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autumn and 1970
Following establishment of British Air Services as BEA's new holding company for its two loss-making regional airline subsidiaries, BKS Air Transport and Cambrian Airways, in March 1970, the corporation acquired a two-thirds majority shareholding in British Air Services in the autumn of that year to ensure its regional partners ' survival.
In 1970, due to his opposition activity and various relations in Western countries, he was forbidden to publish his works in Poland ( until autumn 1974 ).
Neville Marriner continued to perform obbligatos and concertino solos with the orchestra until 1969, and led the orchestra on recordings until the autumn of 1970, when he switched to conducting from the podium from directing the ensemble from the leader's desk.
Audi followed up the introduction of the four-door saloon in November 1968 with a two-door saloon in October 1969 and the 100 Coupé S in autumn 1970.
1969-71 he taught composition at the Hanover Academy of Music for a year, and, since autumn 1970 at the Hochschule der Kuenste in West Berlin, since 1977 as a professor ( till 1985 ).
Larry Grathwohl, an FBI informant who was with the Weatherman from autumn 1969 through spring 1970, considered her one of the two top leaders of the organization, along with Bill Ayers.
They broke up in the autumn of 1970, however after solo efforts Harrison and Wright reformed Spooky Tooth in September 1972 with a different line-up.
They are best known for two songs, both of which hit the top 10 charts in the United States: " Green-Eyed Lady " in the autumn of 1970 ( their biggest hit, reaching # 3 on the Billboard chart ) and " Don't Call Us, We'll Call You " in 1975 ( US # 9 ).
By late autumn of 1970, the white community agreed to the integration of public facilities and stores.
The first pupils to the current school were admitted in the autumn of 1970, there was one fifth year and two third year classes ( there was no fourth year then ).
A replacement building was available for the return of classes in autumn 1970.
Earlier in the autumn season of 1970 a controversial new staging of Hamlet caused outrage in the press for the nudity and alternative acting styles of the Company.

autumn and SPD
Gerlach had been close to adherents of a moderate socialism from above, coupled with social reforms ( Kathedersozialisten ), but became member of the SPD in November 1914 and changed to the more radical USPD in the autumn of 1919.
It was formed by a left-wing party with around 20, 000 members which split off from the SPD in the autumn of 1931.

autumn and declared
Discontent continued and in early 1802 a revolt in Capriasca led to the autumn pronunciamento of Pian Povrò, which declared the independence of Lugano from the Helvetic client republic.
Following the Conservative Party Conference in the first week of October 2007, the Conservatives drew level with Labour When Brown declared he would not call an election for the autumn, a decline in his and Labour's standings followed.
In the autumn of 1910 Childers resigned his post as Clerk of Petitions to leave himself free to join the Liberal Party, with its declared commitment to home rule, and in May 1912 he secured for himself the candidature in one of the parliamentary seats in the naval town of Devonport.
He was hospitalized briefly in April 1849 and, after his release, he accepted a position with the Department of State in Washington, D. C. By autumn, however, he was declared permanently insane.
In the autumn of 1892 Lucette, now having declared her love for Van, brings him a letter from Ada in which she announces she has received an offer of marriage from a wealthy Russian, Andrey Vinelander.

