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However and surface
However, at the base of this crack is a round void called an ampulla which would have functioned to distribute force over a larger surface area, hindering the ability of the " crack " formed by the serration to propagate through the tooth.
However, the University of Washington was unwilling to let the fledgling league use Husky Stadium, probably due to the excessive wear and tear that would have caused to the facility's grass surface.
However, a good sword blow arriving in exactly perpendicular angle to the surface could cut through the links ; when the mail was not riveted, a well placed thrust from a spear or thin sword could penetrate, and a pollaxe or halberd blow could break through the armour.
However, electrons are not easily released from the unheated anode surface when the voltage polarity is reversed.
However, the distinction between surface and phonological dyslexia has not replaced the old empirical terminology of dysphonetic versus dyseidetic types of dyslexia.
However, the flyby of Comet Borrelly was a great success and returned extremely detailed images of the comet's surface.
However, the term can also describe the rolling of dislodged soil particles 0. 5 to 1. 0 mm in diameter by wind along the soil surface.
However it is the forest floor, more than the canopy, that prevents surface erosion.
However, because the SEM image relies on surface processes rather than transmission, it is able to image bulk samples up to many centimetres in size and ( depending on instrument design and settings ) has a great depth of field, and so can produce images that are good representations of the three-dimensional shape of the sample.
However, the second type is less prone to clogging due to the greater surface area where the particles can be trapped.
However there is the possibility of the results being affected by the limited surface area ( i. e. edge effects ) and by the presence of large electric field.
However, it tarnishes quickly in moist air, forming a loosely adhering gadolinium ( III ) oxide ( Gd < sub > 2 </ sub > O < sub > 3 </ sub >), which spalls off, exposing more surface to oxidation.
However, since the Earth reflects about 30 % of the incoming sunlight, the planet's effective temperature ( the temperature of a blackbody that would emit the same amount of radiation ) is about − 18 ° C, about 33 ° C below the actual surface temperature of about 14 ° C.
However, a hydrophilic surface ( one that has an original contact angle less than 90 °) becomes more hydrophilic when microstructured – its new contact angle becomes less than the original.
However, while honey is very viscous, it has rather low surface tension.
However, distinctive karst surface features may be completely absent where the soluble rock is mantled, such as by glacial debris, or confined by one or more superimposed non-soluble rock strata.
However, the upper surface in this flow is a complicated, vortex-laden mixing layer, while on the lower surface the flow is quiescent.
However, this phenomenon is a special effect caused by the high voltage on the Leyden jar. In the dissectible Leyden jar, charge is transferred to the surface of the glass cup by corona discharge when the jar is disassembled ; this is the source of the residual charge after the jar is reassembled.
However, the distinction between mass and weight becomes important for measurements with a precision better than a few percent ( because of slight differences in the strength of the Earth's gravitational field at different places ), and for places far from the surface of the Earth, such as in space or on other planets.
However, an estimated 500 meteorites ranging in size from marbles to basketballs or larger do reach the surface each year ; only 5 or 6 of these are typically recovered and made known to scientists.
However, a new professional team in the area did not surface again until August 1959, when Minneapolis businessmen Bill Boyer, H. P. Skoglund, and Max Winter were awarded a franchise in the new American Football League ( AFL ).

