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Head and Programmes
: Head of Youth Programmes.
On 20 September 2007, it was announced that the Head of Programmes, Ric Blaxill, had resigned.
* Ric Blaxill – Head of Programmes 2004 – 2007
Programmes, such as the politically fuelled Give My Head Peace ( produced by BBC Northern Ireland ) and the soap opera River City ( produced by BBC Scotland ), have been created specifically to cater for some viewers in their respective nations, who may have found programmes created for English audiences irrelevant.
To this end, he wrote an on-spec script for the first episode of Dark Season – originally titled The Adventuresome Three – and used the BBC's internal mail system to send it directly to the Head of Children's Programmes, Anna Home.
In 1993 he left the BBC to take up a position as Head of Factual Programmes at Channel 4, having been specifically identified as a " rising star " by the channel's Chief Executive, Michael Grade.
He subsequently returned to the television side of BBC East's operations, and then became the Head of Regional and Local Programmes for the area in 2002.
Husain Husaini ( Head of Programmes ) and two Assistant Editors Kuljinder Singh and Rifat Jawaid have also left.
* 1994 – Head of Factual Programmes
The decision to dismiss Gordon was taken by Head of Programmes Charles Denton and Head Of Drama Margaret Matheson-who wanted to ditch soap opera for more expensive and lavish drama production.
By the early 1950s, Hawkins had been promoted to Head of Programmes, West Region and was keen to translate his success to the developing medium of television.
The station's Head of Programmes Ralph Bernard went on to become a very significant figure in British commercial radio as founder of Classic FM.
In March 1962, Eric Maschwitz, the Assistant and Adviser to the Controller of Programmes at BBC Television, asked Donald Wilson, the Head of the Script Department, to have his department's Survey Group prepare a study on the feasibility of the BBC producing a new science fiction television series.
BBC Yorkshire and Lincolnshire's first Head of Regional and Local Programmes ( HRLP ) was Helen Thomas, appointed in March 2004.
* John Culshaw OBE, classical record producer and Head of Music Programmes at the BBC from 1967 – 75
# Head of Children ’ s Programmes for TV-AM.
Some of these overlapped with his earlier executive positions in the BBC: Radio Network Editor, BBC Manchester 1974 – 78 ; Head of Light Entertainment ( Radio ), BBC 1978 – 80 ; Controller, BBC Radio 2 1980 – 83 ; Controller, BBC Radio 4 1983 – 86 ; Director of Programmes, BBC Radio ( later Network Radio, BBC ) 1986 – 87, Managing Director 1987 – 93 ; Vice-Chairman, BBC Enterprises 1987 – 93 ; Adviser to the Director-General, BBC 1993 – 95.
Lecturer, University of Aston, 1967-70 ; Economist, Programmes Analysis Unit, Atomic Energy Authority, Harwell, 1970-72 ; Research Associate and Deputy Head, Health Services Evaluation Group, Department of the Regius Professor of Medicine, University of Oxford, 1972-74.

Head and Wales
* Reid, Alan ( 1971 ), The Gorton Experiment, Shakespeare Head Press, Sydney, New South Wales
* Reid, Alan ( 1969 ), The Power Struggle, Shakespeare Head Press, Sydney, New South Wales.
* Reid, Alan ( 1971 ), The Gorton Experiment, Shakespeare Head Press, Sydney, New South Wales.
As found in North Head, New South Wales, there is positive correlation between rat abundance, leaf litter cover, canopy height, and litter depth.
He was given the authority to do this in England and Wales by the Act of Supremacy, passed by Parliament in 1534, which made him Supreme Head of the Church in England, thus separating England from Papal authority ; and by the First Suppression Act ( 1536 ) and the Second Suppression Act ( 1539 ).
Hat Head is a national park in New South Wales, Australia, 356 km northeast of Sydney.
: The Adventures of a notorious London Pickpocket, later Head Constable of the Infant Colony of New South Wales.
EATS pilot training schools at Evans Head, New South Wales, Cunderdin, Western Australia, Point Cook, Victoria, Essendon, Victoria and Laverton, Victoria are on state or national heritage lists.
He then served as Head of the European Community's office in Wales from 1980 to 1987.
Founder producer / director ( 1989 – 95 ) was Matthew Robinson who, after Byker Grove, became executive producer of EastEnders, Head of Drama BBC Wales and now runs Khmer Mekong Films in Cambodia.
Strumble Head Lighthouse stands on Ynys Meicel ( meaning St. Michael's Island ), a rocky island at the northwest corner of Pencaer, five miles west of the town of Fishguard, in northern Pembrokeshire, Wales.
The Cardiff Bay Barrage lies across the mouth of Cardiff Bay, Wales between Queen Alexandra Dock and Penarth Head.
Bees Head in Cumbria, the Isle of Man and on east Anglesey in north Wales.
Bridgend (;, meaning " Head of the Bridge on the Ogmore ") is a town in the Bridgend County Borough in Wales, west of the capital, Cardiff.
Little Kingshill has three pubs: The Full Moon, The Prince of Wales and The Nags Head.
She became a researcher at University College of Wales in Cardiff in 1984, before joining Shell Chemicals, initially as a site mechanical engineer, moving internally in 1988 as the Head of UK Supply and Distribution, and after 1990 was head of environmental strategy until leaving Shell in 1992.
The current Head of School is Malcolm McKenzie, former principal at Atlantic College in Wales.
* Norah Head, New South Wales, headland on the Central Coast
File: Apartments, 677 New South Head Road, Rose Bay, New South Wales ( 2011-01-05 ). jpg | Apartments, New South Head Road
File: 855 New South Head Road, Rose Bay, New South Wales ( 2011-01-05 ). jpg | House, 855 New South Head Road
In the very early days of the class, when people used to a more traditional type of dinghy dubbed this new creation the " floating coffin ", Roger Seal conclusively demonstrated her seaworthiness by sailing from Cardiff to New Quay, Wales, via St. David's Head.
* Fingal Head, New South Wales, Australian town

