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sentimental and pure
In 1916, Dr. Juan V. Pagaspas, a doctor of philosophy from Indiana University and a much beloved educator in Tanauan, Batangas described the Kundiman as " a pure Tagalog song which is usually very sentimental, so sentimental that if one should listen to it carefully watching the tenor of words and the way the voice is conducted to express the real meaning of the verses, he cannot but be conquered by a feeling of pity even so far as to shed tears.
His total work, apart from the productions of his youth, numbers 35 pieces, which richly reveal his elegant and refined fancy and grace, his feeling for correct and dainty ornament, and his love of pure art marked by an elevated if rather sentimental taste and a noble style.

sentimental and heart
" Here a captive heart busted ": studies in the sentimental journey of modern literature.
Everywhere in the sentimental novel or the sentimental comedy, ' lively and effusive emotion is celebrated as evidence of a good heart '.
Emotional, melodramatic and sentimental, the film unabashedly wears its heart on its sleeve, and is the better for it.
A sentimental tale of love triumphant over bigotry and zealotry, The Nature of Truth enables its philosemitic author to wear his heart on his sleeve, right beside an imaginary yellow star.
Although Doc expresses a sentimental desire to follow his heart, Marty's appeal to Doc's scientific mind convinces the latter to return to 1985, and he returns to Clara's house to say goodbye.
For sentimental reasons, the Maha commander Bijan Dargol has chosen Bavaria as the heart of his new empire.

sentimental and is
it asserts emotion without evoking it -- that is to say, it is sentimental.
They can be exuberant or sentimental, flirtatious or funny, but the only thing they seem unable to be is dull.
One is not sure who emerges as the main personality of this book -- Mijbil, with his rollicking ways, or Maxwell himself, poet, portrait painter, writer, journalist, traveller and zoologist, sensitive but never sentimental recorder of an unusual way of life, in a language at once lyrical and forceful, vivid and unabashed.
There has been much speculation that Goya and Weiss were romantically linked, however, it is more likely the affection between them was sentimental.
Film historian Richard Griffith speaks of Capra's “... reliance on sentimental conversation and the ultimate benevolence of ordinary America to resolve all deep conflicts .” “ Average America ” is visualized as "... a still tree lined street, undistinguished frame houses surrounded by modest areas of grass, a few automobiles.
This work is composed of three one-act operas: a horrific episode ( Il tabarro ), in the style of the Parisian Grand Guignol, a sentimental tragedy ( Suor Angelica ), and a comedy ( Gianni Schicchi ).
" I think the biggest black mark against our management to date is the Cukor situation and we can no longer be sentimental about it .... We are a business concern and not patrons of the arts ..." Cukor was relieved of his duties, but he continued to work with Leigh and De Havilland off the set.
His reputation for being sentimental is based largely on the movie versions of the musicals, especially The Sound of Music, in which a song sung by those in favour of reaching an accommodation with the Nazis, " No Way to Stop It ", was cut.
Brichtothe states that it is " not mere sentimental respect for the physical remains that is ... the motivation for the practice, but rather an assumed connection between proper sepulture and the condition of happiness of the deceased in the afterlife " According to Brichtothe, the early Israelites apparently believed that the graves of family, or tribe, united into one, and that this unified collectivity is to what the Biblical Hebrew term Sheol refers.
pen radio for sentimental reasons and this is how the organization is able to contact him after so many years.
Yeats was less sentimental and later remarked that " the tragedy of sexual intercourse is the perpetual virginity of the soul.
Amelia begins as a warm-hearted and friendly girl, though sentimental and naive, but by story's end she is portrayed as vacuous and shallow.
" The New York Times ' Janet Maslin wrote, " The Professional is much too sentimental to sound shockingly amoral in the least.
The Westermarck effect, first proposed by Edvard Westermarck in 1891, is the theory that children reared together, regardless of biological relationship, form a sentimental attachment that is by its nature non-erotic.
It is said by his detractors that unlike many of his other close relatives whom he took great care to commemorate, he took no trouble to have Joan commemorated after her death, leading to the conviction among some that his ( in every sense ) monumental commemorative endeavours were entirely practical ( in terms of securing his personal objectives ) rather than sentimental ( her connections being of no direct use to him after her death ).
It has been read as a family drama that validates virtue over wealth .” Little Women has been read “ as a means of escaping that life by women who knew its gender constraints only too well .” Alcott “ combines many conventions of the sentimental novel with crucial ingredients of Romantic children ’ s fiction, creating a new form of which Little Women is a unique model .” Elbert argued that within Little Women can be found the first vision of the “ American Girl ” and that her multiple aspects are embodied in the differing March sisters.
The story is a sentimental romantic tale of a young Irish woman, Kathleen Dungannon.
While much of the show is directed toward radio comedy, a portion is usually devoted to some more sentimental and sometimes dark stories put together by Keillor and others.

