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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 736
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

If and scholarship
If a student participates in one of these missions trips and then attends Liberty University, they are eligible for a scholarship.
** If selected for the scholarship the students and will attend either the Georgia Military College ( located in Milledgeville, Georgia ) or the Marion Military Institute ( located in Marion, Alabama ) for a ten-month preparatory program.
** If selected for the scholarship the students and will attend New Mexico Military Institute ( located in Roswell, New Mexico for an academic year in the preparatory program.
In The Georgian Literary Scene, an evocation of the era of the gentlemanly man of letters in its final years, he wrote, " If I dwell for a moment longer, as I fear I must, upon the weakness of too much scholarship in the arts, it is because I think scholarship is nowadays excessively valued as a necessary preliminary to creative writing.
If Strzygowski's erratic methodology and racial prejudices have largely discredited his own scholarship, his breadth of geographical interest helped to establish Islamic art and ( ironically, given his own anti-Semitism, something which, incidentally, Ernst Gombrich denied in his conversations with Didier Eribon ), Jewish art as legitimate fields of study.
If a student receives a Type 7 offer but wishes to attend a college / university where they do not qualify under the guidelines above, the student can convert the four-year Type 7 scholarship to a three-Year Type 2 scholarship.
Upon offering the LSU scholarship to " Pistol ," " Press " told his boy that " If you don't sign this ... don't ever come into my house again.
" If Laffoley's work within the Boston Visionary Cell can be said to have one principal preoccupation-a common denominator of his eclectic scholarship and practice-then that preoccupation would be to understand the process by which one goes from becoming to being.
If a student does not exceed standards on all three tests, they may still qualify for a scholarship if they exceed standards on two of the AIMS sections and meet standards on the other section.
If the applicant performs particularly well on the entrance exam tests, the school may award a scholarship.

If and formal
If a distinction is to be made between divination and fortune-telling, divination has a formal or ritual and often social character, usually in a religious context, as seen in traditional African medicine ; while fortune-telling is a more everyday practice for personal purposes.
If civil commitment proceedings follow, the evaluation is presented in a formal court hearing where testimony and other evidence may also be submitted.
If V is a formal language, then V < sub > i </ sub >, the i-th power of the set V, is a shorthand for the concatenation of set V with itself i times.
If an appropriate form of written text is made available before formal schooling begins, reading should be learned inductively, emerge naturally, and with no significant negative consequences.
If a manager decides that his client wrestler should tap out, but cannot convince the wrestler himself to do so, he may throw in the towel ( literally taking a gym towel and hurling it into the referee's line of sight ); this is the same as a submission, as the manager is, in kayfabe, considered the wrestlers agent, and therefore, authorized to make formal decisions ( such as forfeiting a match ) on the client's behalf.
If the software is safety-critical and can have negative impact on human life ( e. g., nuclear power systems, medical equipment ), more formal requirements documentation is often required.
If the male is an Abdi Dalem royal servant, courtier or particularly " peko-peko " ( taken directly from Japanese to mean obsequious ) or even a highly formal individual, he will retreat face and head downcast, never show his side or back to his superior, and retreat backwards in the following posture: left-arm crossed against the chest, right-arm hanging and walking stooped.
More precisely, if A is a finite set of generators for G then the word problem is the membership problem for the formal language of all words in A and a formal set of inverses that map to the identity under the natural map from the free monoid with involution on A to the group G. If B is another finite generating set for G, then the word problem over the generating set B is equivalent to the word problem over the generating set A.
If one spoke in the lingua or sermo Latinus one merely spoke Latin, but if one spoke latine or latinius (" more Latinish ") one spoke good Latin, and formal Latin had latinitas, the quality of good Latin, about it.
If we denote by exp ( X ) the formal power series
If the formal power series g with g ( 0 ) =
If I is an index set and X < sub > I </ sub > is the set of indeterminates X < sub > i </ sub > for i ∈ I, then a monomial X < sup > α </ sup > is any finite product of elements of X < sub > I </ sub > ( repetitions allowed ); a formal power series in X < sub > I </ sub > with coefficients in a ring R is determined by any mapping from the set of monomials X < sup > α </ sup > to a corresponding coefficient c < sub > α </ sub >, and is denoted.
If she accepts, she is tonsured in a formal service during which she is given the outer robe ( Exorassa ) and veil ( Epanokamelavkion ) to wear, and ( because she is now dead to the world ) receives a new name.
If Regency era is being used to describe the transition between Georgian and Victorian eras, the focus is on the pre-Victorian period from 1811, when the formal Regency began, through 1837 when Queen Victoria succeeded William IV.
* If the formal specification is in an operational semantics, the observed behavior of the concrete system can be compared with the behavior of the specification ( which itself should be executable or simulateable ).
* If the formal specification is in an axiomatic semantics, the preconditions and postconditions of the specification may become assertions in the executable code.
If implemented on a global scale, the inclusion of women in the formal workforce ( like a fortune 500 company ) can increase the economic output of a nation.
( If you're working in a formal system that doesn't allow you to introduce new symbols after proving theorems, then you will have to use relation symbols to get around this, as in the next section.
If either party takes an appeal, the lower court produces a copy with a unique seal to authenticate the formal record.
If it's considered formal communications as they occur in traditional military organizations, messages have a " one-way " directional characteristic.
If the pathologic examination of the resected specimen shows incomplete resection or deep invasion by tumor, the patient would need a formal stomach resection.
If he had stipulated that the name was a formal name, governed by rules of nomenclature, then his spelling would have been an orthogonal mutation and one would simply correct the spelling in subsequent publications ( e. g. Straminopiles ).
If five or more MPs challenge the Speaker's opinion, a formal division follows.

