would benefit from the waiver simply by renewing the contract within the two-year period, admitting that some employers could benefit from the waiver for up to 4 years.
By 1247, Ayyub had reoccupied most of the territory that had been conceded in 1239, and had also gained control of Damascus.
The Duke, in acknowledgment to the once so fêted writer, conceded her, in 1837, a small pension and invited her, and also Adele, to live in Jena.
Abbott conceded that the political threat One Nation posed to the Howard Government was " a very big factor " in his decision to pursue the legal attack, but he also claimed to be acting " in Australia's national interest ".
British historian David Pryce-Jones conceded that Hobsbawm was " no doubt intelligent and industrious, and he might well have made a notable contribution as a historian ", but also charged that, as a professional historian who has " steadily corrupted knowledge into propaganda, and scorns the concept of objective truth ", he was " neither a historian nor professional.
Cotto's camp also conceded the larger share of the purse to Pacquiao, who received a 65 % share of pay-per-view buys, compared to Cotto's 35 % share.
Of course, when first conceded, such an indulgence, and also the privilege annexed of choosing a confessor who had power to absolve from reserved cases, was a much rarer spiritual boon than it has since become.
Boniface founded the Kingdom of Thessalonica and also held all the territories lied east of Bosphorus and territories in Crete, though he later conceded Crete to
As a concession made by < span lang =" fr "> Lamartine </ span > to popular aspirations, and in exchange of the maintaining of the tricolor flag, he conceded the Republican triptych of < span lang =" fr "> Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité </ span >, written on the flag, on which a red rosette was also to be added.
Shankly also worked on set pieces such as throw-ins and had a successful method of counter-attacking from corners conceded.
They also rented a larger facility at 991 Tennessee Street in which to shoot some of their films ; nevertheless, even their fans conceded that Mitchell movies ranged in quality from mediocre to atrocious.
However, he also conceded that his love of composing overrode that darker thought.
Indeed, Irenaeus also noted that " Anicetus conceded to Polycarp in the Church the celebration of the Eucharist, by way of showing him respect "; Anicetus and Polycarp parted in peace leaving the question unsettled.
" The article conceded that a changed market also made conditions difficult for the XM: " While the CX before it sold well to successful types who needed something big and futuristic, by the time the XM came along their thoughts were turning towards the slickly packaged prestige of BMW and Benz.
By the time of the Treaty of Arras it was clear that the split had hardened, and Orange therefore finally conceded defeat and signed the Union of Utrecht on 3 May 1579, while encouraging the Flemish and Brabant cities in Protestant hands to also join the Union.
The later German emperors were also conceded the title " basileus of the Franks ".
While admitting excitement at the achievement, Wallace also conceded, " There's no way we could be out there racing at those speeds ... it would be insane to think we could have a pack of cars out there doing that.
Algeria had also won two games, including a shocking surprise over Germany in the opener, but among the three teams that had won two games, was eliminated based on goal difference, having conceded two late goals in their 3 – 2 win over Chile.
Lamartine opposed popular aspirations, and in exchange of the maintaining of the tricolor flag, conceded the Republican motto of Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité, written on the flag, on which a red rosette was also to be added.
Dunkleman conceded that he experienced several months of depression, and also still harbored resentment against current show host Ryan Seacrest, but has come to terms with his situation.
He also holds the UEFA Champions League record for the most consecutive clean sheets, having not conceded a goal in 10 matches whilst at Arsenal.
When announcing his result, Hawking also conceded the 1997 bet, paying Preskill with a baseball encyclopedia " from which information can be retrieved at will.
They also conceded 19 goals during the 6 group phase games which is still a tied negative record in Champions League as of 2010.

conceded and ran
Carnegie officials conceded that the AA essentially ran the Homestead plant after the 1889 strike.
When Tommy and Kim ran against each other to become class president, they bickered until Tommy conceded the race.
In their two Tests against France, the Australians ran in 96 points and conceded just a single penalty.
In what was his final game for the club he was assaulted by one of his own fans when a fan ran on to the pitch to confront him moments after he had conceded the first goal in a 3 – 0 defeat at Burton Albion that condemned Grimsby to relegation.
She ran again in 1984 but lost a close primary in which her opponent, Auditor General Al Benedict, originally conceded on election night but later withdrew his concession.
By kick-off time many of the Stoke players were feeling the effects and – having conceded a goal after only eight minutes – Roose ran from the pitch in search of a toilet.