sentimental and gone
Although the rest of the gang are aware of this, Rachel is oblivious until a sentimental birthday gift prompts Chandler to inadvertently reveal to her Ross ' feelings towards her, just as he has gone to China on an expedition.

sentimental and with
He wanted no more sentimental scenes with her.
And when charity interpenetrates man's struggle for justice and freedom it does not simply surround this with a sentimental good will.
Some people said Linda had just announced the engagement to jolt John into some action, but when John came home from a business trip to Cleveland with Edythe, with Edythe his bride, it could no longer be John-and-Linda even to sentimental wishful thinkers.
Now the most commonly understood meaning of the term ballad, sentimental ballads, sometimes called " tear-jerkers " or " drawing-room ballads " owing to their popularity with the middle classes, had their origins in the early ‘ Tin Pan Alley ’ music industry of the later 19th century.
They were generally sentimental, narrative, strophic songs published separately or as part of an opera ( descendants perhaps of broadside ballads, but with printed music, and usually newly composed.
He wrote sentimental plays, Le Fils naturel ( 1757 ) and Le Père de famille ( 1758 ), accompanying them with essays on theatrical theory and practice, including " Les Entretiens sur Le Fils Naturel " ( Conversations on The Natural Son ), in which he announced the principles of a new drama: the ' serious genre ', a realistic midpoint between comedy and tragedy that stood in opposition to the stilted conventions of the classical French stage.
That music of youth, with its little sins and absurdities that almost point out the sentimental affectation … appears to me like the carvings in the Alhambra, those peculiar arabesques that say nothing with their turns and shapes, but which are like the air, like the sun, like the blackbirds or like the nightingales of its gardens.
Throughout the 1950s, Mad featured groundbreaking parodies combining a sentimental fondness for the familiar staples of American culture — such as Archie and Superman — with a keen joy in exposing the fakery behind the image.
* Melodrama – sentimental drama with musical underscoring, often with an unlikely plot that concerns the suffering of the good at the hands of evildoers but ends happily with good triumphant.
The Local Government Board Act 1871 put the supervision of the Poor Law under the Local Government Board ( headed by G. J. Goschen ) and Gladstone's " administration could claim spectacular success in enforcing a dramatic reduction in supposedly sentimental and unsystematic outdoor poor relief, and in making, in co-operation with the Charity Organization Society ( 1869 ), the most sustained attempt of the century to impose upon the working classes the Victorian values of providence, self-reliance, foresight, and self-discipline ".
Contrasting with some of the more sexual relationships of the other characters, Willow and Tara demonstrate a sentimental, soft, and consistent affection for each other.
As a sentimental story with a moral lesson about gift-giving, it has been a popular one for adaptation, especially for presentation at Christmas time.
It has now a popular sentimental sing-along at public events such as the city's annual earthquake commemoration, as well as one of two official city songs, along with " I Left My Heart in San Francisco ".
This venerable title ( clearly chosen for sentimental reasons ) had little connection with the former office of the States of Holland ; as a matter of fact, the new office more resembled that of Stadtholder, though even William V, after 1787, had not possessed the powers Schimmelpenninck was to wield.
Garson starred with Joan Crawford in When Ladies Meet in 1941, and that same year became a major box office star with the sentimental Technicolor drama, Blossoms in the Dust, which brought her the first of five consecutive Best Actress Oscar nominations, tying Bette Davis ' 1938-42 record, a record that still stands.

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