If and were
If you were a man '' --
If she, Pamela, were being held responsible for his crimes, then hers must be the final act of expiation.
If someone were to drop a match in here, this place would go up like a haystack ''.
If the other pilots were worried, they did not show it.
If it were the enemy, tactically his position was correct.
If it were not for an old professor who made me read the classics I would have been stymied on what to do, and now I understand why they are classics ; ;
If it were not that I knew who it was I could have mistaken it for my Aunt so well did her clothes fit him.
If an automobile were approaching him, he would know what was required of him, even though he might not be able to act quickly enough.
If there were only darkness, all would be clear.
If there were only the mess, all would be clear ; ;
If these people were denied a voice ( do they have a moral right to a voice??
If we were creating a wholly new society, we could insist that our social, political, economic and philosophic institutions foster rather than hamper man ; ;
If living Jews were unavailable for study, the Bible was at hand.
If she were not at home, Mama would see to it that a fresh white rose was there.
If the Stearns were not there, grace would be omitted.
If anything, the conservative Democrats were more opposed to Hearst than the Republicans.
If the hardships of the winter at Valley Forge were trying for healthy men, they were, of course, much more so for those not in good health.
If his circumspection in regard to Philip's sensibilities went so far that he even refused to grant a dispensation for the marriage of Amadee's daughter, Agnes, to the son of the dauphin of Vienne -- a truly peacemaking move according to thirteenth-century ideas, for Savoy and Dauphine were as usual fighting on opposite sides -- for fear that he might seem to be favoring the anti-French coalition, he would certainly never take the far more drastic step of ordering the return of Gascony to Edward, even though, as he admitted to the English ambassadors, he had been advised that the original cession was invalid.
If there were no West Berlin problem, imperialist quarters would have invented an excuse for stepping up the armaments race to try to solve the internal and external problems besetting the United States and its NATO partners.
If the new Soviet series has followed the general pattern of previous Russian tests, the shots were roughly half fission and half fusion, meaning a fission yield of 30 to 40 megatons thus far.
If the Hessian troops sent here willy-nilly by the Hessian Government to fight for England in the 1770's were mercenaries, what shall we call the UN troops sent to the Congo willy-nilly by their governments to fight for the United Nations??
If the UN troops are not mercenaries then the Hessians were not mercenaries either.
If he were to go with White, he would be out there two days, not just listening in the dark at some point between here and Papa-san, but moving ever deeper into enemy land -- behind Papa-san -- itself.

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