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Here and is
Here, on the hottest day, it is cool beneath the stone and fresh from the water flowing in the sluices at the bottom of the vaults.
Here in these little rooms -- or stages arched open to the sky and river -- they choose a few lines out of the hundreds they may know and sing them according to one of the modes into which Persian music is divided.
Here, on a desk, is a stack of pamphlets representing the efforts of some of the best men of the day to penetrate these questions.
Here, if anywhere, it is not wholly incontrovertible.
Here we may observe that at least one modern philosophy of history is built on the assumption that ideas are the primary objectives of the historian's research.
Here an important caveat is in order.
Here, then, is what Swift would have called a modest proposal by way of a beginning.
But this we know: Here is a great life that in every area of American politics gives the American people occasion for pride and that has invested the democratic process with the most decent qualities of honor, decency, and self-respect.
Here is a word of advice when you go shopping for your pansy seeds.
Here then is our problem: aircraft are vital to winning a war today because they can perform those missions which a missile is totally incapable of performing ; ;
Here is truly a `` Great Recording of the Century '', and its greatness is by no means diminished by the fact that it is not quite perfect.
Here is an original kedgeree recipe from the Family Club's kitchen:
Here is the promise of a vacation trip they can afford.
Here is where things stand today:
Here the Af distance is 2.44 Aj.
Here the pulmonary vein, as in type 2,, is noted to draw away from the bronchus, and to follow a more direct, independent course to the hilum ( figs. 23, 24 ).
Here the number of trials is a random variable, not a fixed number.
Here there is a specific preventive component which applies in a more generalized sense to any casework situation.
( Here an entry is a form plus the information that pertains to it.
Here again, in the written language it is possible to help the reader get his stresses right by using underlining or italics, but much of the time there is simply reliance on his understanding in the light of context.
Here is the best short explanation of the origins of the Cold War that has been written.

Here and also
There also exists a monolingual dictionary, Geriadur Brezhoneg an Here, defining Breton words in Breton.
Tim Finn had resumed his solo career after leaving the group in 1992 and he also worked with Neil on a second Finn Brothers album, Everyone Is Here, which was released in 2004.
Sinatra also forged a highly successful career as a film actor, winning the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in From Here to Eternity, a nomination for Best Actor for The Man with the Golden Arm, and critical acclaim for his performance in The Manchurian Candidate.
( In addition to fueling Moore's own work, the " Here is one hand " argument also deeply influenced Wittgenstein, who spent his last years working out a new approach to Moore's argument in the remarks that were published posthumously as On Certainty.
Here, one version of the Gospel of Barnabas also quotes Jesus as saying that the sacrificed son of Abraham was Ishmael not Isaac, conforming to Islamic belief but disagreeing with Jewish and Christian belief.
Here, he also devoted himself to the study of medicine, physics, and chemistry.
Here the Greeks were in competition not only with the Ottomans but also with the Bulgarians, engaged in an armed propaganda struggle for the hearts and minds of the ethnically mixed local population, the so-called " Macedonian Struggle ".
Improv comedy techniques have also been used in television and stand-up comedy, in hit shows such as the recent HBO television show Curb Your Enthusiasm created by Larry David, the UK Channel 4 and ABC television series Whose Line Is It Anyway ( and its spinoffs Drew Carey's Green Screen Show and Drew Carey's Improv-A-Ganza ), Nick Cannon's improv comedy show Wild ' N Out, and Thank God You're Here.
Both musicians also sampled Brown's work, with Hammer having sampled the rhythms from " Super Bad " for his song, " Here Comes the Hammer ", from his best-selling work, Please Hammer, Don't Hurt ' Em.
Here, he was also able to indulge his heretofore latent taste for violence, if only vicariously through the actions of the street fighters under his command.
The celebration of Americana starred Frankenheimer regular Lancaster, reuniting him with From Here to Eternity co-star Deborah Kerr, and it also featured Gene Hackman.
Here, as in other projects from this period, he also designed the façades to include large expanses of uninterrupted banks of windows.
" Mr. Thomas Scott, who had been so much deluded by the hypocrosy of Monk ... said: ' That though he knew not where to hide his head at that time, yet he durst not refuse to own, that not only his hand, but his heart also was in it ' and after he had produced divers reasons to prove the justice of it, he concluded, ' that he should desire no greater honor in this world, than that the folloing inscritption might be engraved on his tomb ; " Here lies one who had a hand and a heart in the execution of Charles Stuart late King of England.
Similar color and amount changes are used in the U. S. Edition of the " Here and Now: World Edition " game, and are also used in the most recent versions of the McDonald's Monopoly promotion.
Here he founded the Aiki Shuren Dojo, also known as the Iwama dojo.
Here the trees are covered with epiphytic mosses and vascular plants, especially bromeliads, and these also cover large areas of the ground.
The videos for " Here Comes Your Man " and " Allison " were also released on The Complete ' B ' Sides.
During this period in London he also collaborated on a number of songs with Bruce Woodley of the Seekers, including " I Wish You Could Be Here ", " Cloudy ", and " Red Rubber Ball ", which would be a U. S. No. 1 hit for the Cyrkle in 1966.
Here, the gods have captured Loki and his two sons, who are stated as Váli, described as a son of Loki, and " Nari or Narfi ", the latter earlier described as also a son of Sigyn.
Here is also worth noting what Tacitus stated in his work Germania about capital punishment amongst the Germanic folk ; that none could be flogged, imprisoned or executed, not even on order of the warlord, without the consent of the priest ; who was himself required to render his judgement in accordance with the will of the god they believe accompanies them to the field of battle In the same source this god is stated being the chief deity.
Here Adobe provided hand tuned bitmaps to cover the small screen fonts, and ugly scaling of any other size on the screen was also provided.
Here are two Japanese sword nakago ( tang ), the top one is from a katana, the bottom is from a tachi, you can see the difference in the placement of the mei ( signature ), if you follow the curve of the blades you can see that if the tachi was worn tachi style with the cutting edge down the mei would be pointing away from the wearer and if the katana was worn with the cutting edge up in katana style the katana mei would also be pointing away from the wearer.
Here, a small bud ( also known as a bleb ), or daughter cell, is formed on the parent cell.
Here also, a King and Queen of the J ' ouvert are chosen, based on their representation of current political / social events / issues.

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