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from Brown Corpus
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both and cases
In both cases the individual tends to be treated as an instrument of the organic reality.
but both groups were so closely knit that despite individual differences the family life in both cases was remarkably similar in atmosphere if not entirely in content -- the one being definitely Jewish and the other vaguely Christian.
In addition, production machinery must in many cases be designed to handle with equal efficiency both natural fibers and the increasing number of synthetics, as well as blends.
One-inch, No. 10 screws are used in both cases.
These conjugates Af had much less nonspecific staining than the previous conjugate ( with 50 mg FITC per gram of globulin ) while the specific staining was similar in both cases.
In both cases the finger-post represents Pip's heightened awareness of contrary magnetisms.
In both cases he desired information about placing the freedmen in homes once they arrived in the North.
Assistant Prosecutor Fred Lewis, who tried both the Hengesbach and Pohl cases, said he did not know what would be done about two arson charges pending against Pohl.
In both cases the stubborn fact remains: liberalism gave birth to two brilliant apostates, both legitimate offspring of its loins, and when brought to the test, it behaved shabbily.
Other numerically important groups include the closely interrelated Chokwe and Lunda, the Ganguela and Nhaneca-Humbe, in both cases classification terms which stand for a variety of small groups, the Ovambo, the Herero, the Xindonga and scattered residual groups of Khoisan.
Ataxia may depend on hereditary disorders consisting of degeneration of the cerebellum and / or of the spine ; most cases feature both to some extent, and therefore present with overlapping cerebellar and sensory ataxia, even though one is often more evident than the other.
The name is derived from the Ancient Greek words for " earless " in both cases: the monkey is missing external ears, and the pea is missing earlike bracteoles.
Lookup, insertion, and deletion all take O ( log n ) time in both the average and worst cases, where n is the number of nodes in the tree prior to the operation.
It is an outer locative case, used just as the adessive and allative cases to denote both being on top of something and " being around the place " ( as opposed to the inner locative case, the elative, which means " from out of " or " from the inside of ").
However, they require compromises in borderline cases ; for example, nicotine contains a pyridine fragment from nicotinamide and pyrrolidine part from ornithine and therefore can be assigned to both classes.
In both cases, the reaction would have been the same — avoid the trap and immediately take advantage of the enemy ’ s stupidity.
Notable examples of bodyguards include the Roman Praetorian Guard or the Ottoman Janissaries — though, in both cases, the protectors sometimes became assassins themselves, exploiting their power to make the head of state a virtual hostage or killing the very leaders they were supposed to protect.
In both cases, this origin resulted in values that used a decimal base but did not include positional notation.
These test cases must each be accompanied by test case input data or a formal description of the operational activities ( or both ) to be performed — intended to thoroughly exercise the specific case — and a formal description of the expected results.
Some bar associations are responsible for the regulation of the legal profession in their jurisdiction ; others are professional organizations dedicated to serving their members ; in many cases, they are both
In both cases, the U. S. was the main donor to inter-African organizations headquartered in Ouagadougou which through sustained efforts have achieved and consolidated these gains.
He gained nominations to contest progressively safer seats at two subsequent General Elections and was in both cases elected, for Shrewsbury in 1841 ( despite serious opposition, and financial difficulties which opponents seized on ), and then for Buckinghamshire county in 1847.

both and student
Born and raised in Arkansas, Clinton became both a student leader and a skilled musician.
20 new structures replaced antiquated buildings, while the student body and faculty both expanded threefold.
Robinson Hall, next door to both Collis and Thayer, contains the offices of a number of student organizations including the Dartmouth Outing Club and The Dartmouth daily newspaper.
This vision includes establishing a University College to foster both in-depth and wide-interest, society-interest driven education for upcoming engineers ; establishing a combined Graduate School to manage the graduate programs ; an increase of the student body by 50 percent ; a 50 percent increase in the number of annual Ph. D graduations ; an increase of knowledge valorisation to a campus-wide score of 4. 2 ; increasing the international position of the university to within the top-100 universities ; and increasing the embedding of the university within the city and the Brainport region by transforming the campus into a high-grade science park with laboratories, housing facilities for 700 students and researchers and supporting facilities.
Beginning in 1936, he attended Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts, where he held a large number of leadership positions including president of the senior class, secretary of the student council, president of the community fund-raising group, a member of the editorial board of the school newspaper, and captain of both the varsity baseball and soccer teams.
The winner of the contest was an elementary school student, who submitted the drawing of a robot called Red Arone, which superficially resembled both Ultraman and Mazinger Z.
Kelly served as a teacher at the studio during both his undergraduate and law student years at Pitt.
Michael Servetus, using the name " Michel de Villeneuve " during his stay in France, was Vesalius ' fellow student and the best Galenist at the University of Paris, according to Johann Winter von Andernach, who taught both.
Located in the center of campus, the $ 30 million, building was built as the first of its kind building on any American campus, acting both as a library and a student union.
While at the university, he was the student manager of both the baseball and football teams and was a part of the inaugural Big Game versus rival University of California ( Stanford won ).
On Fukuda's death in 1880, Kano, who had become his keenest and most able student in both randori and, was given the of the Fukuda dojo.
In a student disputation, he defended heliocentrism from both a theoretical and theological perspective, maintaining that the Sun was the principal source of motive power in the universe.
According to Jewish tradition, God gave both the Written Law ( Torah ) and the Oral Law ( additional laws and customs meant to be passed down from teacher to student ) to Moses on Mount Sinai.
Studies of Charles Darwin's notebooks have shown that Darwin arrived separately at the idea of natural selection which he set out in his 1859 book On the Origin of Species, but it has been speculated that he may have had some half-forgotten memory from his time as a student in Edinburgh of ideas of selection in nature as set out by Hutton, and by William Charles Wells and Patrick Matthew who had both been associated with the city before publishing their ideas on the topic early in the 19th century.
Written by the only living student of both Wittgenstein and Popper, an eyewitness to the famous " poker " incident described above ( Edmunds & Eidinow ).
Funakoshi was a student of both Asato Ankō and Itosu Ankō ( who had worked to introduce karate to the Okinawa Prefectural School System in 1902 ).
Lund University cooperates with universities on all continents, both in areas of research and student exchange.
During his time as a student at the school he made the films Nocturne and The Last Detail, both of which won Best Film awards at the Munich International Festival of Film Schools.
* The annual prize for the best Politics student in Liverpool Hope University in the UK is called the Minerva Prize, both because of the association with wisdom and knowledge and because there is a statue of Minerva on the dome of Liverpool Town Hall, the seat of local politics in the city.
The NMU Volunteer Center is designed to assist students, both individuals and in student organizations, as well as faculty and staff at the university with finding ways in which they can contribute to the Marquette community.
Operatic modernism truly began in the operas of two Viennese composers, Arnold Schoenberg and his student Alban Berg, both composers and advocates of atonality and its later development ( as worked out by Schoenberg ), dodecaphony.
Recently, the university has experienced a large increase in on-campus housing, student enrollment, new facilities, and the establishment of both the Wegmans School of Nursing, and The Wegmans School of Pharmacy.
According to Giorgio de Santillana, professor of the history of science at MIT, and student of mythology, the sampo and the world pillar both refer to the precession of the equinox.
Many SNP members are republicans, however, and both the party student and youth wings are expressly so. However, the current stance of the SNP is that an independent Scotland would retain the monarchy which it currently has as part of the United Kingdom.

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