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1936 and company
In 1936, the company decided to concentrate on road cars.
By 1936, the Slingerland company introduced a wooden solid body electric model.
Although Gibson was not the first commercial producer to make an electric guitar, the company made the first successfully-marketed electric guitar, the ES150 in 1936.
* In 1936, the Marconi Wireless Telegraph company patented the first practical application of the technology, " The Liquid Crystal Light Valve ".
A new company called Parnall Aircraft was formed and the Heck passed to Parnall ownership, renamed the Parnall Heck it set a new record for the run from Cape Town to England of 6 days, 8 hours and 27 minutes in November 1936.
Wearing Gulf Oil company colors and logos, the Grumman G-22 " Gulfhawk II ", registered NR1050, was delivered in December 1936, and in 1938 Maj. Williams flew it on a tour of Europe.
The final section was retained to provide a wharf for the railway company, which was used until 1936, when it passed to the Commissioners of Sewers and was filled in.
III, Ann Miller claimed that MGM was on the verge of bankruptcy at the time Broadway Melody of 1936 was made, and it ( along with subsequent Powell films ) became so popular the company became profitable again.
Until recently the country's oil industry was fully controlled by the state company YPFB, established in 1936 with the mission to develop, refine and distribute oil resources.
Huenges left the company in 1936 and the DAF company was now completely in the hands of the van Doorne brothers.
In 1935 the company went public and in 1936 Benjamin Jowett retired.
* Chesterfield Motion Pictures Corporation, a film company active from 1925 to 1936 until it was merged into Republic Pictures
In 1936 when the lead in touring company of Orson Welles ' Voodoo Macbeth ( Maurice Evans ) fell ill, Welles stepped temporarily into the part and played the role in blackface.
She married John William Kendall Taylor, owner of a confectionery company, in 1936.
It was sold in 1936 to Spreckels Sugar Company, which is the parent company of Holly Sugar.
1936 when the company was founded until approximately 1966.
At the end of 1936, the George F. Lee Coal Co. still worked both the Chauncey mine and breaker, producing 38, 712 tons of coal, but by 1940, the company was bankrupt and in receivership.
Brown, the expatriate manager of the company, in the first elections for some of the Legislative Council seats in 1936.
The MG business was Morris's personal property until 1935 when he sold MG into his holding company, Morris Motors Limited, restructuring his holdings before issuing ( preference ) shares in Morris Motors to the public in 1936.
In 1936 the previously separate car company was merged with the Delaunay Belleville parent.
In 1936, along with Frank Malina and Jack Parsons, he founded a company Aerojet to manufacture JATO rocket motors.
* Katherine Dunham-African-American dancer, and anthropologist, originally a ballet dancer she founded her first company Ballet Negre in 1936 and later the Katherine Dunham Dance Company based in Chicago, Illinois.
In 1936, the company was incorporated as W. R. Pashley Ltd and moved to a larger new factory ( over 30, 000 square feet ) in Chester Street, Aston.

1936 and designed
Typewriter Olivetti Studio 42 designed by the Bauhaus-alumnus Alexander Schawinsky in 1936
The vehicle was designed to boost to 28 km altitude and glide a distance of 280 km, but test flights in 1934 and 1936 only reached an altitude of 500 meters.
Ten of the buildings on Central Campus were designed by Detroit-based architect Albert Kahn between 1904 and 1936.
* Allegro ( typeface ), a typeface designed in 1936
Between 1920 and 1936, Mitchell designed 24 aircraft including light aircraft, fighters and bombers.
In 1936, Steinway designed Accelerated Action in response to demands for a quicker-responding action.
For 1936, there was the new Airflow-inspired 302 ( which ran until 1938 ) and a 402-based large model, designed by Andrean, which featured a vertical fin and bumper, with the first high-mounted taillight.
In 1936 he designed a brochure for the Deutschland Ausstellung, an exhibition for tourists in Berlin during the 1936 Olympic Games-the brochure celebrated life in the Third Reich, and the authority of Hitler.
The film is based on Noël Coward's one-act play Still Life ( 1936 ), one of ten short plays in the cycle Tonight at 8: 30, designed for Gertrude Lawrence and Coward himself to be performed in various combinations as triple bills.
The BMW 328 is a sports car made by BMW between 1936 and 1940, with the body design credited to Peter Szymanowski, who became BMW chief of design after World War II ( although technically the car was designed by Fritz Fiedler ).
St. Hugo of the Hills was built from 1931 – 1936, with approval from Bishop Michael J. Gallagher, and was designed by Artur Des Rossiers.
In 1936, Earl Bascom, an inventor as well as a trained artist, designed and supervised the construction of Mississippi ’ s first permanent rodeo arena in Columbia.
The present structure was designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens, who was also responsible for New Delhi, and officially opened in 1936.
Partially funded by the Works Progress Administration in 1936, this three-story brick and concrete building was designed in the Art Moderne mode by the architect Joseph Hoover, a native of the town.
Greendale's plan was designed between 1936 and 1937 by a staff headed by Joseph Crane, Elbert Peets, Harry Bentley, and Walter C. Thomas for a site that had formerly consisted of of farmland.
In addition, Racine is the home of S. C. Johnson & Son, formerly Johnson's Wax, whose headquarters was designed in 1936 by Frank Lloyd Wright, who also designed the Wingspread Conference Center and several homes and other buildings in Racine.
He designed the Gothic King Edward's School, New Street, Birmingham ( 1833 – 37 ), demolished 1936, it was during the erection of the school that Barry first met Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin, he helped Barry design the interiors of the building.
UP also founded the Sun Valley resort in Idaho in 1936, the UP engineering department in Omaha designed the first ski chairlift that summer.
In 1936, The Indian Express reported that students at Toronto University were " under-going a ' purity test '", which took " the form of twenty very personal questions, designed to determine the state of their morals and their ' purity ratio '.
Piccard with his wife co-invented the plastic balloon and he designed and in 1936 flew a cellophane balloon built by his students.
Thorson's design was highly derivative of a character he had designed for Disney in 1936, the country mouse from the Oscar-winning short The Country Cousin.
In 1936 Tank designed the Focke-Wulf Fw 200 Condor to a Deutsche Luft Hansa specification.

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