conceded and out
Lenin reply was evasive, he conceded that faults had been made, but noted that if such policies had in fact been carried out the criticism of him during the 9th Party Congress could not have occurred.
The particles were never observed to rise above 6 km and when combined with scavenging by clouds gave the smoke a short residency time in the atmosphere and localized its effects ; Professor Carl Sagan of the Turco, Toon, Ackerman, Pollack, Sagan ( TTAPS ) study hypothesized in January 1991 that enough smoke from the fires " might get so high as to disrupt agriculture in much of South Asia ...." Sagan later conceded in his book The Demon-Haunted World that this prediction did not turn out to be correct: " it was pitch black at noon and temperatures dropped 4 °– 6 ° C over the Persian Gulf, but not much smoke reached stratospheric altitudes and Asia was spared.
In the final story of season 15, The Invasion of Time, the Fourth Doctor conceded, " Not even the sonic screwdriver can get me out of this one.
He points out that ' the pseudonymous view is ... more vulnerable than most of its advocates conceded.
In an accord with the EU, the Swiss government conceded in 1999 that by 2004 the village would phase out use of the name.
The remnants just escaped annihilation, conceded defeat, began migrating out of the Mongolian steppes and disappeared as a distinct group of herdsmen once and for all.
These were conceded partly out of expediency and partly because the Qing officials did not yet know of international law or understand the long term consequences.
At first, President Adams attempted to intervene with federal troops, but Troup called out the militia, and Adams, fearful of a civil war, conceded.
" American government officials such as Harry Hopkins conceded that the Soviet position on the predominance of the Lublin Poles in any provisional government comported with the compromises worked out at Yalta.
But at Yalta, Roosevelt and Churchill largely conceded to Stalin's demands to annex the territory which in the Nazi-Soviet Pact he and Hitler had agreed to the Soviet Union controlling, including Kresy, and to carry out Polish population transfers ( 1944 – 1946 ).
For several years EISA and MCA battled it out in the server arena, but in 1996 IBM effectively conceded defeat when they themselves produced some EISA bus servers.
" Also, Robinson said " Tim was like Superman out there ", and conceded that the Lakers were simply better, just like in the last playoffs campaign.
However, in the final Arsenal lost in extra time to Real Zaragoza, with a spectacular last-minute goal from Nayim from 45 yards out catching Seaman off his line, it was noted that there were only seconds left of extra time when Seaman conceded.
In April 2012 speech at Harvard University, Vogue Italia editor Franca Sozzani conceded that the fashion industry may be a cause of the recent rise in eating disorders, but that the industry was being unfairly singled out for blame: " How can all this be possibly caused by fashion?
In 1637, Governor De L ’ Olive conceded a parcel of land to the Dominican monks, from the Fathers ’ river to that of Baillif, and today these mark out the boundary of the town.
Although he at first called Gotch " the greatest man by far I ever met ," and explained how his muscles had become stale and his feet had given out, and that he knew he could not win and therefore conceded the match, Hackenschmidt later reversed his opinion of Gotch and Americans in general, claiming to have been fouled by Gotch and victimized in America, and calling for a rematch in Europe.
Brown subsequently conceded that when he had " used the phrase ' an agent ' to describe someone who turned out to be I. F.
" ( Letter 210 ) In the DVD commentary for Peter Jackson's film adaptation of The Return of the King, Jackson and Fran Walsh joke that not using the Eagles to travel directly to Mount Doom was a plot hole, at which point Philippa Boyens angrily points out to them that the Flying Nazgûl would have intercepted them had they attempted this, and it simply became a common joke that it was a plot hole because the Flying Nazgûl were not introduced in the first film, a point to which Jackson and Walsh humbly conceded.
On April 17, 1953, Nazimuddin was dismissed and forced out of the government, and conceded his defeat in 1954 general elections, and was succeeded by another Bengali statesman Muhammad Ali Bogra.
In November 1997, Given conceded a strange goal against Coventry City when, after collecting a cross, he rolled the ball out in preparation to make a long clearance.
conceded that Majerus listed six moths on exposed tree trunks ( out of 47 ), but argued that this was " an insignificant proportion ".
The Test wicket-keeper who has conceded least byes per Test ( out of all those who have played 10 Tests or more ) is Denis Lindsay, with 20 byes conceded in the 15 Tests in which he kept wicket ; most of the best keepers in this regard have averaged around 3 or 4 byes per Test.
Unable to retain possession or pose an attacking threat, they fell deep and late on Phil Neville, playing out of position at left-back, conceded a penalty scored by Ioan Ganea in the 89th minute.

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