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Page "adventure" ¶ 1265
from Brown Corpus
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heart and was
The slight flutter that had disturbed the motion of her heart when she entered the forest was gone now, and even the dim groves of trees through which she occasionally passed did not reawaken her fear.
And then there was a numbing blow to the heart, and another gut-flattening blow to the stomach
Her heart, her maternal feeling, in fact her being was too busy expressing itself, as quietly thrilled by this sight of her Nicolas curled asleep under a blanket, in a park like a scene from Poussin.
That night he dreamed a dream violent with passion, in which he and the Woman, now the teacher, did everything except engage in the act ( and this probably only because he had never engaged in the act in reality ), and when he awoke the next morning his heart was afire.
At the heart of all of this was the square, which one such traveler declared to be `` as spacious, as pleasant and aromatick a Market as any in the Universe ''.
His neighbors celebrated his return, even if it was only temporary, and Morgan was especially gratified by the quaint expression of an elderly friend, Isaac Lane, who told him, `` A man that has so often left all that is dear to him, as thou hast, to serve thy country, must create a sympathetic feeling in every patriotic heart ''.
There must have been special feelings of joy and patriotism in the heart of Daniel Morgan too, when the news was received on April 30th of the recognition by France of the independence of the United States.
It was the cry of not just one heart ; ;
It was nothing, though his heart was thumping wildly.
Lublin was their heart.
As Letch's antisocial conduct increased, our invitations decreased and my heart was in my mouth whenever I played hostess at a fashionable `` screenland '' gathering.
My heart was not in it, but, oddly enough, it remains the most financially successful picture of my career.
The sentimental pure heart of Galahad is gone with the knightly years, but I still believe in the heart of the George Meredith character that was not made of the stuff that breaks ''.
The moving of millions of the German master-race, from the very heart of Junkerdom, to make room for the Polish Slavs whom they had enslaved and openly planned to exterminate was a drastic operation, but there was little doubt that it was historically justified.
Her heart was thumping painfully ; ;
A heart attack when she was barely 20 put an end to the 10-hour daily practicing.
We have not the leisure, or the patience, or the skill, to comprehend what was working in the mind and heart of a then recent graduate from the Harvard Divinity School who would muster the audacity to contradict his most formidable instructor, the majesterial Andrews Norton, by saying that, while he believed Jesus `` like other religious teachers '', worked miracles, `` I see not how a miracle proves a doctrine ''.
You know that I could hold right here in my hand the little chunk of uranium metal that was the heart of the bomb that dropped on Hiroshima.

heart and pounding
His heart, he discovered, was pounding.
The Sixth Sense also scored 60th place on AFI's 100 Years ... 100 Thrills, honoring America's most " heart pounding movies ".
The physiological symptoms of the fight-or-flight response ( pounding heart, cold / clammy hands, increased respiration, sweating, etc.
* Pat Hingle " gives a bruising performance as the oil-wealthy father of the boy, pushing and pounding and preaching, knocking the heart out of the lad "
They are likely to have “ flip flopping ” sensations where it feels like the heart is flipping over or pounding due to there being a pause after the premature contraction and then a powerful contraction after the pause.
Lyrically it describes the physical reaction the body has to sexual tension or physical attraction to someone: " My heart starts pounding like a fist / I see you there and I just can't resist / You make me tremble like a jellyfish ".
It has numerous manifestations: fluttering or pounding heart, tremor in the hands and legs, sweaty hands, diarrhea, facial nerve tics, dry mouth, and erectile dysfunction.
:( 1 ) Palpitations or pounding heart, or accelerated heart rate.
My heart felt like it was pounding through my chest.
When Bugs comes back inside from being outside by slipping on the Gremlin's banana peels littering the cabin floor of the aircraft mid-flight, his heart is pounding, with 4F labeled on it ( the term refers to a military draftee rejected for being physically unfit ).
He gets to a room, calms his pounding heart, and uses one of his key collection to open the case to see what it contains.

heart and like
Or else the North really believes that all Southerners except a few quaint old characters have come around to realizing the errors of their past, and are now at heart sharers of the American Dream, like everybody else.
Sadie, like Beth March, suffered ill health -- got rheumatic fever and had to be careful of her heart -- but that never dampened her spirits.
Despite the sheer beauty and spectacle of numerous documentaries, art films, and travelogues, despite the impressive financial success of such a recent development as Cinerama, the movies are at heart a form of fiction, like the play, the novel, or the short story.
He could remember the feel of his father's big hands, the thump of his father's heart sending out signals -- regular, like radar.
Related to this is lexicostatistics, which attempts to determine the degree of relation between a set of languages by comparing the percentage of basic vocabulary ( words like " I ", " you ", " heart ", " stone ", " two ", " be ", " and ") they share in common.
The heart is a muscle that squeezes blood and functions like a pump.
Cardiologists use diagrams like this: a heart with an ECG indicator
Enki, the Water-Lord then " caused to flow the ' water of the heart " and having fertilised his consort Ninhursag, also known as Ki or Earth, after " Nine days being her nine months, the months of ' womanhood '... like good butter, Nintu, the mother of the land, ... like good butter, gave birth to Ninsar, ( Lady Greenery )".
Concerning her retirement, he spoke, " She doesn't like the new film grammar, the method of presentation of the material ; she says there's no heart in it anymore, that people no longer take human love seriously.
As they are considered important to the Muslim community, mosques, like other places of worship, can be at the heart of social conflicts.
The pearl itself is a beautiful, single entity, formed through suffering in the heart of the oyster ( in the same way that believers endure lack of wealth or comfort ) and like the Church, will be put on display in a coming day.
He said he found himself enveloped in a brilliant light, and looked up to see what seemed like the sun falling directly onto his body, and he thought that he was having a heart attack.
John Gambril Nicholson wrote in 1892, " Though Frank may ring like silver bell, And Cecil softer music claim, They cannot work the miracle, –' Tis Ernest sets my heart a-flame.
Instead, it may be that other underlying factors, like genes, diet and exercise, affect both HDL levels and the likelihood of having a heart attack ; it is possible that medicines may affect the directly measurable factor, HDL levels, without affecting the chance of heart attack.
He says capturing the moment was when he realized that there was " an entire life behind things "; he feels that " sometimes there's so much beauty in the world I feel like I can't take it ... and my heart is going to cave in.
A consommé with entire pieces of chicken, chicken liver and heart, with chunky vegetables and spices like whole black peppercorn, bay leaves, salt and ground black pepper.
:" May your heart grow bolder like an iron-clad brigade "
Typically deaths due to torture are shown in an autopsy as being due to " natural causes " like heart attack, inflammation, or embolism due to extreme stress.
(" I hate like the gates of Hades the man who says one thing and holds another in his heart.

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