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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 1177
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

If and hardships
If any man rob another he shall have his nose and ears slit, and be put ashore where he shall be sure to encounter hardships.
Jack Shaheen, a critic of Hollywood's portrayal of Arabs, believes that " the studio feared financial and possibly political hardships if they made the film's hero Arab ", and claimed that " If no attempt is made to challenge negative stereotypes about Arabs, the misperceptions continue.
" If things had reached that level, not only would the public have had to face hardships but Japan's very existence would have been in peril ".
* " If there are Men in the world, they are those Who throw themselves in hardships and embrace troubles.

If and winter
If those aren't enough for you, why not grow some just for winter blooming??
If the plants are cared for and protected over the winter, the second year is more prolific than the first.
If we manage to keep track of a Bombus queen after she has left her feeding place, we may discover the snug little hideout which she has fixed up for herself when she woke up from her winter sleep.
If a normally biennial plant is grown in extremely harsh conditions, it is likely to be treated as an annual because it will not survive the winter cold.
If it is generally by temporary uninhabitability, for example a nuclear winter, then n < sub > r </ sub > may be relatively high.
If the depressive episodes are routinely during the winter and the hypomania presents in the spring / summer it is possible that the person may be diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder instead of bipolar II disorder.
If the muskeg is not completely cleared to bedrock, its high water content will cause buckling and distortion from winter freezing, much like permafrost.
If blood is taken from a hibernating squirrel in the winter and injected into another squirrel in the spring, the normally active squirrel will be more prone to hibernation when placed in cold dark conditions.
If they attacked Indian villages in winter, the Indians would be compelled to stand and fight for their own winter supplies, and could be decisively defeated.
If visiting in winter it is a good idea to bring warm clothes because at such a high altitude the region experiences frequent snow falls and cold temperatures.
If you enjoy the winter months then Watervliet has several area snowmobile trails, ice fishing is a popular sport during the coldest of the winter months and there is always sledding at Hay's Park for kids of all ages.
If the waves are sufficiently strong the mean zonal flow may decelerate sufficiently so that the winter westerlies turn easterly.
) If a worm bin is kept outside, it should be placed in a sheltered position away from direct sunlight and insulated against frost in winter.
If they live in an area where the water freezes in the winter they will migrate.
If they found St. Moritz attractive in winter, he would invite them to stay as his guests for as long as they wished.
If a winter sparrow-hawk prove good, she will kill the pye, the chough, the jay, woodcock, thrush, black-bird, fieldfare, and divers other birds of the like nature.
If westerlies are suppressed, the temperature is more extreme in summer and winter leading to heatwaves, deep freezes and reduced rainfall.
If this difference is high, a strong westerly wind will result which in winter carries warm and humid Atlantic air masses right down to Europe.
If bluebirds do remain in a region for the winter, they will group and seek cover in heavy thickets, orchards, or other areas in which adequate food and cover resources are available.
If the stores are eaten, the woodpecker will move to another area, even going from Arizona to Mexico to spend the winter.
If anything, it should be even more important in a bird that nests in the cold, apparently foodless conditions of late winter.
If the population falls ( due to a bad winter or illegal harvest ) this will ease density-dependent population regulation and increase yield, moving the population back to, a stable equilibrium.

If and at
If I even hint at it do you think it will matter that you are his nephew -- and not even a blood nephew ''??
If you tell him I made a pass at you he might think you misunderstood something I said or did, so instead of just telling him I made a pass, say I tried to date you and that you agreed so you could prove to him what a louse I really am.
If we look at recent art we find it preoccupied with form.
If the man on the sidewalk is surprised at this question, it has served as an exclamation.
If living Jews were unavailable for study, the Bible was at hand.
If in any one calculation Ptolemy had had to invoke 83 epicycles all at once, while Copernicus never required more than one third this number, then ( in the sense obvious to Margenau ) Ptolemaic astronomy would be simpler than Copernican.
If to be innocent is to be helpless, then I had been -- as are we all -- helpless at the start.
If nothing else, at least two good songs came out of the project, `` Out Of This World '' and `` June Comes Around Every Year ''.
If his scholarship and formal musicianship were not all they might have been, Mercer demonstrated at an early age that he was gifted with a remarkable ear for rhythm and dialect.
If she were not at home, Mama would see to it that a fresh white rose was there.
If it proclaims that the best is yet to be, it always arouses, at least in the young, either a suspicious question or perhaps the exclamation of the Negro youth who saw on a tombstone the inscription, `` I am not dead but sleeping ''.
If a broader Atlantic community is to be formed -- and my own judgment is that it lies within the realm of both our needs and our capacity -- a ready nucleus of machinery is at hand in the NATO alliance.
If you're lyin' out in the hammock at night, and it gets kinda cool -- you know -- you just take these sides with the fringe on -- see -- and wrap 'em right over you.
Mr. Richard Preston, executive director of the New Hampshire State Planning and Development Commission, in his remarks to the Governors Conference on Industrial Development at Providence on October 8, 1960, warned against the fallacy of attempting to attract industry solely to reduce the tax rate or to underwrite municipal services such as schools when he said: `` If this is the fundamental reason for a community's interest or if this is the basic approach, success if any will be difficult to obtain ''.
If he were to go with White, he would be out there two days, not just listening in the dark at some point between here and Papa-san, but moving ever deeper into enemy land -- behind Papa-san -- itself.
If Joe doesn't show up, we'll all be back here at 0600 hours.
If he had any worries, it was only the small ones, about Mother in New York, and his daughter Edwina and what she might be doing at this hour, with her Aunt Asia, in Philadelphia.
`` If William agrees, we should insist on a public debate '', he said at length.
If we sit here reading editorials and looking at public-opinion polls and other reports that cross our desks, we should realize that this is raw, undigested opinion expressed in the absence of leadership.
If our national interest lies in being able to fight and win a war rather than committing national suicide, then we must take a much more penetrating look at ballistic missiles.
If our SAC bombers were, today, capable of surviving a surprise missile attack and because of infinite dispersion or long endurance had the capability to strike at Russia again, and again, and again, those bombers would unquestionably assure our military dominance.
If your state has no provisions for the numbering of pleasure boats, you must apply for a number from the U.S. Coast Guard for any kind of boat with mechanical propulsion rated at more than 10 horsepower before it can be used on Federal waterways.
If the lever is pulled to clear a signal or move a switch, the tappet moves a short distance lengthwise at the same time.
If the background of design is too smooth, or you wish to create a wood-grained effect, it may be added at this time with a dull tool such as the handle of a fine paintbrush.

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