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1955 and moved
In 1955, with his father's garden ornaments business in decline, the family moved to Brixton.
The franchise was established following the actions of Stuart Symington, then-United States Senator from Missouri, who demanded a new franchise for the city after the Athletics ( Kansas City's previous major league team from 1955 to 1967 ) moved to Oakland, California.
Walter Reuther was in control of the union at this time and moved forward to higher roles during 1955.
Over a year after Robson assumed the leadership, at a party meeting on 20 September 1955, senior party member Ken McCaw moved that the leadership be declared vacant, citing that Robson's leadership lacked the qualities necessary for winning the next election.
More boats began using the Swan Creek sidecut than its official ending, quickly putting the Manhattan warehouses out of business and triggering a rush to move business to Toledo. A 1955 Interstate Highway System | Interstate planning map of Toledo Most of Manhattan's residents moved out by 1844.
When the River Campus was completed in 1930, male students moved there while the female students remained on the University Avenue campus until 1955.
* A monument to Gladstone, Member of Parliament for Midlothian 1880 – 1895 was unveiled in Edinburgh in 1917 ( and moved to its present location in 1955 ).
This obstacle was removed in 1955 and in 1969 his feast day was moved to his date of death, 14 December.
Gemser left Indonesia in 1955, at the age of four, and moved with her parents to the Netherlands.
After Byers moved to Kansas City, the championships would be held in Municipal in 1953, 1954, 1955, 1957, 1961, 1964.
He then moved to Madras in 1955 to study aerospace engineering., at the MIT Madras, India ( see: Wings of Fire ), where he obtained his masters degree.
The Helicopter Division started out at the main Bristol Aeroplane Company site in Filton, but from 1955 it was moved to the Old Mixton factory in Weston-Super-Mare, which had been used to build Blenheims during the War.
* Oakland Athletics enfranchised 1901 * in Philadelphia, moved to Kansas City ( 1955 ) and to Oakland ( 1968 )
In 1955, the University of Mississippi School of Medicine moved to Jackson where its curriculum was expanded to four years in the brand-new Medical Center.
Eventually Hu's remains were moved to a large mausoleum in Gongqing, Jiangxi, a city that Hu had helped found in 1955.
The station was taken over by the princely state of Mysore in 1941 and was moved to Bangalore in 1955.
The team moved again in 1955 to St. Louis, Missouri, where they won their only NBA Championship title in 1958.
In 1955 he moved to Malmö, where he met his mentor, Ingmar Bergman.
The FLN adopted tactics similar to those of nationalist groups in Asia, and the French did not realize the seriousness of the challenge they faced until 1955, when the FLN moved into urbanized areas.
In late 1963, Vadim moved in with 26-year-old American film star Jane Fonda, whom he had first met in 1955.
Apart from leads in several French films such as Max Ophüls ' The Earrings of Madame de ... ( 1953, again with Danielle Darrieux ) and Nana ( 1955, opposite Martine Carol ), he also moved into television as one of the pioneering producers and stars of Four Star Theatre ; Four Star Productions would make him and partners David Niven and Dick Powell rich.
Sweet Home was the site of the Arkansas Confederate Soldiers ' Home from 1890 to 1955, but the home was moved to the grounds of the Schools for the Deaf and Blind in Little Rock from 1955-1963.
The family moved to the hamlet of Roosevelt on Long Island in 1955, where Stern developed an interest in radio at five years of age.
It was the original location of the township hall built in the 1870's and serving until 1955 when it was moved up Canal where it intersects with Saginaw Highway.
Lawrence Tech moved to Southfield, Michigan from its site in Highland Park, Michigan in 1955.

1955 and Hamilton
Buck started broadcasting Cardinals games for KMOX radio in 1954, teaming with Harry Caray, Milo Hamilton ( 1954 ), and Joe Garagiola ( from 1955 ).
* 1955 — Attempts to detach the village and annex into Hamilton continued.
Hamish Hamilton, 1955 )
Speedway racing was staged in Hamilton between 1947 and 1955.
In 1955, jurisdiction of Lemon Township was transferred to Fort Hamilton Council, forming the final boundaries of the Mound Builders Area Council.
A Study of England's Elite ( London: Hamilton, 1955 ) ( about the descendants of George Villiers ).
The story of the wartime prisoners at Oflag IV-C was documented by Patrick Robert (" Pat ") Reid in his books The Colditz Story and The Latter Days At Colditz, and the former was used as the basis for a 1955 film directed by Guy Hamilton.
* Pudney, John ( 1955 ) Six Great Aviators – A V Roe ; Alcock & Brown ; Lindbergh ; Kingsford-Smith ; Saint-Exupery ; Neville Duke ( Hamish Hamilton )
Irish music: There was a revival of Irish folk music that began in the early 20th century, based both in Dublin and Ireland, though the longer-lasting and more famous revival began in 1955 with the album " The Lark in the Morning ," whose recording was supervised by Diane Hamilton and which featured Liam Clancy and Tommy Makem prior to their involvement with the influential but U. S .- based Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem.
The oldest, Bishopbriggs Golf Club, was founded in 1906 and is situated in parkland which was once part of Kenmure House ( built 1806 by David Hamilton, demolished 1955 ), formerly family seat of the Stirling-Maxwell Baronets.
Collins was appointed Chief of Naval Staff in 1948, succeeding Sir Louis Keppel Hamilton, and held the position until 1955.
* Joe Krol – player ( RB / QB ), 1963 ( Hamilton Flying Wildcats 1942 – 44 ; Toronto Argonauts 1945 – 52, 1955 )*.
* Hans James David Hamilton, 4th Baron HolmPatrick ( b. 1955 )
The Revelation EP on 10 ” vinyl-Hamilton ’ s very first recording as a leader, Chico Hamilton Trio in 1955 on Pacific Jazz with Howard Roberts & George Duvivier, was pressed up on 10 ” vinyl.
* 1955: Chico Hamilton Trio ( 10 " LP )
* 1955: Chico Hamilton Quintet feat.
Vice Admiral Sir Timothy James Hamilton Laurence KCVO CB ADC ( P ) ( born 1 March 1955 ) is a retired British naval officer and the second husband of Princess Anne, the only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II.
" Tommy was recorded for the first time by Hamilton in that autumn of 1955, among the songs he performed was " The Cobbler.
High school basketball has also used the Gardens over the years, both for regular season games-such as contests matching Middletown & Hamilton highs-as well as post-season tournaments including the state tourney in 1953 & 1955.
He focused on classical guitar, and, from 1955 to 1956, played in Chico Hamilton ’ s quintet.
Richard Hamilton organised an exhibition, Man, Machine and Motion in late 1955 at the Hatton Gallery, Newcastle and the ICA, which focussed on some Independent Group concerns.
* David Hamilton ( composer ) ( born 1955 ), New Zealand contemporary composer
These include Kenneth Anderson ( 1910 – 1974 ) and Douglas Hamilton ( 1818 – 1892 ) in southern India, F. M. Bailey ( 1882 – 1967 ) and Major R. W. G. Hingston ( 1887 – 1966 ) in the Himalayas, Jim Corbett ( 1875 – 1955 ) in the foothills of the Himalayas, R. C. Morris ( 1894 – 1977 ) in the Biligirirangan Hills and George P. Sanderson in central India.
The Colditz Story is a 1955 prisoner of war film starring John Mills and Eric Portman and directed by Guy Hamilton.

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