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long and commentary
* Ambrosiaster or the " pseudo-Ambrose " is a brief commentary on Paul's Epistles, which was long attributed to Ambrose.
This commentary was erroneously attributed for a long time to St Ambrose.
The comics have long held a distorted mirror to contemporary society, and almost from the beginning have been used for political or social commentary.
The reason that the Talmud is not usually viewed as a commentary on the Mishnah, is because it also has many other goals, and can get involved in long tangential discussions.
Ockham wrote a great deal on natural philosophy, including a long commentary on Aristotle's physics.
While most sports commentators gain some recognition if their career is long enough, Wolstenholme is best remembered for his commentary of the 1966 Football World Cup Final at Wembley Stadium, specifically the impromptu words he used with impeccable timing as the match came to a conclusion during injury time, as a small pitch invasion took place just as Geoff Hurst scored to put England 4-2 ahead:
The short commentary ( jami ) is generally an epitome ; the middle commentary ( talkhis ) is a paraphrase ; the long commentary ( tafsir ) includes the whole text with a detailed analysis of each line.
He is also the author of " al-Bayān wa ' l-Taḥṣīl, wa ' l-Sharḥ wa ' l-Tawjīh wa ' l-Ta ` līl fi Masā ' il al-Mustakhraja, " a long and detailed commentary based on the " Mustakhraja " of Muḥammad al -` Utbī al-Qurtubī.
Through the night of the 22nd to dawn of the 23rd, Mullá Husayn became the first to accept the Báb's claims as the gateway to Truth and the initiator of a new prophetic cycle ; the Báb had replied in a satisfactory way to all of Mullá Husayn's questions and had written in his presence, with extreme rapidity, a long commentary of Surih of Joseph, which has come to be known as the Qayyúmu ' l-Asmá ' and is considered the Báb's first revealed work.
Anderson has long used the resulting character in her work as a " voice of authority " or conscience, although she later decided that he had lost much of his authority and instead began utilizing the voice to provide historical or sociopolitical commentary, as he does on " Another Day in America ", a piece from her 2010 album Homeland.
Around the same time, George of Trebizond made a full translation accompanied by a commentary that was as long as the original text.
From there, the students of an Academy-in-exile could have survived into the 9th century, long enough to facilitate the Arabic revival of the Neoplatonist commentary tradition in Baghdad.
Ginsberg's own commentary discusses the work as an experiment with the " long line ".
The science fiction film genre has long served as a useful vehicle for " safely " discussing controversial topical issues and often providing thoughtful social commentary on potential unforeseen future issues.
From there, the students of an Academy-in-exile could have survived into the 9th century, long enough to facilitate the Arabic revival of the Neoplatonist commentary tradition in Baghdad.
According to the commentary on the Criterion Collection DVD Red Beard is 185 minutes long and was shot at an aspect ratio of 2. 35: 1.
Here he wrote one of his most important long poems, the " brilliant poetic commentary on postcolonialism " The Abbotsford Guide to India, published in 1986 — one of six poetry books he published in the 1980s.
The magazine has long focused on not just reviewing products, but featuring editorial and commentary on emerging consumer issues such as unfair business practices and legislation affecting consumers.
Firstly ( as described in Mallinatha's commentary ), the description suggests signs of her physical beauty: long eyelashes, pouting lower lip, hard breasts large enough to touch each other, deep navel, and so on.
The discovery in 1940 of an original copy of the Hunmin Jeongeum Haerye, a volume of commentary to the Hunmin Jeongeum that appeared not long after the document it commented upon, revealed that the Hunmin Jeongeum was announced during the first ten days ( sangsun ; 상순 ; 上旬 ) of the ninth month.
Jewish culture has a long tradition of interpretation, annotation, and commentary regarding the Bible, leading to both exegesis and eisegesis ( insightful and false interpretations ).
