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Page "adventure" ¶ 376
from Brown Corpus
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could and move
He never could keep still, even when he didn't move his feet.
the particle would then move toward the nose, where it could be wiped out with a wisp of cotton.
They threatened constantly to give the British a hold on this region, from whence they could move easily down the rivers to the French settlements near the Gulf.
He was invulnerable to attack, but he could be handled, Mickey knew, if he could be brought to make the first move.
Before Roberts could move inside to cut upward toward his face, he slammed his right fist into Roberts' belly.
The battalion chief said he had just gotten into his 1958 model automobile to move it from the driveway of his home so that he could take his other car to work.
Linda Evans felt more wretched than she had ever dreamed Bobbie's death could move her to feeling.
She became aware that two Italian workmen, carrying a large azalea pot, were standing before her and wanted her to move so that they could begin arranging a new row of the display.
According to the Greek tradition the Dipylon master was named Daedalus, and in his statues the limbs were freed from the body, giving the impression that the statues could move.
Beauregard's move to the west contributed to the movement of the Union commanders into action against the forts so they could act before, in their view, Beauregard could make a difference in the theater.
Rank, she observes, helped her move back and forth between what she could verbalize in her journals and what remained unarticulated.
His attorney Bob Bennett stated that he only made the settlement so he could end the lawsuit for good and move on with his life.
Pearl was the relative who prodded Jed to move to California, after being told his modest property could yield $ 25 million.
The Bastarnae tried to retreat into the forest but were hampered by the wagon-train carrying their women and children, as these could not move through the trees.
At this level students could start to move on their own.
Witnesses who were not called to the Widgery Tribunal stated that Wray was calling out that he could not move his legs before he was shot the second time.
In 442 BC, no consuls were elected, but military tribunes with consular power were appointed instead ; this was a move by the plebeians to try to attain higher magistracies: only patricians could be elected consuls, while some military tribunes were plebeians.
Making the most of the cavernous stadium, Veeck had a portable center field fence installed, which he could move in or out depending on how the distance favored the Indians against their opponents in a given series.
In Hockey the reflecting bar could be changed to diagonals by twisting the controller, and could move all over the playing field.
The draugr could also move magically through the earth, swimming through solid stone as does Killer-Hrapp:
The party did not at the outset give open support to an independent Taiwanese national identity – a move that could have invited a violent crackdown by the Taiwan's Kuomintang rulers.

could and very
Horse smell was very strong, and he could hear the crunch of grain being ground between strong jaws.
`` How could the mess be admitted, because it appears to be the very opposite of form and therefore destructive of the very thing that art holds itself to be ''??
If Robinson was a liar and a slanderer, he was also a very canny gentleman, for nothing that Pike could do would pry so much as a single word out of him.
Upon second thought we were forced to realize that we have very few reliable historical benchmarks against which we might compare the present situation, and that conclusions that present-day students are `` more '' or `` less '' religious could not be defended on the basis of our data.
He could now but the weakness is very definite ; ;
An aircraft with a load of small nuclear weapons could very conceivably be given a mission to suppress all trains operating within a specified geographic area of Russia -- provided that we had used some of our ICBMs to degrade Russia's air defenses before our bombers got there.
Here, this happy, roving son of good fortune proved that he could accept the disciplines of a new social-economic order fighting for its very existence and ideals in a truculent world.
One could hear a very faint, ladylike sigh of relief.
The secondary consequences from this could be very serious and must be taken into consideration in planning for defense.
Eventually it became clear to me, partly with the aid of another schizophrenic patient who could point out my condescension to me somewhat more directly, that this man, with his condescending, `` You're welcome '', was very accurately personifying an element of obnoxious condescension which had been present in my own demeanor, over these months, on each of these occasions when I had bid him good-bye with the consoling note, each time, that the healing Christ would be stooping to dispense this succor to the poor sufferer again on the morrow.
The line soon lived up to its name, as local messages of moderate length could be sent for a dime and the company was quickly able to declare very liberal dividends on its capital stock.
It could be seen that both artists used a very thick final coat of plaster, one half inch, and that both followed the traditional Italian fresco technique as described by Cennino Cennini in the 14th Century, and current in Italy to this day.
Brumidi's son later maintained that Costaggini had compressed and mutilated his father's designs, ambitiously coveting a bit he could claim for his very own.
The bondage endurable by an oral poet is to be estimated only by a very skilful oral poet, but it appears safe to assume that no sustained narrative in rhyme could be composed without extreme difficulty, even in a language of many terminal inflections.
But if the Trial did not expose the special Nazi mania so deadly to Jews as well as to anyone upon whom it happened to light, neither did it warn very effectively against the ordinary anti-Semitism of which the Nazis made such effective use in Germany and wherever else they could find it.
From the lioness' point of view, this strange creature on the back of another creature, lashing out with its long thin paw, very likely appeared as something she could not at first cope with.
The diffusion is most pronounced and most likely to become fixed, however, in those who have had no or very minimal opportunities to develop the autonomy and initiative that could have been directed into constructive expression and so served as sources of developing self-certainty.
The expedient thing -- yes, very true, one must make do as one could, in some situations.
But if the administration should find it does not need the $28 million for a grant-in-aid program, a not unlikely conclusion, it could very well seek a way to use the money for other purposes.
If the administration does not succeed in passing the sales tax bill, or any other tax bill, it could very well be faced this spring at the fiscal session of the Legislature with an interesting dilemma.
If the Southerners were sufficiently aroused, they could very well cut the Kennedy legislative program to ribbons from their vantage point of committee chairmanships, leaving Sam Rayburn leading a truncated, unworkable party.
The tragic irony of the play is that the very belief in and concern with a devil who could be met in the woods and combatted with formulae set out in books was the very thing that prevented them from detecting the real devil when he came among them.

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