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# and Highly
# Seven Years of Highly Defective People — 1997 ; strips from 1989 to 1995, with handwritten notes by Scott Adams
# Highly Visible and Collaborative Execution-Simply launching Purchase Orders ( POs ), Manufacturing Orders ( MOs ) and Transfer Orders ( TOs ) from any planning system does not end the materials and order management challenge.
# REDIRECT The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
# REDIRECT The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
# REDIRECT The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
# REDIRECT Highly Skilled Migrant Programme
# Highly literary form of the classical Arabic.
# REDIRECT Highly composite number
# REDIRECT Highly sensitive person
# REDIRECT Highly Gifted Magnet
# REDIRECT Schlock Mercenary # The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Pirates
# REDIRECT The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
# REDIRECT Enriched uranium # Highly enriched uranium ( HEU )
# REDIRECT Highly Illogical

# and efficient
For more information about the conductivity of the winding material, see: Copper in energy efficient motors # Electrical conductivity in motor coils.
# Insuring that markets are fair, efficient and transparent, and
# Promote efficient use of radio spectrum ;
# Sustainability-including efficient resource use and responsible environmental operations
# If some of the DNA fragments are larger than 15 kb, then prior to blotting, the gel may be treated with an acid, such as dilute HCl, which depurinates the DNA fragments, breaking the DNA into smaller pieces, thus allowing more efficient transfer from the gel to membrane.
# not killing people in an efficient and timely enough manner.
# translates source code into some efficient intermediate representation ( code ) and immediately executes this
# Nimitta ', efficient cause, e. g. the weaver of the cloth.
# A juridical or legal tie: the vinculum ; the efficient cause that binds or connect the parties.
# Develop more cost-effective and efficient techniques for providing both upstream and
# Reduce heat generation by using energy efficient parts-nearly all the energy used by a computer is converted into heat.
# Improve cooling-by using more efficient cooling parts and lower friction, quieter bearings.
# Strictness, which provides cascadelessness ( ACA, cascade-less recoverability ) and ( independently ) allows efficient database recovery from failure.
# The efficient bargaining model ( McDonald and Solow, 1981 ) sees the union and the firm bargaining over both wages and employment ( or, more realistically, hours of work ).
# Organize the remaining high-scoring words into an efficient search tree.
# to allow an efficient command structure during the Geilenkirchen salient ( 84th Infantry Division ).
# Now the entry node and originator use their shared secret for encrypting all their correspondence in symmetric encryption ( this is significantly more efficient than using asymmetric encryption ).
# Induction of lipoprotein lipolysis: Increased triglyceride-rich lipoproteins ( TRL ) lipolysis could be a reflection of changes in intrinsic lipoprotein lipase ( LPL ) activity which may contribute to the increase of plasma HDL concentrations and a more efficient reverse cholesterol transport.
# Financial Viability-The Development Project or Program should be economically efficient and sustainable.
# Contact Energy Management Award ; Winner: Fonterra Co-operative Group-Energy efficient project management team Fonterra was also commended for its road to rail project by the EECA.
# determine the most economic designs in terms of efficient use of fissionable material.
# distillation columns which are more modern and efficient into which the wine is introduced continuously.
# In rare cases, the mutation may result in an enzyme that is more efficient, or one that can catalyse a slightly different chemical reaction, in which case the mutation may cause an increase in fitness, and be favoured by natural selection.
# For practical purposes, has to be computable in an efficient manner
# Are frequently a more efficient and lower cost source of financing in comparison with other bank and capital markets financing alternatives.

# and utilization
# Some forms of complementary currency can promote fuller utilization of resources over a much wider geographic area and help bridge the barriers imposed by distance.
# Although this is possible with statically compiled garbage collected languages, a bytecode system can more easily rearrange executed code for better cache utilization.
# There should be maximum utilization and rational distribution of the crude, subtle, and causal resources.
# There should be maximum utilization of the physical, mental, and spiritual potentialities of the individual and collective beings.
# There should be maximum utilization and rational distribution of all mundane, supramundane and spiritual potentialities of the universe.
# There should be maximum utilization of physical, metaphysical and spiritual potentialities of unit and collective bodies of human society.
# The method of utilization should vary in accordance with changes in time, space and person, and the utilization should be of progressive nature.
# that, "... Vice President Yancy Liberia and other high officials of the Liberian Government, as well as county superintendents and district commissioners, have given their sanction for compulsory recruitment of labor for road construction, for shipment abroad and other work, by the aid and assistance of the Liberian Frontier Force ; and have condoned the utilization of this force for purposes of physical compulsion on road construction for the intimidation of villagers, for the humiliation and degradation of chiefs, of captured natives to the coast, there guarding them till the time of shipment Fernando Po and Sao Tome.
# Maximum utilization of idle resources ; increased employment ; conservation and utilization of land
# Full human utilization of the Earth ’ s photosynthetic capacity
# Longer, Better Lives: Case for longer healthier lives, addressing objections to life extension, challenge ageist and ableist attitudes that discourage the full utilization of health technology.
# Sustainable utilization of species and ecosystems.
The construction of the Belarusian Tyre Works " Belshina " in Bobruisk was sanctioned by Decree of the Council of Ministers of the USSR # 299 dated March 25, 1963 " On steps aimed at better utilization of workforce of the Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic " and by resolution No. 90-p dated June 11, 1965 by Supreme Soviet, which approved the design task for construction of the Works.
# Availability and utilization
# To co-ordinate formulation of national policy and strategic plans on peaceful utilization of atomic energy.
# Reduce cost, optimizing resource utilization with pooling, scheduling and 24x7 usage

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