" The Erya dictionary ( 15 ) defines jili 蒺蔾 " thorns ; puncture vine ; bramble " as jieju 蝍蛆 " centipede ; cricket "; which Guo Pu's commentary says resembles a huang 蝗 " locust " with a large abdomen, long horns, and which eats snake brains.

long and which
Barton waited for a long moment, then asked the question which lay always uppermost in his mind.
She seemed to have come such a long distance -- too far for her destination which had wilfully been swallowed up in the greedy gloom of the trees.
To Tilghman the incident was just one of a long list of hair-raising, smash-'em-down adventures on the side of the law which started in 1872 when he was only eighteen years old, and did not end till fifty years later when he was shot dead after warning a drunk to be quiet.
He came within an ace of being riddled with bullets during his long fight with the Doolin gang which terrorized Oklahoma in the 1890's.
The drummer flogged the gourd with frantic intensity as the dancers began the calinda, a sensual gyration which had long been a favorite of voodoo practitioners and their disciples in the Louisiana slave compounds.
Her long thin arms moved in a slow rhythmical gesture over the family possessions which were placed in front of her.
There was also a long wooden spear and a woomera, a spear-throwing device which gives the spear an enormous velocity and high accuracy.
Those three other great activities of the Persians, the bath, the teahouse, and the zur khaneh ( the latter a kind of club in which a leader and a group of men in an octagonal pit move through a rite of calisthenics, dance, chanted poetry, and music ), do not take place in buildings to which entrance tickets are sold, but some of them occupy splendid examples of Persian domestic architecture: long, domed, chalk-white rooms with daises of turquoise tile, their end walls cut through to the orchards and the sky by open arches.
The line of an eyebrow, the color of the skin, a ghazal from Hafiz, the purity of spring water, the long afternoon among the boughs which crowd the upper story of a pavilion -- these things are noticed, judged, and valued.
These polar concerns ( imitation vs. formalism ) reflect a philosophical and religious situation which has been developing over a long period of time.
It is a question which New Englanders long ago put out of their minds.
His next major work, completed in 1892, was a long fantastic epic in prose, entitled Hans Alienus, which Professor Book describes as a monument on the grave of his carefree and indolent youth.
But the enmities it will incur, the isolation into which it will descend, and the internal moral and spiritual softness that will be engendered, will, in the long term, bring it to economic and political disaster.
It seems to me now, in a long backward glance, that many of the Hetman's conceits and odd actions -- together with his grim posture when brandishing the hatchet in the name of Mr. Hearst -- were keyed with the tragedy which was to close over him one day.
In the story of Bright and the Corn Law agitation, the Crimean War, the American Civil War, and the franchise struggle Trevelyan reflects something of the moral power which enabled this independent man to exercise so immense an influence over his fellow countrymen for so long.
Because Bright's speeches were so much a part of him, there are long and numerous quotations, which, far from making the biography diffuse, help to give us the feel of the man.
A volunteer food brigade had been arranged, they told me, which would supply me with the necessities as long as I remained at the bridge.
The result was that by secret agreement draft machinery was actually ready long before the country knew that the device was to take the place of the volunteering method which Theodore Roosevelt favored.
Considering then the optimism which has permeated science fiction for so long, what is really remarkable is that during the last twelve years many science-fiction writers have turned about and attacked their own cherished vision of the future, have attacked the Childhood's End kind of faith that science and technology will inevitably better the human condition.
Pohl and Kornbluth's ad men have long since thrown out appeals to reason and developed techniques of advertising which tie in with `` every basic trauma and neurosis in American life '', which work on the libido of consumers, which are linked to the `` great prime motivations of the human spirit ''.
Beginning in Cloth Of The Tempest ( 1943 ) he experimented in merging poetry and visual art, using drawings to carry long narrative segments of a story, as in Sleepers Awake, and constructing elaborate `` poems-in-drawing-and-type '' in which it is impossible to distinguish between the `` art '' and the poetry.
Top scientists have warned that an area hit by an atomic missile of massive power would be engulfed in a suffocating fire storm which would persist for a long time.

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