autumn and
However, pension records and other documents from the 19th Century indicate that numerous men joined various Continental and Militia units, particularly the 6th and 8th Militia Regiments, the latter of which joined Gen. George Washington s Army in the battle of New York and Long Island in the autumn of 1776.
However, one must not think of this Ode ’ as an optimistic praise of the wind ; it is clearly associated with autumn.
A condition of the separation was that the Elder could recover from his son Adriaen two royal gifts ’, presumably gifts from Charles II for work done in England .” Cordingly ’ s account further relates that the dispute was still continuing after another ten years, since “ in the autumn of 1672 Judith complained to the woman ’ s husband .” Robinson adds that by 1674 the couple “ must have been reconciled ”, for at a chance meeting with Pieter Blaeu in Amsterdam in July the Elder explained that he was only visiting for a few days “ in order to fetch his wife ”.
Despite the curfew, the early evenings during the autumn months allow some racing to take place in darkness and the Britcar into the night ’ race has been a regular on the calendar, with the Lotus 1000 km reviving a tradition that started in the 1960s with the BOAC sportscar races.
In Bengal, Durga Puja is also called Akalbodhan, ' untimely awakening of Durga '), Sharadiya Pujo, autumnal worship ’), Sharodotsab (, festival of autumn ’), Maha Pujo, grand puja ’), Maayer Pujo (‘ worship of the Mother ) or merely as Puja or Pujo.
From the autumn of 1909, Griffith ’ s newspapers displayed it proudly and very prominently on their front page between the words sinn ’ and féin ’ in the title-piece.
A minor in the care of two guardians, he inherited several properties and a substantial fortune in South Sea Company shares, which were sold just before the so-called South Sea Bubble ’ burst in the autumn of 1720, ruining thousands of investors.
In the autumn of 1995, Nina Grieg's 150th birthday and 90 years after Torgrim Castberg first opened the Music Academy, the Conservatoire was founded as an institute ’ at the University of Bergen, and Grieg Academy ’ was established as a ceiling ( or umbrella ...) of all music education programs under both the University of Bergen and Bergen University College .” Also, according to a 1996 report from the website of University of Bergen, “ The Grieg Academy is a partnership between the University and Bergen University College who has since earlier been offering a major in music education.

autumn and Every
Every autumn, according to Plutarch ( Life of Lycurgus, 28, 3 – 7 ), the Spartan ephors would pro forma declare war on the helot population so that any Spartan citizen could kill a helot without fear of blood or guilt ( crypteia ).
Every year, mainly in the period from spring to autumn, pipe bands around the world compete against each other at various venues, often at Highland festivals.
" Every autumn for the past ten years, an increasingly bad-tempered squabble has raged between, on the one hand, many of Britain's art critics and its popular media, and on the other, its avant-garde " establishment ," the small croterie of art historians, curators, and dealers who control the Turner prize.
Every November an autumn festival called Donto Matsuri takes place on the grounds of Hachiman Jinja.
Every autumn, the town hosts the Durham Fair, the largest volunteer agricultural fair in New England.
Every autumn, according to Plutarch ( Life of Lycurgus, 28, 3 – 7 ), the Spartan ephors ( classical Greek ) would pro forma declare war on the helot population so that any Spartan citizen could kill a helot without fear of blood guilt.
Every autumn, the dried needles of this tree forms a dense carpet on the forest floor, which the locals gather in large bundles to serve as bedding for their cattle, for the year round.
Every autumn, the Niijima International Glass Art Festival takes place.
Every autumn, the Palace is the venue for the famous Mysore Dasara festival, during which leading artists perform on a stage set up in the palace grounds.
Every autumn, Companions attend an AGM, which hosts the Ruskin Lecture which is usually published, like its own journal, The Companion, by the Guild itself.
Every autumn the Atlantic salmon ( Salmo salar ) migrates from the sea using Loch Oich, Loch Lochy and Loch Ness as their spawning nests.
Every evening in the autumn she took it out of the coffer and prayed to it as to her god and had the rest of the household take part.
Every Man Out contains an allusion to John Marston's Histriomastix in Act III, scene i, a play that was acted in the autumn of 1599 ; the clown character Clove speaks " fustian " in mimicry of Marston's style.
Every autumn, there is a three-month-long course for pre-school and grammar school students who want to find out more about works of art and authors represented in The Memorial Collection, as well as about visual arts in general, to learn more about new trends and art techniques.
Every year, thousands of tourists ride the cable cars through the park in order see the hills in autumn colors.
Every autumn however he came back to Utrecht to teach at the cathedral school.

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