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borders and Miguel
It borders the boroughs of Miguel Hidalgo, Cuauhtémoc, Coyoacán, Iztapalapa, Iztacalco and Álvaro Obregón.
The borders are formed by two rivers, the La Piedad and the Churubusco, as well as the following streets: Presidente Adolfo López Mateos ( Anillo Periférico ), 11 de Abril, Avenida Revolución, Puente de la Morena, Viaducto Miguel Alemán, Calzada de Tlalpan, Santa Anita, Atzayacatl, Plutarco Elías Calles and Barranca del Muerto.
It borders Miguel Hidalgo and Álvaro Obregón boroughs and the municipalities of Ocoyoacac, Huixquilucan and Xalatlaco in the state of Mexico.
It borders San Mateo Ixtatán and Nentón to the north, San Rafael la Independencia and Santa Eulalia to the east, San Miguel Acatán to the south and Nentón to the west.

borders and Hidalgo
It borders the municipalities of Motozintla, Cacahoatán, Tuxtla Chico, Frontera Hidalgo, Suchiate, Tuzantán, Huehuetán and Mazatán with the Pacific on the south and the Guatemala to the northwest.
The eighth of 11 children, Hinojoso was raised in Hidalgo County, which borders on Mexico, and earned two business degrees at the University of Texas.
To the south it also borders on the state of Hidalgo.
The municipality has an area of around 205 km² and shares borders to the south with San Nicolás de los Garza, Monterrey and Santa Catarina ; to the north with Hidalgo and El Carmen ; to the east with Apodaca and Salinas Victoria ; and to the west with García.
The municipality borders the municipalities of Colón, Ezequiel Montes, San Juan del Río and Pedro Escobedo with the state of Hidalgo to the east.
To the south and west, Xilitla borders the mountains of Querétaro and Hidalgo states.

borders and borough
The county and county borough borders were thus used to determine the line of partition.
A map of the borough can be seen here: It borders the Gulf of Alaska to the west, Valdez-Cordova Census Area, Alaska to the northwest, Hoonah-Angoon Census Area, Alaska to the southeast, Stikine Region, British Columbia to the northeast-east and Yukon Territory to the north.
Yonkers borders the New York City borough of The Bronx and is 2 miles ( 3 km ) north of Manhattan at the cities ' closest points.
The borough borders the City of London and the London Borough of Tower Hamlets to the north ( the River Thames forming the boundary ), the London Borough of Lambeth to the west and the London Borough of Lewisham to the east.
The borough shares borders with Lewisham, Greenwich and Bexley to the north, Southwark and Lambeth to the north west, Croydon to the west ; and the counties of Surrey to the south and Kent to the south and east.
It has common borders with the London Borough of Bromley to the south, the Royal Borough of Greenwich to the west, across the River Thames to the north it borders the London Borough of Havering, the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham and a small boundary with the unitary authority Thurrock in Essex to the north east, to the east it borders the Dartford borough in Kent and to the south east a boundary with the Sevenoaks district of Kent.
The borough borders the London Borough of Havering to the east with the River Rom forming part of the boundary.
The borough borders the London Borough of Lambeth to the east, the London Borough of Merton and the Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames to the south, the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames to the west and to the north ( across the River Thames ) three boroughs, namely the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and the City of Westminster.
The south of the borough also borders onto Hampshire and Surrey.
The borough borders six neighboring municipalities: Woodcliff Lake, Upper Saddle River, Park Ridge, and River Vale in Bergen County, and Pearl River and Chestnut Ridge in Rockland County, New York.
With the annexation of Nieuw Amsterdam by the English in 1664 came a nearly instant increase in immigration to the region and the development of several settlements in and around the present borders of the borough.
Within the borders of the township lies the independent municipality of Pemberton borough.
Frenchtown also borders the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and is south of Milford borough.
Upper Freehold Township borders the borough on the southwest and Millstone Township on the north and east.
The borough borders both the borough and the township of Shrewsbury on the north, the borough of Oceanport to the northeast, the borough of West Long Branch to the east, Ocean Township to the south, and the borough of Tinton Falls to the west.
The borough borders the Atlantic Ocean on Long Beach Island.
The borough is located on Long Beach Island and borders the Atlantic Ocean.
The borough borders the Atlantic Ocean on Long Beach Island.
The borough borders Montgomery and Franklin Township.