However and temperature
However, this was the temperature of one particular degree of freedom a quantum property called nuclear spin not the overall average thermodynamic temperature for all possible degrees in freedom.
However, before reaching the transition temperature, the specific heat of the superconductor becomes even higher than that of the normal conductor ( measured immediately above the transition ) and the ratio of these two values is found to be universally given by 2. 5.
However, unless the airflow is adjusted as well, the flame temperature will decrease because an increased amount of gas is now mixed with the same amount of air, starving the flame of oxygen.
However, despite the success of Drude's free electron model, it had one notable problem, in that it was unable to correctly explain the electronic contribution to the specific heat of metals, as well as the temperature dependence of resistivity at low temperatures.
However, as the temperature of a semiconductor rises above absolute zero, there is more energy in the semiconductor to spend on lattice vibration and on exciting electrons into the conduction band.
However, according to the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory, the models used to investigate remote responses to tropical deforestation showed a broad but mild temperature increase all through the tropical atmosphere.
However, Verhoeven and Pendray discovered that in samples of true Damascus steel, the Damascene pattern could be recovered by aging at a moderate temperature.
However, the current consensus among the scientific community is that the extinction was triggered by the Chicxulub impact event in Central America ( which would have produced a sunlight-blocking dust cloud that killed much of the plant life and reduced global temperature, called an impact winter ).
However, for optimal ligation efficiency with cohesive-ended fragments (" sticky ends "), the optimal enzyme temperature needs to be balanced with the melting temperature T < sub > m </ sub > ( also the annealing temperature ) of the sticky ends being ligated.
However, the higher the temperature, the less chance that the ends to be joined will be aligned to allow ligation ( molecules move around the solution more at higher temperatures ).
However, there are expressions in terms of more familiar variables such as temperature and pressure
However, in the last two decades non-traditional El Niños were observed, in which the usual place of the temperature anomaly ( Nino 1 and 2 ) is not affected, but an anomaly arises in the central Pacific ( Nino 3. 4 ).
However, in many situations the changes in pressure and temperature are sufficiently small that the changes in density are negligible.
However, the term glass is often used to describe any amorphous solid that exhibits a glass transition temperature T < sub > g </ sub >.
However, many of the minor substances in honey can be affected greatly by heating, changing the flavor, aroma, or other properties, so heating is usually done at the lowest temperature possible for the shortest amount of time.
However, this theory also failed to explain skating at low temperature.
However, skating is possible at temperatures much lower than − 20 ° C, at which temperature there is no naturally occurring film of liquid.
However, kestrels may more often prey on lizards at southern latitudes, in northern latitudes the kestrel is found to more often deliver lizards to their nestlings during midday and also with increasing ambient temperature.

However and gradient
However, there is a dramatic difference in gradient between the northern and southern parts of the county.
However, the boundary layer would separate early, as the pressure gradient switched from favorable ( pressure decreasing in the flow direction ) to unfavorable ( pressure increasing in the flow direction ), creating a large region of low pressure behind the ball that creates high form drag.
However, if the airways are patent ( open ), any gas supplied to the upper airways will follow the pressure gradient and flow into the lungs to replace the oxygen consumed.
However, a careful investigation of the sequence of Phoenician port establishments on the Lebanese coast will realize a north-to-south gradient, thus, indicating an earlier age for the Phoenician Tripoli.
However, the electrons in a positive corona are concentrated close to the surface of the curved conductor, in a region of high potential gradient ( and therefore the electrons have a high energy ), whereas in a negative corona many of the electrons are in the outer, lower-field areas.
But on the hilly region represented by the contour map, the three-dimensional negative gradient of U always points straight downwards in the direction of gravity ; F. However, a ball rolling down a hill cannot move directly downwards due to the normal force of the hill's surface, which cancels out the component of gravity perpendicular to the hill's surface.
However, on a contour map, the gradient is inversely proportional to Δx, which is not similar to force F < sub > P </ sub >: altitude on a contour map is not exactly a two-dimensional potential field.
However the downward gradient must not be so great as to create conditions under which the water transitions between supercritical and subcritical flow ; if this occurs, the waves which are established can result in severe erosion that can damage or destroy the qanat.
However, when the proteins are moving through a sucrose gradient, they encounter liquid of increasing density and viscosity.
However, the species abundance along an envronmental gradient is not only determined by the abiotic factor but, also by the change in the biotic interactions along the environmental gradient.
However, development on this area was considered difficult due to the steep gradient of the land nearby which can clearly be seen.
However, the other 5 terms of the velocity gradient tensor are unable to be found from this information.
However, if the temperature gradient is steep enough ( i. e. the temperature changes rapidly with distance from the center of the star ), or if the gas has a very high heat capacity ( i. e. its temperature changes relatively slowly as it expands ) then the rising parcel of gas will remain warmer and less dense than its new surroundings even after expanding and cooling.
However, the conjugate gradient method is unstable with respect to even small perturbations, e. g., most directions are not in practice conjugate, and the exact solution is never obtained.
However under certain conditions it's possible to recover the gradient at certain locations within each element to second order.
However, in TGGE, there is also a temperature gradient across the gel.
However, it is essentially a form of gradient descent.
However, variability, measurement error or random noise in the x variable causes bias in the estimated gradient ( as well as imprecision ).
However, the 3. 7-inch howitzer's adjustable suspension system allowed it to be deployed on almost any position, even those too uneven or with too steep a gradient to allow field artillery to be sited.
However, the negative log-likelhood,, is a convex function, and so standard convex optimization techniques such as gradient descent can be applied to find the optimal value of θ.

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