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In December 1952, Capp published an article in Real magazine titled The REAL Powers in America ” that further challenged the conventional attitudes of the day: " The real powers in America are women — the wives and sweethearts behind the masculine dummies ..."
In her article The Book of Esther and Ancient Storytelling ,” biblical scholar Adele Berlin discusses the reasoning behind scholarly concern of the historicity of Esther.
In his article Observations on the marital metaphor of YHWH and Israel in its ancient Israelite context: general considerations and particular images in Hosea 1. 2, Ben Zvi describes the role of the Gomer in the marriage metaphor as one of the central attributes of the ideological image of a human marriage that was shared by the male authorship and the primary and intended male readership as building blocks for their imagining of the relationship .”
The French State refuses to change the second article of the Constitution ( added in 1994 ), which states that the language of the Republic is French ”.
In his article The Old Man and the Daiquiri, Wayne Curtis tells us how Hemingway ’ s home bar also held a bottle of Bacardí rum .” Hemingway wrote in Islands in the Stream “… this frozen daiquirí, so well beaten as it is, looks like the sea where the wave falls away from the bow of a ship when she is doing thirty knots .”
In his definitive study of the taxonomy of the coyote, Jackson had, in response to Miller, queried whether Heller had seriously looked at specimens of coyotes prior to his 1914 article, and thought the characters to be not sufficiently important or stable to warrant subgeneric recognition for the group ”.
Willard ’ s biography also provides a comprehensive overview of the Querelle du Roman de la Rose .” Kevin Brownlee also discusses this debate in detail in his article Widowhood, Sexuality and Gender in Christine de Pisan ( in The Romanic Review, 1995 )
The song The Legend of Andrew McCrew ” was based on an article published in the New York Times.
In 1874, Dr. Henry Maudsley ’ s article on Sex and Mind in Education, which argued that education for women caused over-exertion and thus, reduced their reproductive capacity, sometimes causing nervous and even mental disorders ”.
Amy Kelly, in her article Eleanor of Aquitaine and her Courts of Love ”, gives a very plausible description of the origins of the rules of Eleanor's court: in the Poitevin code, man is the property, the very thing of woman ; whereas a precisely contrary state of things existed in the adjacent realms of the two kings from whom the reigning duchess of Aquitaine was estranged .”
Janet Bergstrom ’ s article Enunciation and Sexual Difference ” ( 1979 ) uses Sigmund Freud ’ s ideas of bisexual responses, arguing that women are capable of identifying with male characters and men with women characters, either successively or simultaneously.
According to an article by the math historian Kenneth May, Maps utilizing only four colours are rare, and those that do usually require only three.
Even those who share Allaire ’ s account of Berkeley ’ s idealism acknowledge Pappas ’ article to be an excellent review and critique of the IA account .”
A striking number of Catholic bishops have recently brought out documents of their own defending Humanae Vitae .” However, a New York Times article notes some parish priests disagree with the teaching, and others agree with it, but avoid discussing the topic aware of contraception use among Catholics.
The New York Times first used the phrase in its editorial content in an article by Walter Sullivan on June 7, 1964 in which he described the phrase as much discussed .” ( pE11.
His contract was not renewed and he soon published an article entitled End of the Miracle of Howard Beach .” This was Kahane ’ s first article in the Jewish Press, American-Jewish weekly, for which he continued to write until his murder in 1990.
The author of the Catholic Encyclopedia article goes on to enumerate the accounts of each of these three persons ( the unnamed " sinner ", Mary Magdalene, and Mary of Bethany ) in the Gospel of Luke and concludes that based on these accounts there is no suggestion of an identification of the three persons, and if we had only Luke to guide us we should certainly have no grounds for so identifying them the same person .” He then explains first the Catholic position equating Mary of Bethany with the sinful woman of Luke by referring to, where Mary is identified as the woman who anointed Jesus, and noting that this reference is given before John ’ s account of the anointing in Bethany:
George Forster, who had been on Cook ’ s second voyage to the Pacific and had been with him when he landed on Norfolk Island, was at the time professor of natural history at the University of Vilna ( or Vilnius ) in Polish Lithuania: Forster discussed the proposed Botany Bay colony in an article written in November 1786, Neuholland, und die brittische Colonie in Botany Bay ”.
An article in The Daily Universal Register ( the forerunner of The Times ) of 23 December 1786 revealed the plan for a dual colonization of Norfolk Island and Botany Bay: The ships for Botany Bay are not to leave all the convicts there ; some of them are to be taken to Norfolk Island, which is about eight hundred miles East of Botany Bay, and about four hundred miles short of New Zealand ”.
The advantage of Britain's new colony in providing a non-Russian source of flax and hemp for naval supplies was referred to in an article in Lloyd ’ s Evening Post of 5 October 1787 which urged: It is undoubtedly the interest of Great-Britain to remain neutral in the present contest between the Russians and the Turks ” and observed, Should England cease to render her services to the Empress of Russia, in a war against the Turks, there can be little of nothing to fear from her ill-will.
In Toumey's 2008 article, " Reading Feynman into Nanotechnology ", he found 11 versions of the publication of Plenty of Room ", plus two instances of a closely related talk by Feynman, Infinitesimal Machinery ,” which Feynman called Plenty of Room, Revisited .” Also in Toumey ’ s references are videotapes of that second talk.

