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is and founder
The founder of the Junior Showmanship Competition the late Leonard Brumby, Sr. ( for whom the trophy is named after at Westminster ) was an outstanding Handler and believed a Junior should have an opportunity to exhibit in a dog show starting with the Junior Showmanship Division.
* Naturalism, the School of Naturalists or the Yin-yang school, which synthesized the concepts of yin-yang and the Five Elements ; Zou Yan is considered the founder of this school.
Also known as Lokāyata, it is a system of Hindu philosophy that assumes various forms of philosophical skepticism and religious indifference. It is named after its founder, Cārvāka, author of the Bārhaspatya-sūtras.
Johannes Aventinus ( 1477 – 1534 ) is the city's most famous son, the founder of the study of history in Bavaria.
This latest incarnation is called the Alan Parsons Live Project, the name distinct from " The Alan Parsons Project ", due to founder Parsons ' break-up with Woolfson.
* 1975 – Bangladesh's founder Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is killed along with most members of his family during a military coup.
He is a character in Greek mythology and is mentioned in Homer's Iliad, and receives full treatment in Roman mythology as the legendary founder of what would become Ancient Rome, most extensively in Virgil's Aeneid.
Ahmad Shah Durrani ( c. 1722 – 1773 ) ( Pashto /), also known as Ahmad Shāh Abdālī ( Pashto / Persian: احمد شاه ابدالي ) and born as Ahmad < u > Kh </ u > ān, was the founder of the Durrani Empire ( Afghan Empire ) in 1747 and is regarded by many to be the founder of the modern state of Afghanistan .</ poem >
After this, he was especially known for acting as a mediator between conflicting parties ( In Cologne he is not only known for being the founder of Germany's oldest university there, but also for " the big verdict " ( der Große Schied ) of 1258, which brought an end to the conflict between the citizens of Cologne and the archbishop.
In Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels, the character of Alberto Mallich ( founder of the Unseen University and later Death's manservant Albert ) is a sly nod to Albertus Magnus in his more legendary and esoteric guise.
In Baxter's novel, Aurelianus is a minor character who interacts with the book's main Roman-era protagonist, Regina, founder of an ( literally ) underground matriarchal society.
In Alfred Duggan's Conscience of the King, a historical novel about Cerdic, founder of the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Wessex, Ambrosius Aurelianus is a Romano-British general who rose independently to military power, forming alliances with various British kings and setting out to drive the invading Saxons from Britain.
The Cinque Ports did indeed later founder off the coast of what is present-day Colombia.
He is regarded as the founder of the French school of legal humanists.
Briefly, the first Aeolus was a son of Hellen and eponymous founder of the Aeolian race ; the second was a son of Poseidon, who led a colony to islands in the Tyrrhenian Sea ; and the third Aeolus was a son of Hippotes who is mentioned in Odyssey book 10 as Keeper of the Winds who gives Odysseus a tightly closed bag full of the captured winds so he could sail easily home to Ithaca on the gentle West Wind.
Ælle's death is not recorded and although he may have been the founder of a South Saxon dynasty, there is no firm evidence linking him with later South Saxon rulers.
He is considered the founder of the Neapolitan school of opera.
The software is developed and sold by Autodesk, Inc., first released in December 1982 by Autodesk in the year following the purchase of the first form of the software by Autodesk founder, John Walker.
Modern advertising was created with the innovative techniques introduced with tobacco advertising in the 1920s, most significantly with the campaigns of Edward Bernays, which is often considered the founder of modern, Madison Avenue advertising.
As of late 2005, the area once devoted to a live-action facsimile of Dogpatch ( including a lifesize statue in the town square of Dogpatch " founder ," General Jubilation T. Cornpone ) has been heavily stripped by vandals and souvenir hunters, and is today slowly being reclaimed by the surrounding Arkansas wilderness.
Bal Keshav Thackeray (; born 23 January 1926 ), popularly known as Hindu Hriday Samraat Balasaheb Thackeray is an Indian politician, founder and chief of the Shiv Sena, a right-wing Hindu nationalist, and Marathi ethnocentric party active mainly in the western Indian state of Maharashtra.