borders and North
The second noteworthy characteristic is that the country borders on very different parts of the African continent: North Africa, with its Islamic culture and economic orientation toward the Mediterranean Basin ; West Africa, with its diverse religions and cultures and its history of highly developed states and regional economies ; Northeast Africa, oriented toward the Nile Valley and Red Sea region ; and Central or Equatorial Africa, some of whose people have retained classical African religions while others have adopted Christianity, and whose economies were part of the great Congo River system.
It borders both the Caribbean Sea ( to the east ) and the North Pacific Ocean ( to the west ), with a total of 1, 228 km of coastline ( 212 km on the Caribbean coast and 1, 016 km on the Pacific ).
* North Cambridge ( Area 11 ) is bordered on the north by the Arlington and Somerville borders, on the south by railroad tracks, on the west by the Belmont border, and on the east by the Somerville border.
It is shaped to resemble the combined borders of North and South Carolina.
Denmark borders both the Baltic and North Seas along its tidal shoreline.
The country borders the North Pacific Ocean to the south and southwest, with Guatemala to the north-northwest and Honduras to the north-northeast.
From around 1000 AD, Flanders historically meant to English-speaking peoples the land situated along the North Sea from the Strait of Dover to the Scheldt estuary with ill-defined southern borders.
Honduras borders the Caribbean Sea and the North Pacific Ocean.
Royal power in Wales was unevenly applied, with the country divided between the marcher lords along the borders, royal territories in Pembrokeshire and the more independent native Welsh lords of North Wales.
Cushites are concentrated in the northernmost North Eastern Province, which borders Somalia.
Lake Champlain ( French: lac Champlain ) is a natural, freshwater lake in North America, located mainly within the borders of the United States ( states of Vermont and New York ) but partially situated across the Canada-United States border in the Canadian province of Quebec.
During the 16th and 17th centuries, in particular at the height of its power under the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent, the Ottoman Empire was one of the most powerful states in the world – a multinational, multilingual empire that stretched from the southern borders of the Holy Roman Empire to the outskirts of Vienna, Royal Hungary ( modern Slovakia ) and the Polish – Lithuanian Commonwealth in the north to Yemen and Eritrea in the south ; from Algeria in the west to Azerbaijan in the east ; controlling much of southeast Europe, Western Asia and North Africa.
During this period in the 15th and 16th centuries, the Ottoman Empire entered a long period of conquest and expansion, extending its borders deep into Europe and North Africa.
To prevent the Austro-Hungarian problems of different nationalities within one state, the government tried to Germanize the state's national minorities, situated mainly in the borders of the empire, such as the Danes in the North of Germany, the French of Alsace-Lorraine and the Poles in the East of Germany.
With an increase in popularity on a world-wide scale, pasta has crossed international borders and is now a popular form of fast food and a staple in North America and elsewhere.
By 1786, Americans found their continental borders besieged and weak, their respective economies in crises as neighboring states agitated trade rivalries with one another, witnessed their hard currency pouring into foreign markets to pay for imports, their Mediterranean commerce preyed upon by North African pirates, and their foreign-financed Revolutionary War debts unpaid and accruing interest.
From northwest to southeast, Russia shares borders with Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland ( both via Kaliningrad Oblast ), Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, China, Mongolia, and North Korea.
Its borders are not described in the poems, but some modern scholars have suggested that it included what is now Cumbria in North West England and possibly extended into Lancashire and Scotland.
Situated in western Germany, Rhineland-Palatinate borders ( from the north and clockwise ) North Rhine-Westphalia, Hesse, Baden-Württemberg, France, Saarland, Luxembourg and Belgium.
Mount Pleasant borders the park, and is generally seen as distinct from the traditionally poorer North End.
Its borders cover Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina, as well as Augusta, Georgia.
Situated in west-central Germany, Hesse state borders the German states of ( starting in the north and proceeding clockwise ) Lower Saxony, Thuringia, Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia.
Due in no small part to the influence of transnational economic bodies such as the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the World Trade Organization, the G7, G8, G20, and trade agreements between nations with differing degrees of industrialization such as the Central American Free Trade Agreement, the North American Free Trade Agreement, the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas, the European Union, AFTA, ACTA and TPP, regions of economic exchange have become more integrated across the world than ever before and supply chains for vital commodities and products previously maintained within national borders have became distributed across international lines.
Soviet conventional superiority, shown by the fact that the Soviet Union certainly was prepared for war in Europe, having massed armored, mechanized, artillery, and air forces poised along the Inner German and Czech borders, led by the dreaded Third Shock Army of the Soviet Union, caused NATO to consider the use of tactical nuclear weapons to stop the " steamroller " of the Red Army if they decided to take a drive through the Fulda Gap or an amble through the North German Plain.
The constitutions of some countries contain provisions expressly forbidding the state from engaging in certain acts of religious intolerance or preference within its own borders ; examples include The First Amendment of the United States Constitution-( the exception being " manifest destiny " which was manufactured by the prevailing powers as well as the church, to suspend this " right " for all North American indigenous peoples, most notably during the 1800s and well into the 1900s.

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