Head and at
He was born at Ox Head, a small property on the Palatine Hill, very close to the Roman Forum.
Thus at Mobile the annual mean is 67 ° F ( 19 ° C ), the mean for the summer 81 ° F ( 27 ° C ), and for the winter 52 ° F ( 11 ° C ); and at Valley Head, in De Kalb county, the annual mean is 59 ° F ( 15 ° C ), the mean for the summer 75 ° F ( 24 ° C ), and for the winter 41 ° F ( 5 ° C ).
At extremely rare intervals the thermometer has fallen below zero (- 18 ° C ), as was the case in the remarkable cold wave of the 12th-13 February 1899, when an absolute minimum of-17 ° F (- 29 ° C ) was registered at Valley Head.
Aged 15, it was Anne's first time away from home, and she made few friends at Roe Head.
Anne and Charlotte do not appear to have been close while at Roe Head ( Charlotte's letters almost never mention her ) but Charlotte was concerned about her sister's health.
Later, the station at Perano Head on the east coast of the island was used to hunt humpback whales from 1911 to 1964 ( see Whaling in New Zealand ).
" All will be released into the wild near Mount Kenya. In 2004 Woburn Safari Parks ' Dr. Jake Veasey ; the Head of the Department of Animal Management and Conservation at Woburn Safari Park and a member of the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums Population Management Advisory Group, with the assistance of Lindsay Banks took over responsibility for the management and coordination of the European Endangered species Programme ( EEP ) for the eastern bongo.
A further announcement by Head of television news Peter Horrocks came at the same time as Bakhurst's appointment in which he outlined his plan to provide more funding and resources for the channel and shift the corporation's emphasis regarding news away from the traditional BBC One bulletins and across to the rolling news channel.
Marconi's contributions to Cape Breton Island were also quite significant as he used the island's geography to his advantage in transmitting the first North American trans-Atlantic radio message from a station constructed at Table Head in Glace Bay to a receiving station at Poldhu in Cornwall, England.
* Mayo has Ireland's highest cliffs ( second highest in Europe ) at Croaghaun, Achill island while the Benwee Head cliffs in Kilcommon Erris drop almost perpendicularly into the Atlantic Ocean.
He made the following remarks in his letter of resignation, as the Head of the Psychiatry Department at the Blida-Joinville Hospital in Algeria:
Between 1831 and 1832 Charlotte continued her education at Roe Head in Mirfield, where she met her lifelong friends and correspondents, Ellen Nussey and Mary Taylor.
The Constitution stipulated that Australia was a constitutional monarchy, where the Head of State is the British ( or, since 1942, Australian ) monarch, who is represented at the federal level by a Governor-General, and at the state level by six Governors, one for each state.
Three years later he was appointed Head of the Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery at the teaching hospitals of the University of Cape Town.
Camille's great-grandson, Joachim Pissarro, is former Head Curator of Drawing and Painting at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City and is now a professor in Hunter College's Art Department.
Portions of the exposed rim of this caldera form the southwestern tip of the island at Scott's Head.
New settlements continued to be built throughout the Roman period, including sites at Chysauster and Trevelgue Head.
Head of Carinus at the Centrale Montemartini
On 14 October 1983, a power struggle within the government resulted in the house arrest of Bishop at the order of his Deputy Prime Minister, Bernard Coard who became Head of Government.
* Padgett – The Head Porter at Shrewsbury College
The Precambrian-Cambrian boundary GSSP at Fortune Head, Newfoundland is a typical GSSP.

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