article and Proverbs
An article in the Cornhill Magazine by Edmund Gosse, " A Plea for Certain Exotic Forms of Verse ," appearing in July 1877, simultaneously with Dobson's second volume, Proverbs in Porcelain, drew the general eye to the possibilities and achievements of the movement.

article and More
" More recently, reviewers from the American Library Association were surprised to find that most educational articles had been eliminated from the 1992 Macropædia, along with the article on psychology.
More weighty contributions are the anonymous theological discussion The Kernel and the Husk ( 1886 ), Philomythus ( 1891 ), his book The Anglican Career of Cardinal Newman ( 1892 ), and his article " The Gospels " in the ninth edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica, embodying a critical view which caused considerable stir in the English theological world.
More treatment information can be found in the article diabetic hypoglycemia.
The article " More Britons applying for Irish passports " states that 6 million Britons have either an Irish grandfather or grandmother and are thus able to apply for Irish citizenship.
More examples are shown in the article on Dirichlet series.
* More Intelligent Life article
According to a New York Times article, More Americans Rejecting Marriage in 50s and Beyond ”, in the past 20 years, the divorce rate has increased over 50 % amongst the baby boomers.
More on this type of levee can be found in the article on dry-stone walls.
More implications of the above definition are discussed in the article on completeness properties in order theory.
More details on this notation are given in the article about queueing models.
More about the history of iaido can be read in the article Iaido.
More specifically, this article describes the ' dasheen ' form of taro ; another variety is called eddoe.
An article seriously challenging this identification can be found in a Society of American Baseball Research ( SABR ) newsletter at: https :// sabr. box. com / shared / static / tysgx0z66j8u64tq5rtd. pdf More about the photo can be found at: https :// sabr. box. com / shared / static / 106f79f134092a683653. pdf
More details can be found in the article: Electrical resistivity and conductivity.
More effects, conclusions and controversy are explained in the Airline deregulation article.
Along with his screen work, Schreiber is a well-respected classical actor ; in a 1998 review of the Shakespeare play Cymbeline, The New York Times called his performance " revelatory " and ended the article with the plea, " More Shakespeare, Mr. Schreiber.
More information about the RIFF format can be found in the Interchange File Format article.
More recently, an article in Rolling Stone magazine alleges the United States has conducted psychological operations on its own senators and other decision makers in order to influence foreign policy.
More information regarding criticisms of click tracks will be found in the relevant section of this article.
In November 2008, an article in the New York Times, " SPAM Turns Serious and Hormel Turns Out More ," detailed an overwhelming spike in the demand for SPAM, perhaps due to the flagging economy.
More complete details and software packages can be found in the main article multiple sequence alignment.
More precisely, after 2 weeks the system starts to remind the owner by mail ; at 6 weeks any user can " adopt " the article ; at 8 weeks the ownership of the entry is completely removed ( and such an entry is called " orphaned ").
More information on the various types and mechanisms of a subset of chaperones that encapsulate their folding substrates can be found in the article for chaperonins.
On March 15, 2012, an article on NME revealed that frontman, Howlin ' Pelle Almqvist, hinted at two new track titles from Lex Hives: " I Want More " and " My Time Is Coming ".

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