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Instead and met
Instead he brought with him the names of some people he had never met and of whom the medium knew nothing.
Instead, Truman met with Stevenson in Washington and proposed that Stevenson seek the Democratic nomination for president ; Truman promised him his support if he did so.
Instead, York and Salisbury recruited in their strongholds and met Warwick, who had brought with him his troops from Calais, at Worcester.
Instead, after the fall of Napoleon's empire in 1815 he met with Russia's Tsar Alexander I in Braunau.
Instead they met in Basel on 1 February 1536 to draft their own confession of faith.
Instead, he was met by a man who claimed to be General Stephen Van Rensselaer's secretary, Toock.
Instead, while rehearsing in a band called Goat Deity, Wynn met Karl Precoda, who had answered an ad for a bass player, and the two joined to form a new group, with Precoda switching to guitar.
Instead, Athenians met the news with shock and then dismay.
Instead, they met in November 1917 to suspend the NHA's operations and then formed the National Hockey League so that they could continue the business of pro hockey without Livingstone.
Instead of returning to Hollywood, Loos spent the fall of 1916 in New York and met with Frank Crowninshield of Vanity Fair.
Instead, he joined the legal staff of the Food and Drug Administration where he met Herbert Hoover, who became his idol.
Instead, after buying the coffee, she fled immediately to Los Angeles, where she befriended an elderly pensioner she met in a bar.
Instead, he proposed the idea of having two prime ministers, one for each wing, this proposal met with heated criticism by East-Pakistan, leading Bhutto to sent his most trusted companion, dr. Mubashir Hassan, an amid fear of civil war.
Instead the state labor commissioner met with picketers during the second week of the strike and brought about a reduction in tensions by urging strikers to respect the law and not hurl epithets at strikebreakers.
Instead the members of the assembly met with the leader on several occasions to have his advice.
Instead, he met the club-and league-organizer Ted Sullivan, who already owned a team in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Instead, he moved to Los Angeles and found work at the Los Angeles Park and Recreation Department as the Recreation Director for North Hollywood Park. In LA, Majors met many actors and industry professionals, including Dick Clayton, who had been James Dean's agent, and Clayton suggested he attend his acting school.
Instead, mafia families in Chicago, Cleveland and various cities on the East Coast had met shortly after Williams ' resignation announcement and picked Presser to lead the Teamsters.
Instead of praise and acknowledgement of their actions, the Ghosts are met with deep mistrust and abuse.
Instead of Tavastia, this mixed set of interests and nationalities would have headed for the more lucrative Neva and there met its fate at the hands of Alexander.
Instead they met Prince Edward who had ambushed the younger de Montfort's army and then marched under its stolen Montfort banners to lure Henry and the elder Simon into a trap.
Instead Hartman met Mark Kelly, a former lead vocalist and bassist for the band One Accord, and keyboardist John Slick at a Bible study and, after setting up a jam session, hired them to join him and Volz.
Instead, Hartman turned to former Head East vocalist John Schlitt, whom he had met on an airplane some years before but who had since converted to Christianity and left rock music altogether.
Instead of a rounded hull, the hull of a turret vessel was stepped inward above the waterline, but the horizontal and vertical surfaces of the hull met in curves rather than by right angles as in conventional ships.

Instead and Luis
Instead in came 4 Brazilians, in the form of Diego Douglas Balbinott ( Defender ), Rodolfo Soares ( Midfielder ), Edson Luis Dos Santos ( Striker ) and Marcelo Mariano Dias ( Striker ).

Instead and who
Instead he wrote radio scripts, including Your Hit Parade, until he was introduced to Austrian composer Frederick Loewe, who needed a partner, in 1942 at the Lamb's Club.
Instead, it was 1927 Le Mans winner, S. C. H. " Sammy " Davis who was brought in as a track design advisor in July 1946 although the layout was partly dictated by the existing roads.
* Instead of oral laws known to a special class, arbitrarily applied and interpreted, all laws were written, thus made known to all literate citizens ( who could make appeal to the Areopagus for injustices ): "... the constitution formed under Draco, when the first code of laws was drawn up.
Instead, it will be the linesmen who will perform this duty.
Instead, he is like the Commissioner of Boxing, who urges each fighter to do his best.
Instead, education officials across the world believe that by setting clear, achievable, higher standards, aligning the curriculum, and assessing outcomes, learning can be increased for all students, and more students can succeed than the 50 percent who are defined to be above or below grade level by norm referenced standards.
Instead, the econometrician observes the years of education of and the wages paid to people who differ along many dimensions.
Instead he and his brother Raúl ( who had been given the same name as his late brother ) traveled incognito to New Orleans, Louisiana.
Instead it states that all those condemned at the last judgement, but who subsequently respond in faith, who demonstrate unfeigned penitence, and who make a free choice of blessedness, will eventually be offered salvation ( Chapter 137 ).
Instead, their primary hadith collections are written by three authors who are known as the ' Three Muhammads '.
Instead the offer went to William of Wied, a German prince who accepted and became sovereign of the new Principality of Albania.
Instead, Hitler appointed Goebbels Reich Chancellor ; Grand Admiral Karl Dönitz, who was at Flensburg near the Danish border, Reich President ; and Martin Bormann, Hitler's long-time chief of staff, Party Minister.
Instead, in August of that year, he married Idelette de Bure, a widow who had two children from her first marriage.
The results were summarized by historian, playwright, and gay-rights activist Martin Duberman, " Instead of Kinsey's 37 % ( men who had at least one homosexual experience ), Gebhard and Johnson came up with 36. 4 %; the 10 % figure ( men who were " more or less exclusively homosexual for at least three years between the ages of 16 and 55 "), with prison inmates excluded, came to 9. 9 % for white, college-educated males and 12. 7 % for those with less education.
Instead of being hired by the foodservice establishments like in the previous three categories, performers at foodservice establishments of this category were usually contractors who paid the foodservice establishment to perform on stages and split the earning according to a certain percentage.
Instead, he brought back news about the possibility of exploitation of beaver pelts in the area, leading to private commercial interest by the Dutch who sent commercial, private missions to the area the following years.
Instead, it tries to be intelligible to someone who has never thought about set theory before.
Instead, a group led by Charles P. Thacker designed and constructed two PDP-10 clone systems named " MAXC " ( pronounced " Max ", in honour of Max Palevsky, who had sold SDS to Xerox ) for their own use.
Instead, he got the word " pixel " from Keith E. McFarland, at the Link Division of General Precision in Palo Alto, who did not know where the word originated.
Instead of a world government, the above-mentioned " Shield " resolves the problem of an American-dominated world dictatorship in a truly libertarian manner: The protagonist, who is hunted by various power groups for the secret of a personal impregnable force field which he brought from Mars, finally decides to simply reveal it to the entire world, so that every individual could thumb his or her nose at each and every Authority.

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