is and Wisdom
The jewel is about long, made of filigreed gold, enclosing a highly polished piece of quartz crystal beneath which is set a cloisonné enamel plaque, with an enamelled image of a man holding floriate sceptres, perhaps personifying Sight or the Wisdom of God.
" Both from the confession of the evil spirits and from the daily witness of His works, it is manifest, then, and let none presume to doubt it, that the Savior has raised His own body, and that He is very Son of God, having His being from God as from a Father, Whose Word and Wisdom and Whose Power He is.
There is here given the whole service for every Sunday and week-day, the proper antiphons, responsories, hymns, and especially the course of daily Scripture-reading, averaging about twenty verses a day, and ( roughly ) arranged thus: for Advent, Isaiah ; Epiphany to Septuagesima, Pauline Epistles ; Lent, patristic homilies ( Genesis on Sundays ); Passion-tide, Jeremiah ; Easter to Whitsun, Acts, Catholic epistles and Apocalypse ; Whitsun to August, Samuel and Kings ; August to Advent, Wisdom books, Maccabees, Prophets.
This is reflected in the variety of views and attitudes of the biblical legislators, priests, prophets, historians, psalmists and Wisdom teachers, the hundreds of controversies among the rabbis of the Talmud and in the codes and responsa of their successors.
Therefore it is Excellent in the beginning ( Sīla — Moral principles ), Excellent in the middle ( Samadhi — Concentration ) and Excellent in the end ( Pańña — Wisdom ).
Though, when asked if there is a difference by Playboy in Ancient Gonzo Wisdom, Thompson said " Yeah, I think so.
Wisdom is " to know the thought by which all things are steered through all things ", which must not imply that people are or can be wise.
The Dialogue attributed to Aristo of Pella is believed to have furnished Justin with scriptural proof-texts on the divinity of the Messiah by combining a Wisdom Christology-Christ as the incarnation of preexistent Wisdom-with a Second Adam Christology-the first Adam was conquered by Satan, but this Fall of Man is reversed by Christ as the Second Adam who conquers Satan.
Mormons adhere to the Word of Wisdom, a health law or code that is interpreted as prohibiting the consumption of tobacco, alcohol, coffee and tea, while encouraging the use of wholesome herbs, grains, fruits, and a moderate consumption of meat.
The Word of Wisdom is also understood to forbid other harmful and addictive substances and practices, such as the use of illegal drugs and abuse of prescription drugs.
It is a social condition ordained from the beginning of the world for the wisest purposes, benevolent and disciplinary, by Divine Wisdom.
In the Book of Wisdom, the devil is represented as the being who brought death into the world.
Solomon is also noted as one of many authors of Wisdom literature.
Traditional Muslims believe that the sunnah is justified by verses such as " A similar ( favour have ye already received ) in that We have sent among you a Messenger of your own, rehearsing to you Our Signs, and sanctifying you, and instructing you in Scripture and Wisdom, and in new knowledge.
Princess Zelda is the princess of Hyrule, the guardian of the Triforce of Wisdom and the deuteragonist of the Series.
In both Kabbalistic and Neoplatonist systems, the Logos, or Divine Wisdom, is the primordial archetype of the universe, and mediates between the divine idea and the material world.
All About Eve is a 1950 American drama film written and directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz, based on the 1946 short story " The Wisdom of Eve ", by Mary Orr.
Hagia Sophia (; from the, " Holy Wisdom "; or Sancta Sapientia ; ) is a former Orthodox patriarchal basilica, later a mosque, and now a museum in Istanbul, Turkey.
Although it is sometimes referred to as Sancta Sophia ( as though it were named after Saint Sophia ), sophia is the phonetic spelling in Latin of the Greek word for wisdom – the full name in Greek being, " Shrine of the Holy Wisdom of God ".
* Fountain of Knowledge or The Fountain of Wisdom, is divided into three parts:

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